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Community  Quickblog:
Jordan Devore . Jan 12
Look at those colors! Art by Kyle Fewell.

Community  Long Blog:
Jordan Devore . Aug 24

So, I accidentally got into comics [mostly NVGR]

I've been desperately meaning to write a cblog over the last few weeks, but between wrapping up the summer term -- four classes left and then I can do Dtoid full time, thank eff! -- and putting the rest of my free time towa...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Jordan Devore . Jul 04

Happy 4th of July! Now go enjoy it!

While many Americans are spending the day grilling, drinking, and hanging out with their friends and families, science is happening elsewhere in the world. Much of the Destructoid staff has peaced out already, so content wi...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Jordan Devore . Feb 05

Recording Zero Cool tomorrow. Toss questions our way!

We'll be Zero Cooling it up extra early tomorrow, because of SPORTS. As such, I wanted to give you fine community members the opportunity to hit us -- Darren/Dexter/Darexter, Sean, Ben, and myself -- up with any questions a...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Jordan Devore . Aug 09

Like videogame music? Check this out!

So tonight I was randomly reminded of this incredible site's existence. It. Effing. Rules. Apparently not a ton of people are aware of this thing, because I tweeted about it and got a bunch of responses filled with gushing. And since more or less all of the music on the site is fantastic, just about everyone was like "it started on Amazing Game X, SO GOOD!" Enjoy, Dtoiders!   0

Community  Long Blog:
Jordan Devore . Jan 23

Calling all Friday Night Fights hosts

So as you are all likely aware, our forums are still down. It sucks, I know -- especially after Mxyzptlk just started organizing FNF in the forums, which I'm super happy about. Last week I was able to put the front page po...   0

Community  Long Blog:
binny101 . May 02

Mini Castle Crashers!! This is the most amazing game ever. Everyone should be playing it... right now. I would post more about it but I have a beard to destroy!   0

Community  Long Blog:
binny101 . Mar 27

Atlus(not Bioshock), you spoil us!!

Yet again, Atlus makes my eyes water with join! Another email which contains info on Spectral force 3 for 360, and Etrian Odyssey II! And although part of yesterdays announcements, here's a blatant boob post for Operation Darkness!   0

Community  Long Blog:
binny101 . Mar 27

Mustache March (NVGR)

So here I sit, nearing the end of this epic journey. The current journey may be a questionable one, but it involves many elements of courage, dedication, and ridicule. Now I am not attempting to bash other who wears a 'stache...   0

Community  Long Blog:
binny101 . Mar 25

Operation Darkness

Hot diggity I am uber stoked for this. Atlus + 360 = warmed heart!(New Atlus email is making me smile!) I will destroy me some vampire Nazis! I hope everyone here gets this game, so that we can all play it online, and so that Atlus makes more games that I can fap over.   0

Community  Long Blog:
binny101 . Mar 25

Secret of Evermore

Now nobody needs to tell me how much we got shafted with this instead of Seiken Densetsu 3, but when I played this originally, it was fun. I mean the story was weak, lack of multiplayer was just a terrible choice, but I rem...   0

Community  Long Blog:
binny101 . Mar 21

My setup, Part 1 - Computer Room

Well I figured that since so many other people are currently showing off their gaming setups, I would join the excitement. Now, do not be too weary, but I have many pictures; partially because I have a fair amount of stuff, ...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Jordan Devore . Jan 28

The bushes in SMB are actually green-colored clouds and other crazy facts

You might have already seen the thread up on NeoGAF, but just in case you hadn't, I decided to make this post. I didn't want you guys to miss out on a bunch of useless (yet extremely interesting) facts about video games. I'v...   0

Community  Long Blog:
binny101 . Jan 15

Final Fantasy IV DS

Ok, well I just got myFFVI and it all looks soo nice. The only real problem is the japanesse factor, but I'm sure I can find a way around that. I mean the story I already know, so the only real issue is menus. I will keep try...   0

Community  Long Blog:
binny101 . Jan 14

Gladiator Reminder

I felt a need to remind everyone about the most import event of the evening... I hope that the new season is even better than the original season!! Er... the new original season. As long as Crush is involved it should be good! AMERICAN GLADIATORS! It's on your local television this evening so be sure to catch it!   0

Community  Long Blog:
Jordan Devore . Dec 15

Apology to FNFers

No one has called me out on it yet, so I'll call myself out: I somehow fell asleep for 13 hours and didn't post about FNF. I was pretty tired from a week of not-sleep, so yesterday I thought I'd go lay down for about an hou...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Jordan Devore . Sep 24

Hell yeah! I got the new Dtoid rampage shirt!

This shirt has been in the making for a long time, as most of you older Dtoid members already know. I'm pretty sure that I was one of the first people to order it too, since I randomly stumbled upon the shirt when browsing ...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Jordan Devore . Sep 18

OMG today is my one year anniversary at Dtoid!

Yup, I've been writing on Destructoid for exactly one year now. I was this close to forgetting about it too, but luckily Lawl and I were talking about old stuff and it somehow jogged my memory. While I haven't traveled to an...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Jordan Devore . Sep 15

Quick recap of the Cod4 portion of FNF

There were at least two Dtoid rooms going last night, this is a recap of the one with GuitarAtomik, BahamutZero, Heretic, Itemforty, Hoygeit, Lifehacker J, and some other people that Iím forgetting. -Having a grenade explo...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Jordan Devore . Aug 14

Riki-Oh: The most epic shitty movie night movie ever *updated with gifs*

A dog gets kicked in half. If that isn't reason enough to watch Riki-Oh, I don't know what is. P.S. I just bought this movie on eBay. I'm not joking.   0

Community  Long Blog:
Jordan Devore . Jul 30

Gamestop just owned my face

This is a PSA of sorts. Some people already know the story, but what the fuck. I went to Gamestop/EB Games today because BioShock doesn't come out for a while, and I don't really have any games to play. I was planning on p...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Jordan Devore . Jun 06

The new pac-man game rules

Seriously, if you haven't tried Pac-man Championship Edition, do so immediately. It's pretty damn addicting. The levels continuously add pellets onto the field so there are no cut scenes or breaks.   0

Community  Long Blog:
Jordan Devore . May 31

In search of sw33t movie posters

This bad boy along with a frame just made it to my house today. While it is awesome in itself, I need a few more posters to fill up my wall space. Can you guys come up with any good movie posters? I'm leaning towards the horror genre, but if the poster is cool and the movie was decent, that would be fine too.   0

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