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Sep 21 // Zephreus

My weird wishlist: Remakes I'd Actually Try

Lately, lots of games have been seeing remakes and re-releases be they in HD, 3D or SD: old is the new new, it seems... Indeed, Kojima's stuff will be something I'll snatch up quickly- never having played the second ZoE and b...
Sep 11 // Zephreus

I saw a pale horse and its rider was named "Nub"

I'm sorry, I don't have any snazzy pictures this time, but this is a quick case of brain diarrhea and some shameless plugging to take a break from packing. I couldn't help but feel a little elated that somebody in the gaming...
Sep 05 // Zephreus

Threeview: Monster Lord Gods Hunter of Arcana Eater Freedom Burst

This is a review extravaganza- combining three old games into one post! I call it a Threeview! Grab a snack, it's a longer story than the story of Goblox. Hunting games. They're a part of phenomenon out of Japan that appeals...
May 16 // Zephreus

Who the hell am I?

I was going to write an intro blog, I really was! But- well- it took a back seat to a little story I had to tell, which I then put away quickly simply because my thoughts were ill-organized and my conclusion weakly supported....
May 11 // Zephreus

Modern Shovelware 3

Let begin by saying that I love Call of Duty. I thought the D-day level was outrageous. I thought the entire Russian campaign was masterfully done. The entire game permeated with cinematic bravado that is only relatively rece...

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