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Is Senran Kagura Secretly Brilliant?

Hey, happy Valentineís Day.† Letís talk about breasts. A while back, I was on The Escapist sifting through the forums -- something I donít do all that often, unless thereís an interesting topi...   more

Girly Guys and Manly Girls

Fair warning: this is probably going to be the stupidest post youíve ever read.† Or if not the stupidest, then the one thatíll draw discussion away from the topic and put me under (or on) fire....   more

Lightning Returns: One Last Battle

I donít think Iíve had an existential crisis this bad since I watched Transformers: Dark of the Moon and legitimately wanted to bash my head against something until everything went black.† Just...   more

Lightning Returns: One Last Battle

Dtoid GOTY 2013: Chris Carter's picks

†to play videogames. This year,†I've played around 270 new games. That's new in 2013, as in, newly released this year, and doesn't include replays or retro titles. So as you can imagine, I had a ...   more

Opinion: My reasons for why I'm not excited for Mighty No. 9 (yet)

Keiji Inafune's latest game, definitely has a lot of hype following it. The internet video game community has seemingly appointed it as the successor of , which I feel is a bit premature, and In...   more

Seph's Quick Tips - Snapping The Streak in WWE 2K14

Anyone who follows professional wrestling is most likely aware of something simply called "The Streak". It's in direct reference to The Undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania, the Super...   more

Seph's Quick Tips - Snapping The Streak in WWE 2K14

Great things are on the way: I'm now heading up reviews for Destructoid

I'll keep this brief. Destructoid has had a few losses lately.   more

Of Batman and Prequels

Once upon a time, I hoped that when Nolanís Dark Knight Trilogy came to an end, we could all shut the hell up about Batman for a while.† Not forever.† Just long enough to give the guy a rest.† ...   more

Of Batman and Prequels

As Black as Lightning (Part 3 -- FINALE)

And here we are, one more time. † If for some silly reason youíre just joining me here for this FFXIII miniseries , let me give you another primer.† The thrust of my argument is that Lightning...   more

As Black as Lightning (Part 3 -- FINALE)

As Black as Lightning (Part 2)

And here we are again.† If youíre just joining me here†, let me give you a primer.† In lieu of current evidence, Iím convinced that Square Enixís beloved Lightning Farron is more than what she...   more

As Black as Lightning (Part 2)

As Black as Lightning (Part 1)

I have a sneaking suspicion that it was (the great) Jim Sterlingís review of that led me to discover Destructoid one fateful day.† In a universe where eights, nines, and the occasional perfect ...   more

As Black as Lightning (Part 1)

[Shortblog] Insider Video Detailing GTA Online Launch

The following video was taken from Rockstar on Tuesday, showing precisely how the launch went. o0YWRXJsMyM   more

[Shortblog] Insider Video Detailing GTA Online Launch

How do you play Grand Theft Auto?

And the ďSilliest Post Title of the YearĒ Award goes toÖ † In all honesty, I canít think of a more appropriate title for a post.† I consider myself a gamer of some degree of -- for lack of a be...   more

How do you play Grand Theft Auto?

(NVGR) RoboCop Reboot Trailer - Violating the prime directives

It's been a while since I've done any kind of NVGR blog, but elder Destructoiders will know that I have a penchant for talking about movies. Most of you also know that I'm a pretty huge fan of , ...   more

Let's Get Beautiful

You know, Iíve been thinking.† (Cue the panicked shrieks of the masses as they run desperately for cover.) † So word on the street is that .† Thatís interesting, I suppose.† I canít personally ...   more

Let's Get Beautiful

Is it possible to build a better MMO?

MMORPGs are a genre I've dabbled in bunch of times over my gamer lifetime. It's a genre of video game that I think is an awesome concept, at least on paper, and it seems like something tailor m...   more

Aliens: Colonial Marines kind of live blog Ė Part 1 Ė Oh God, this is happening

Aliens: Colonial Marines The very first thing that irked me wasnít even within the game itself, it was the goddamn desktop icon. The icon is some red, white, and blue military logo which Ií...   more

A Creator's Responsibility

Video games?† We need to talk. † I think I know you pretty well by now.† Iíve been playing with you since before I could tie my shoes (God bless Velcro).† And I know what youíre planning to do....   more

A Creator's Responsibility

Keeping the Valkyrian Flame Alive

Hello Destructoid.† This is my first Blog after years of being with Destructoid. I will admit, and consider this as a warning, that I am not an avid writer. However, I am passionate about Val...   more

Keeping the Valkyrian Flame Alive

So Why Make Games Gritty?

Iíve got a question that needs answering.† Badly. † Iíd like to think that Iím not much in the way of biases or prejudices, but lately I feel like thatís no longer the case.† It seems like more...   more

My Gaming Story: X marks the spot

The old clichť of pirate tales is the fabled treasure map, a sometimes cryptic drawing that leads a person towards a location marked with an ďXĒ which signifies riches or something else valuabl...   more

Let's (actually) discuss The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

(Well, people asked for it, and now -- after months of putting it off, because I am really lazy when it comes to technology -- I'm finally uploading a post that I should have uploaded a long ti...   more

Damage Done: Why Xboxís 180 changes nothing

If youíre reading this that means youíve probably read up on for it. That being said, the Xbox One-Eighty news doesnít change much regarding my current stance on the console or whether Iíll pu...   more

What Does Zelda Mean to You?

So, whoís hyped for the new game?† † My eyes pretty much rocketed out of my head -- and when I watched the actual trailer, said eyes reached escape velocity in a quarter of a picosecond.† And...   more

What Does Zelda Mean to You?

The always-online Xbox, the bad idea the industry needs?

At the very least an always-online / anti-used-game console could be looked at as a great opportunity for gamers to put their foot down and take a stand against bullshit of this nature. Gamers...   more

IAmA writer for Destructoid.com AMA

. All kinds of games: indies, JRPGs, platformers, FPS thingies, you name it! Feel free to ask my anything on . The more videogame related it is, the more likely I'll respond 3 Proof:   more

Do Video Games Need Good Stories?

Short answer? Of course they do. Post's over. Long answer? The rest of this post. If youíve seen my posts before, you probably know what Iím all about. Good stories! Interesting leads! ...   more

My wife surprised me by redecorating my game room when I was at PAX (shortblog)

So this one is going to be pretty short, but I just had to share it with you guys. After working like crazy at PAX East this weekend, getting my hands on every game I could, I came back to an...   more

A comprehensive guide detailing why Metal Gear Rising is truly the best game

Haha, it roars at you thinking itís all big and bad. He doesn't know he's the prologue. Because chainsaws are now illegal, and you are the chainsaw police. And finish her off kind...   more

Review - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Ten years ago if you would have told me that Raiden, the protagonist from , would someday turn out to be more badass than ís Dante I would have laughed you clear out of whatever building we w...   more

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