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Community  Long Blog:
The Goddamn . Mar 31

An Easter Sundate with Jesus: The Binding of Isaac

NOW TheGoddamn stood outside the dungeon, crying. YESHUA KRISTOS: Man, why are you weeping? THEGODDAMN: Lord, I keep dying in The Binding of Isaac. YK: Oh yes, Isaac. He was my great- great- great- great- great- great-...   0

Community  Long Blog:
The Goddamn . Mar 26

Dtoid Memories: You're the Inspiration

Like many people, I first discovered Destructoid through a controversial review by—who else?—Jim Sterling. But it wasn't the incredible Assassin's Creed II or Final Fantasy XIII reviews that first drew me into the site. It ...   0

Community  Long Blog:
The Goddamn . Mar 07

At a Glance: The SimCity Server Shitstorm (Updated)

UPDATE: Polygon has changed their score again. It has now gone from 9.5 = Win to 8.0 = Win to 4.0, which remarkably, is still "Win". Also, Amazon earlier pulled the digital version from its store, citing its unplayable natu...   0

Community  Long Blog:
The Goddamn . Mar 03

Dumping Assassin's Creed: A Breakup Letter

Assassin’s Creed, you’ve let yourself go. What have you become? You used to hold the promise of the next-gen. Remember your trailer from long ago, which showcased gameplay elements impossible during the days of the PS2? ...   0

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