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Why is it so damn hard to get into Street Fighter?

I recently downloaded Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition from PSN because, why not? It was free for PS+ subscribers. This would be my first fighting game besides Super Smash Bros. Brawl that I would try to play and get g...   more

My name, according to Urban Dictionary

So, Hamza decided to see what Urban Dictionary had to say about his name. Feeling mildly curious, I did the same. I love what I found. What follows are a few of the definitions of the name Trevor.   more

Playing Earthbound with G0bun...

...kinda. So, there's this show on YT called Continue? that has a podcast that is essentially a book club for games, and this month's game is Earthbound. I decided to join in and thought it'd be cool if I named all my charact...   more

Playing Earthbound with G0bun...

Terror, or why it took Splinter Cell to make me experience it.

People often point to games like Silent Hill and Fatal Frame as some of the scariest games in history, and I am inclined to agree with them. On that same token, people often consider games like Street Fighter, Battlefield, an...   more

Terror, or why it took Splinter Cell to make me experience it.

EA and Origin can go fuck itself.

A couple hours ago, I said to myself, "Fuck this. Fuck this shit." Why? Well, just before I said that, I have spent 30 minutes trying very unsuccessfully to buy Battlefield 3, and every second of failure was EA's fault. It s...   more

EA and Origin can go fuck itself.

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