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Sep 28 // pascuz46

Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy, Part 1: The Over Night Nation Film Review

(Authors note: I think my avatar gives it away, Im an MGS fan but I'm also a forth year university film major. I felt I really needed to right this review, I guess to raise awareness of this film but also hopefully help peo...
Aug 06 // pascuz46

What do video games and Tool (the band) have in common? Ill tell you.

Last night I went to see one of my favorite bands in concert at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto. This would be the third time I have seen them in concert and anyone who knows anything about Tool, knows that they love the...
Jul 18 // pascuz46

My favourite Video Game Knives, Blades and Swords

A while ago, I wrote an article about my favourite video game guns, and I had some pretty good success with that post. A lot of people liked reading it and many commented on it. So Iíve decided to focus on blades, knives and ...
Mar 26 // pascuz46

Kojima's GDC keynote and some MGS 5 predictions

Well since I'm going to be using this video as a reference I may aswell put it right at the top, after the video will be my brief article Watch the video? Good. As you can see on the right side of the screen you will notic...
Mar 03 // pascuz46

My Favorite Video Game Guns

With the rise of First Person Shooters now there is a lot of guns to choose from. This list which really is in no particular order is a list of (as the title suggests) my favorite video game guns. Keeping in mind Iím picking ...
Feb 06 // pascuz46

Phone in one hand, Controller in the other: RE5 demo co-op

This post is a bit short but I think its straight to the point. I've wait to play Resident Evil 5 for a long time and as soon as February second hit I was downloading the Resident Evil 5 demo on my PS3. After reading some of...
Feb 01 // pascuz46

10 things you do not know about Pascuz46 (1/2 NVGR)

Well, since everyoneís doing it and Iím a sucker for peer-pressure, Iíll do one too to fit in. While I havenít been a member of Destructoid for a long time some of you may not really know me so this is another good way to int...
Jan 06 // pascuz46

COD5 Impressions and my overall love for COD4

So I got around to playing Call Of Duty: World At War, but for the sake of repetition I will be referring to it as COD5. Anyways while I was playing I couldnít help but feel a sense that ĎI have played this game beforeí. I k...

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