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Jan 25 // Daxelman

Blog Between Blogs: Another Year Editon

Welcome to another edition of Blog Between Blogs, in which I babble on about random nonsense because people like me donít need structured blog formats, themes, motifs, or datelines; we blog what we want, how we want, when we...
Aug 12 // Daxelman

Vocals and Females and Avatars and Games

It used to be that I almost never chose the female option for an avatar. Now, thatís not to say I hate women or anything like that, but it just never occurred to me to do such a thing as to try the other side. Part of it i...
Apr 02 // Daxelman

Blog Between Blogs: Shiny Drilbur Edition

Welcome to another wonderful edition of Blogs Between Blogs; you know, that thing Daxelman does when he canít think to write up a blog on a singular topic. Iíve got nothing more demeaning to talk about, so yeah, letís get t...
Jan 25 // Daxelman

A Quest Daxelman Must Take! -or- Crap I have to Play in 2011

So, weíre in 2011, arenít we? Big things are going to happen this year; Iíll be graduating highschool, hopefully off to the college of my choice, grabbing life by the horns as I fend for myself for the first time in the cru...
Aug 17 // Daxelman

Impressions: Brink

There are a few things to do while at QuakeCon. One can, if they brought their own PC, play a multitude of game with other fellow gamers, including betas given out at the convention. One can also take pictures with cars to ...
Jun 21 // Daxelman

In Movie Life: Bad Company 2

Don't make fun of the banner yo. So, lots of things are happening in the world of video game movies, weíve had Prince of Persia, Tekken, Max Payne, Doom and, Street Fighter: The (horrible) Legend Of Chun Li, and there are t...
May 19 // Daxelman

Blog Between Blogs: School's Almost Out

Welcome to another addition of Blog Between Blogs. Because I donít have a single solid topic to write about, I randomly jump from one topic to another in a (not so) well-thought out blog. Itís eco friendly! So, if you didn...
Mar 18 // Daxelman

Blog Between Blogs: Leet Edition

Hey, welcome to another addition of Blog Between Blogs, where instead of just focusing on one topic for epic amounts of text, I condense many topics into one blog, usually separated by pictures. WARNING: pictures may or may...
Mar 16 // Daxelman

Happy Birthday Destructoid!

Have some cake. More of a pie person? Seriously though, you guys are the best. From the editors, to the Community, to Samit, you guys make my day, every day. I don't know how I would have gotten the best internet experie...
Dec 28 // Daxelman

Blog Between Blogs: Holiday Edition

Welcome to the Holiday Edition of Blog Between Blogs. I'm turning this into a reoccurring series since I still donít have anything remotely coherent to write about, except maybe a review for Audiosurf Tilt, but that can be ...
Nov 24 // Daxelman

Blog Between Blogs : Dunno Edition

BAH. Iím back again with what the hell is happening in my life of gaming. Or lack of. I donít wanna talk about it, so letís just stay stuff happened and Iím out a PS3 at the moment. I still got my DS though (SCORE BITCHES...
Nov 21 // Daxelman

People who suck at TF2, Rejoice! (short but game related)

You now have a training map. It's got bots, and the bots have options. It's got ramps. It's got launch pads so you can practice your air shots. The map is a long hallway, so you can practice your headshots. It's got Sc...
Nov 04 // Daxelman

Short Blog: Continuing Hiatus.

Been gone for awhile. Likely to be gone for some more. So to let you people know what I'm still alive, I'm posting this up. The reasons behind my (like you fucking care, really) absence are family issues. Big ones. So big,...
Sep 29 // Daxelman

Blog Between Blogs: Sick Blog Edition

God, this flu shit is the worst. Anyways, I've gotten that urge to tell you guys about shit none of yall could care about. Don't worry, I'll try to keep it as concise and to the point as I can. I'm not that good at it thoug...
Sep 10 // Daxelman

Short Blog Heads Up(VG Related for 2 Sentences)

On the European PSN Now, you can get a free Dynamic theme for Wipeout HD. It's pretty sweet, but no sound makes it kinda weird. Also, the english version of the Katamari Forever demo is up on the North American PSN. It's badass. I'll hide this tonight, so until then, enjoy these completely unrelated music videos. If you want, tell me which one is better. I'll take a vote or something.
Sep 02 // Daxelman

Confessions And Resolutions

I have a small confession to make. This will come as a shock to most, if not all, of the hardcore gamers out there, and I have shamed myself accordingly. In fact, Iím still waiting for the eternal wrath of Cthulhu to be br...
Aug 26 // Daxelman

Randomized Thoughts -or- Blog Between Blogs.

Yeah, that picture up there pretty much sums up what I'm doing in the blog. I just feel like I gotta write some shit down, you know? I haven't properly written something in quite some time, and since school has started agai...
Aug 24 // Daxelman

Why I Still Love Destructoid.

They love this as well.
Aug 09 // Nerd Squadron

Science! Guns and Games!

Okay, if you donít want to sit through the whole explanation (which we recommend because itís actually pretty damn cool) the actual gameplay starts at 1:55 in. And if you skipped the whole thingÖ then youíre a jerk. What? T...
Aug 07 // Nerd Squadron

Oh Nintendo...

I met Nintendo Christmas morning under a Christmas tree when I was 6 years old... He was only 64 bits back then but I thought he was so cute, we started playing and instantly became inseparable. I loved all our little games, ...
Jun 05 // Daxelman

Regarding E3: Fun and Excitement has Arrived!

The upcoming months are going to be some of the most exciting months in gaming history. This yearís Electronic Entertainment Expo was, in my honest opinion, the best in a few years. Nearly every company had something excit...
May 05 // Daxelman

Altus Online Firing Up; Going into Closed Beta with "NeoSteam"

That's right everyone, the steampunk themed, free MMO is getting into its closed beta phase with this new Golden Ticket fiasco. Can't say I'm surprised, this is Atlus. Could of guess they liked Willy Wonka and The Chocolate...
Apr 16 // Daxelman

For Those About To Die: A Letter To Your Next Of Kin.

ď05-26-20XX [insert name of next of kin here] [insert address of next of kin here] Dear [insert next of kin name here], We are sorry to inform you of [insert deceased soldier here]ís untimely death in the service of the...
Apr 07 // Daxelman

Impressions: And Yet It Moves

Funny story about the And Yet It Moves demo; I downloaded it last Thursday, so I could play it while at the hotel during my high school annual choir trip. I didnít play it before Sunday, when a friend of mine sent me a text...
Apr 02 // Daxelman

A Daxel (Not Manly This Time) Review: Killzone 2

Well, it took me a while, but after having my ass handed to me by the last level, I feel I've played enough of Killzone 2 to warrant a review. I haven't actually written anything in a while now, so pardon the bottles of urine...
Mar 23 // Daxelman

Your DSi Will be able to play Gameboy and Gameboy Advance Games.

So shut your fucking shit. It looks like you'll be able to download GB/GBA titles to your DSi, ala DSiWare. Nintendo is even throwing in 1000 free DSi Points to boot. Now, I don't think we'll have the classics on day one, ...
Mar 16 // Daxelman

Happy Birthday Destructoid!

Cake Please? No seriously, Happy Birthday Niero, Samit, Destructoid, and anyone else who was lucky to have a birthday today. I love you guys. Also, Cake please?
Mar 13 // Daxelman

I got a New Wallet (NVGR)

As the title says, I got a new wallet, and it's freaking awesome. Front Design Aussies make good shit. Back Design I bought it from Poketo, and they have some really good looking stuff. I saw this thing and I just HAD t...
Feb 06 // Daxelman

Killzone 2 Demo Impressions -or- Happy Daxel is Happy

Oh Joy, how I have never more felt so happy to be wrong. After Killzone 2 was announced, I was skeptic of the games ability to bring me massive amounts of super-happy-ultra-omega-fun-time. Killzone was disappointing for m...
Jan 30 // Daxelman

My Not Turning Point Laptop

Because Sexy doesn't even begin to describe how sexy this thing is. My dad calls me on my outdated cell. "Son, do you want me to buy you a laptop?" Two hours later, this little HP dv7-1245dx is in my hands, ripping all my...

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