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Community  Long Blog:
Nintendojitsu . Jun 30

Operation Shitstorm: Nintendo of America vs. America; WTF!??

I knew a shitstorm was brewing but I had no idea who it would land on. Nintendo it would seem is today's recipient. Oh joy! I began today like any other checking Dtoid and was I in for a shock. Nintendo of America gave a so...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Nintendojitsu . Apr 04

The Magnificent Rant, Vol.1

These words are not my own but I feel that they express in words more than I can ever manage to. "Everyone acts like the Wii and the HD consoles were given fair, even shares of initial third party support, therefore "provi...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Nintendojitsu . Feb 19

The very definition of Hardcore...

Do you consider yourself a hardcore gamer? Chances are your not.Do you use FAQs? Use unlimited continues, play your games on easier difficulties or use codes or cheating devices.If you have done any of the following, you ju...   0

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