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Mar 10 // Klytus

Rumortoid: MACH 5 in GT5?

I was sitting reading my issue of Road n Track (yes, I have a free subscription to road N track). And there's a write-up for everyones favorite car ever the Mach 5. which they treat as a ‘real’ road test of a pretend car, wit...
Jan 16 // Klytus

Wii releases for Q1-2: A Loser is You!

Wii games Jan. 7: Kidz Sports Ice Hockey from Destineer Jan. 8: Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law from Capcom Jan. 15: Samurai Warriors: Katana from Koei Jan. 15: Furu Furu Park from Majesco Entertainment Jan. 21: Endless Ocean...

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