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Nov 03 // Futuris7

Thoughts of Futuris7

With enough Bawls and Doritos in my system to give even the most hardcore motherfucker a stomach ache, I present to you what all the willy nilly is going on with me. First meal of the night, Manhunt 2. Rockstar's newest tou...
Oct 20 // Futuris7

I couldn't incinerate my Weighted Companion Cube....

Because my 360 broke my Orange Box disc. A glistening crescent shaped scratch taints the bottom of my disc like a vaginal cyst. Now that's some descriptive poetry. Yes I'm mad that my system carved the letter C in my Oran...
Oct 12 // Futuris7

Ahhhhh it's time to relax.

So we all had a rough week I bet. The news of EA absorbing two more companies was like a wet dream out of hell, Brawl gets pushed back... And this man is still alive Cheer up though because I'm gonna have a relaxing weeken...
Oct 09 // Futuris7

Hey! Turn the lights down, I have something serious to say about videogames and chairs. 2.0

(First time I tried to post this it didn't go live. So i'm trying again and if we get a double wammy I'm sorry and no I'm not trying to be an attention whore. Thank You.) Today I can now consider myself a proud owner of a n...
Oct 04 // Futuris7

Wanna know what's more fun than wacking off to yearbook pictures of chicks you could never get with?

The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins! I found out about this one while reading a Games for Windows magazine because I got bored with my yearbook. It's seriously a really well done 2D mouse clic...
Oct 03 // Futuris7

Soldier of Value?

What the...? Who the....? I have never in my short and pathetic life witnessed such an inappropriate use of music associated with video. For Christ's sak...
Oct 02 // Futuris7

Shopping in the VC Store is harder than getting drunk off listerine.

Seriously it is. For whatever reason, Nintendo has approved of an online store that is consistently full of errors preventing your purchase. Why? I have no idea. I'm a technician, not marketing professional. Yet, I think I c...

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