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Jan 27 // JordanLloyd

The History of Star Wars Video Games - Part 2: 1990-93

Please subscribe ahead of Part 3!
Jan 14 // JordanLloyd

The Voleticast #3 – Entitled gamers, Online Libraries, Guru Larry and Kenyan odd

[font='Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]In this episode we are joined by Larry Bundy Jr AKA Guru Larry, as we talk about all the happenings and hot topics in the video games world, as well as some odd stories fro...
Nov 05 // JordanLloyd

Jordan - China Warrior (TG16)

It's a rainy day - so that means some weird retro games are in order!
Oct 19 // JordanLloyd

Please help me raise 5 Thousand Euros for Cancer Research UK

Hi, I'm a Youtuber that's never really asked for much. I'm not very big, and I haven't done much noteworthy with my life, but I have entered this competition with the will to bring the prize money back for Cancer Research. I...
Oct 13 // JordanLloyd

Unholy Heights (Steam) Review

Check out my latest video! It's a review of Unholy Heights, a Steam game that is half tower defense half landlord simulator :) Be sure to watch in HD, full volume etc and give it a share and a like!
May 10 // JordanLloyd

Carmageddon for Android Review

Share and Subscribe! @JordanVoletic
Mar 24 // JordanLloyd

Jordan Reviews - Mario Teaches Sums

Check out this weird educational title from 1994! SUBSCRIBE @JordanVoletic
Mar 17 // JordanLloyd

Obscure Arcade Games - Fancy World

Check out this weird platformer from 1996! Subscribe, watch in HD, comment, like and share if you enjoyed it! :D Follow me! @JordanVoletic
Mar 10 // JordanLloyd

Obscure Arcade Games - Black Tiger

Today, I take a look at a weird arcade game from 1987, that just turns out to be a hidden gem! Subscribe and share! @JordanVoletic
Mar 03 // JordanLloyd

Obscure Arcade Games - Appoooh

Check out this weird SEGA wrestler from 1984! Be sure to subscribe! @JordanVoletic
Feb 26 // JordanLloyd

The 9 Types of Gamer

Just a small video I made detailing a few types of gamers, are you one of them or a completely different one? :) Subscribe and share! @JordanVoletic

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