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Jan 10 // ArrestedDeveloper

Super Smash Bros. Theater

Who knew Super Smash Bros. was so much like a telenovela? And just because Those Aren't Muskets! is so hilarious, another one of their sketches.
Dec 24 // ArrestedDeveloper

My Christmas Wish

Merry Christmas Dtoid.
Apr 01 // ArrestedDeveloper

New Mass Effect Elcor Sex Scene Revealed

*Erotic exclamation* I fapped. And now for something completely different
Mar 11 // ArrestedDeveloper

Four Bright Buttons and Two Joysticks: Awesome Neo Geo Music Video

ScrewAttack has outdone themselves. Check out this incredibly addictive song by their employee Keith Apicary they posted on GameTrailers this morning. If you like the song, you can buy the mp3 here. Now for something completely different.
Mar 01 // ArrestedDeveloper

I won something!

The internet does a lot of good things for me. It brings me Destructoid every day, it keeps me abreast of what's happening in the world, all in all it's done a great job of keeping me content and unproductive. Then the in...
Nov 08 // ArrestedDeveloper

Thriller Chiptune

It rocks, what more can be said?
Oct 14 // vexed alex

Beneath the Pixels: Wind Waker Part One

Welcome to the first ever Beneath the Pixels. If you don't already know what this blog is about you don't have to worry. I've got you covered. Beneath the Pixels is a new monthly blog series in which 3 people play a ga...
Oct 08 // vexed alex

Gran Turismo PSP: My Two Cents

Eight hundred cars, thirty-five tracks, and some of the most breath taking graphics the PSP has ever seen running at a consistent sixty frames per second -- it really did sound like an instant winner. That was the truth unt...
Oct 05 // vexed alex

Beneath the Pixels (Game Club) Announcement Post: Wind Waker

After a week long delay, Beneath the Pixels (recently renamed from Game Club) is now set to go. I’ve got the details ready for all of you lovely people to participate. Though, I’m not going to pretend I know what I’m doing....
Sep 26 // thedude93

Need Help! Need Ideas from the Community

It's been some time since I have posted here on Dtoid. Reason being, I opened up a bar in Atlanta over a year ago and have been swamped with planning, promoting, drinking, sexing, working, and other various "ings". Feel fre...
Sep 21 // vexed alex


That title reads like a Craigslist ad. Don't worry. I'm not selling sex. This idea has been floating around in my head for quite sometime. See, RebelFM does a podcast weekly called “Game Club”. They pick an older (preferably...
Sep 17 // vexed alex

Halo 3 ODST OST Samples: My Two Cents

Say what you will about the Halo series’ gameplay and story. I can understand when people tell me that they don’t like it, but I will not have someone speaking negatively of the game’s music. It has been some of the most spe...
Sep 15 // vexed alex

Halo 3 ODST Vidoc: "Terra Incognita"

Bonus of staying up this late is that I got to catch the newly released ODST vidoc. Yay for being a loser! Not much that you haven't seen before, but it does give an inside look as to how ODST evolved from a small 3 hour ga...
Sep 12 // vexed alex

The Beatles Rock Band: My Two Cents

I never try and pretend like I’m the biggest Beatles fan. I enjoy their music quite a lot, but I’m not a raging maniac like my sister is whenever she sees Paul McCartney’s. I can understand why the band was so popular and wh...
Aug 22 // vexed alex

Would You Look At What the Mailman Delivered!

I really don't know what has come over me. I've recently gone into some retro buying frenzy. I've bought an original Gameboy, a red Gameboy Pocket, a teal Gameboy Color, a Game Gear, and blue Neo Geo Pocket Color. I've also b...
Jul 29 // ArrestedDeveloper

Thank you RetroforceGO!/My new console

I don't know about you but RetroforceGo! has an odd effect on me. It might be Chad's optimism or Topher's pessimism or possibly even Dyson's pizzarollism but when they talk about things I have a powerful urge to buy stuff I d...
Jul 25 // vexed alex

DSi: My Two Cents

My DS was stolen a few days ago. Pity me right now, please. I was originally going to replace my Lite with an identical one, but I began looking into the DSi. The initial reason I became interested in the DSi was purely su...
Jul 17 // vexed alex

“Don't Cry Because It's Over - Smile Because It Happened”

Practically every purchase we make goes through a checklist that we subconsciously and consciously make up. We know ourselves more than anyone and buy only the things that we feel we’ll like. However, there’s one thing I’d l...
Jul 16 // vexed alex

Turn 10 Blog Shows Off SUVs In Forza 3

When I first set my eyes on some of the Forza 3 leaked images, one thing caught my eye. There was an outline of a SUV on the vehicle select screen. Tonight, Turn 10’s bi-weekly announcement blog made it official. SUVs confir...
Jul 08 // vexed alex

Earthbound - The Perspective of Someone Who Isn't Into JRPGs

No matter how much you dislike a certain genre of games, there are just some that you must play. It’s like that for me, at least. Whether it’s to contribute to an interesting conversation, or just simply expanding my gaming ...
Jun 27 // vexed alex

I love you, but you're just too much...

There aren’t very many multiplayer games in which I’ve strived to attain perfection, or at least attempted to be good at them. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough hours in the week for me to devote time to everything, and tha...
Jun 19 // vexed alex

Ghostbusters the Videogame: I'm One of the Guys

Licensed games are a surfeit commodity in the video games industry, and ninety percent of them fail to make you feel like you’re living in the established universes. Movie games especially fall flat and it’s rather disappoi...
Jun 04 // vexed alex

Left 4 Dead 2 E3 Announcement: My Two Cents

Humans are wired to react negatively to things that aren’t “business as usual”. Reaction to Valve’s announcement of Left 4 Dead 2 really was kind of expected, and there really is no reason why you shouldn’t question it. It’...
Jun 01 // vexed alex

Forza 3 E3 Announcement: My Two Cents

Like sports games fans, simulation racing games enthusiasts are a minority on sites like these. The idea behind racing games is very simple concept, and as a result it has led to a surfeit of releases in the genre. It has go...
May 11 // vexed alex

Sim Racing Guide - Part One: Racing Theory

Unlike most RPGs, stats don’t mean a thing in motorsports. A high horse power supercharged V8 won’t win you any races if your rear is constantly going out in the corners. Winning relies on you taking whatever it is you’re g...
Apr 30 // vexed alex

Best Resignation Letter Ever!

Jarrad Woods of 2K Australia has turned into one of coolest people this year. After three and a half years of working for 2K Australia, the man wanted a change of pace. To announce that he made a phenomenal resignation let...
Apr 29 // vexed alex

Contest - Win Outrun Online for XBOX 360 (WINNER ANNOUNCED)

Above are 4 audio samples to 4 completely different cars. To win this code for Outrun Online Arcade, you'll have to guess which sounds go with which car. First person to get them all wins, obviously. How to answer: ...
Apr 28 // vexed alex

My Scariest, Most Thrilling, Heart Pumping Moment In Gaming

OK, “scariest” might be an overstatement, but it certainly did get my adrenaline rushing faster than any other gaming experience in my life. The rad thing about all of this is that it had nothing to do with a shooter, or a...

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