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Mar 26 // shadowsinthenyte

Fallout: New Vegas Snowglobes Part III: The Continuum

Finished working on more of the snowglobes from New Vegas. I almost have the entire set completed – currently having technical difficulties with The Strip.
Feb 02 // shadowsinthenyte

Fallout: New Vegas Snowglobes Part II: The Snowglobening

If this isn’t a labor of love, I don’t know what is. I had a goal: to reproduce the Fallout: New Vegas snow globes in real life. I went into this completely blind, having to develop my own methods and figure out my materials....
Oct 04 // shadowsinthenyte

White Mage Capelet

Finally figured out how to make a hoodie, so I went ahead and made a White Mage Capelet. I think it turned out pretty cool in the end. ^_^ White Mage Capelet
Sep 27 // shadowsinthenyte

Wonka x Steam

I’ve decided to break away from yarn for a little bit and try my hand at tshirt designs. I think they turned out pretty well for a person who hasn’t drawn for a few years. The only problem is Photoshop put a bunch of artifact...
Apr 11 // shadowsinthenyte

Pac Man Scarf

It's been in the works since February, but I finally have it finished. This is the Pac Man scarf that I basically made 4 versions of in 1 day and figured out which one I liked the best. Yes, I ate my Wheaties that day becau...
Nov 05 // shadowsinthenyte

New Vegas Snow Globe

Did it feel like your New Vegas collector's edition was missing something? I mean the platinum chip was cool and all, but put it on your desk or shelf and it doesn't scream Fallout. This was a new medium for me...
Jun 25 // Lenore Coffee

The Great Escape: Reclaiming Innocence

I played games a lot as a kid, and this gameplay was very similar in experience and diversity as my Lego, Barbie, and kid-on-kid action was. As children, we're free to explore, play, and--perhaps most importantly--make mis...
Mar 18 // shadowsinthenyte

Yoshi Scarf

Woot! Spring break! I had a couple of things I wanted to try when I had some free time and it's now or never. One of them is finished; I made a scarf that lets you stay warm wrapped in Yoshi's long, red tongue (keep your perv...
Dec 03 // shadowsinthenyte

New hats, Amigurumi and a holiday sale.

I like making hats, but sometimes all work and no play makes Danielle a dull girl. So when I wrapped up the Metroid hat and Alicia’s Scarf, I decided to take a break and try my hand at amigurumi. Here’s all my work for the la...
Nov 15 // shadowsinthenyte

MAGFest 8 announces special guests Jon St. John and Sid Meier

I like MAGFest. Well, more like love MAGfest. I've attended as a guest, worked as a staff member and shilled my crafts in the vendor hall. If you haven't had the pleasure of attending one, you've missed out on something speci...
Oct 06 // Lenore Coffee

Defiling the Wasteland – A Memoir, Part 3

Scars spread across my body like the patchwork of a web, armor all its own, a story formed by warfare so individual as to fail descriptive faculty—just connect my dots, follow each jagged line to its edge till it splinters ...
Oct 03 // Lenore Coffee

Defiling the Wasteland – A Memoir, Part 2

I had never killed another human being until the day Amata put that 10mm in my hand. Funny, really, thinking about it. A couple or a few or however many days ago, I came upon a settlement even more ramshackle than Megaton...
Sep 21 // Lenore Coffee

Defiling the Wasteland—A Memoir in Parts

Imagine living your whole life in darkness, in a monotonous debasement of mundane tasks and surrounded by the same handful of people the entire time. Imagine just a single shelf of books to read over and over again, the sam...
Sep 18 // shadowsinthenyte

Metroid: The hat battle.

As some as you know I crochet. I've talked about my works before. Normally I'm very sure of exactly what I want in my finished product. But I've run into a bit of a snag. I've got two different prototype Metroid hat models. O...
Sep 17 // shadowsinthenyte

But is it Art?

The Internets have forced me to see things that I cannot unsee. The advent of the portable digital camera and streaming video on the web has made it possible to view things that you once had to go to very bad parts of town an...
Sep 16 // shadowsinthenyte

ShortBlog: "What Leaf?" Mario shirt is full of win and creepy

If you don't live in a cave you're probably aware that certain websites sell unique shirts on a daily basis for that day only. Teefury is one of these sites. Today, and today only, they're offering this for $9 + $2 shipping: While perhaps not up to the high standards of's "Spicy Italian Meatball" shirt, I find it to be uber sweet and it will be in my closet shortly
Sep 15 // shadowsinthenyte

Travesty: Toys R Us wil give you 50 cents for your copy of Earthbound

Physical copies of video games these days have a very robust life cycle. They're bought new, played and then usually enter a phase of recycling where they're either traded to a store for credit, passed around friends or sold ...
Aug 29 // Lenore Coffee

Arbitrary Experience—Where’s the “Earn” in “Learn”?

My Fallout 3 character is one badass little honeypot. I stacked Sneak, Small & Big Guns to 100; Agility and Perception are at 10. When I first started playing, I’d tiptoe around Raider camps and lure them out one at a time...
Aug 07 // shadowsinthenyte

ShortBlog: I just crawled out of the TV and boy is my Persona tired.

OK, so almost two months of inactivity; I has some 'splainin to do. Mostly, ok, almost entirely, it's been Persona 4. I've had that game sitting on my shelf for over 4 months and late last June, I decided to crack it open. Wh...
Jul 17 // Lenore Coffee

Shoot Em Up: Jonesing for the Game

It’s 4:30 in the morning and I have to be at work tomorr—err, today, but for some reason I’m playing [Prototype] again, from the beginning, to see if I can better my mediocre performance throughout the missions and side eve...
Jul 16 // Lenore Coffee

Step by Step: Stealing the Strategy

Strategy guides are plentiful online, not to mention the “official” guides released from publishers to accompany games at an exorbitant price. I’ve dipped into one or two in the past to help me through particularly difficul...
Jul 15 // Lenore Coffee

The Finish Line: How LBP Helped Overcome One of My Many Childhood Traumas

I never really bothered with finishing games—it wasn’t a goal of mine. I was content to muck about within the world the game offered me, enjoy the thrill of cutting enemies to ribbons or besting my own scores on challenges, b...
Jul 10 // Lenore Coffee

inFamous vs. [Prototype] : The Non-Flamer’s Version

These two games have been pitted against one another since rumors about both began to spread, and rarely have I read anyone discuss one without mentioning the other. While I do see the similarities between the two—ranging f...
Jul 07 // Lenore Coffee

Why Do We Play? – Identity Tackles Entertainment

If you’ll indulge my demonstrative back-story for a moment or two, I’ll get to the meat. I’m a PhD candidate at a strange, international graduate/post-graduate school in Switzerland that sets its students to work online ...
Jul 04 // Lenore Coffee

Trophyism: The Unquenchable Work of Play

I'm not a terribly competitive person. When I play Scrabble, I don't even like keeping score; I just think it's fun to make words (yeah, that's how nerdy I am). If anything, I compete against myself, always trying to best my ...
Jun 18 // shadowsinthenyte

A Very Special Sale: AKA The Behemoth likes my hats.

So I've been keeping this very close to the chest for a while, and I'm just about fit to burst from not telling anyone. I didn't want to say anything to till the whole deal was done in case it all fell through. So back at the...
Jun 15 // shadowsinthenyte

Cross Edge: Final Impression

Cross Edge was a game ripe with promise and I had such high hopes that I bought it as soon as it came out. Wow, what a mistake. If you read my First Impression post, you know that I was still hoping that Cross Edge was going ...
Jun 04 // shadowsinthenyte

Cross Edge: First Impression

So my husband and I have made it a habit to play through RPG's together to get some quality time in and ease the pain of grinding. We've both got a weakness for mash-ups and got really excited when we heard about Cross Edge. ...
Apr 26 // shadowsinthenyte

Bomberman Hat Expose Part Two

...and we're back. Time to choose some yarn. We need black, white, cream, and a pinkish red. I like to use Red Heart Acrylic for it's color selection, durability, availability and cost effectiveness. Since I can't get a g...
Apr 14 // shadowsinthenyte

Bomberman Hat Expose Part 1

Once upon a time in the 1980's I fell in love with the episodes of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and Reading Rainbow where the host would do an expose on how something was made or done; textiles, books, street signs, diners, you na...

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