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Hi, I'm the CEO of Destructoid - AMA

Hi. So, uh, what's new? Lot's have changed around here, huh? Like, I'm the CEO of this company now. What the fuck is up with that? What's the best way I can say this? My life has been just bon...   more

F2P game nights EVERY night

There are a ton of great free 2 play games out on the market now, so it's easier than ever to play with others. So what do you think of doing nightly F2P game nights? We have Team Fortress 2sdays...   more

F2P game nights EVERY night

My top 10 games of 2012

It's funny being in this business. Ask anyone and you'll find out that most people end up talking about videogames more than they actually play them. Usually that's been the case with me, but thi...   more

My top 10 games of 2012

Did you know my name means I'm The God of Sex?

Everything makes so much sense now. So so so much sense. Tonight on Twitter The examples of how to use my name in a sentence are equally priceless: Girl 1: Holy fucking shit Hamza is the best...   more

I am the king of journalisms

http://youtu.be/hHz7SINF7vw We get a LOT of stuff sent to us on a regular basis. Here's what I've gotten in the last week and a half alone.   more

Trading NES games for pizzas

Story time! Iím at home, watching TV with my mom and a Papa Johns ad just reminded me of a funny period where I was trading NES game for pizzas at work. Years ago, my dad and uncle owned a game ...   more

Here's a truckload of (possibly) usable game codes

A long time ago, I posted a C Blog where I dumped a ton of game codes sitting in my inbox. Now I'm doing it again! Most of these codes were supposed to be given out during contests. But get this,...   more

I have a theme song! It's called Shark Dick Punch

So the amazing AlphaDeus made songs about the staff and various community members at Destructoid. I can't believe I can say I have a theme song now. How cool is that?! The song AlphaDeus made for...   more

My favorite videogame trailers of 2012, so far

Yesterday I spent most of my day looking back at Destructoid's content that went up while I was away in Europe for a month. Partly to just see everything that happened and partly to keep better t...   more

My favorite videogame trailers of 2012, so far

Community request: Show us how sad SOPA/PIPA makes you feel

SOPA and PIPA are really bad. Like really really really bad. Sites like Destructoid, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia and so many community minded sites will be gone for good. EVERY entertai...   more

MAGFest 2012: Pre-party fun times

OKAY! We're all drunk, it's great. Of course it's great. It's the Dtoid Community getting together at a convention for the sole purpose of getting drunk and maybe MAYBE playing some videogames....   more


I don't even know where to start, you guys. I meet so many people, did so many things that I just don't even know. Thank you to Carol who put me up at her place Wednesday night, made cookies ...   more

Who the hell are all these new faces?!

So yeah, lots of new faces right? I'm sure you've all noticed ... or haven't because you just go straight to the C Blogs (which is cool!) We've brought on a lot of new people for a variety of r...   more

Video of the panel I did at PAX East

Remember that panel I talked ? Well here's the video of it. I barely remember saying any of it, even five minutes after the panel was over. Many thanks to Derek Nolan of for letting me be a p...   more

Killzone inspired Destructoid shirt!

Hi! I suck! I've been very much in the shadows as of late and I hate that fact. After E3 I'm hoping to drop a majority of my editorial duties so I can refocus on what I love the most: The commu...   more

New way of giving out contest prizes

Normally when we do contests on the site, prizes will default to a random person if a winner doesn't get back to us in the allotted time (five days). Starting NOW, instead of defaulting to some...   more

My portion of the Online Gaming Communities and "Real Life" Relationships panel

At PAX East 2011 this past weekend, I joined Derek Nolan of on his long running panel, Online Gaming Communities and "Real Life" Relationships. I got to speak about my personal history as well a...   more

This is how to not suck at Community Blogging

So for awhile now, I've been noticing a ton of one sentence blogs popping up. Hell, the post right under this one sentence of nonsense.To all those people I say *ah-hem* YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. ...   more

Code free-for-all!

Half way into 2010, I realized there's probably a ton of unused codes that I've sent off to readers. You'd be amazed at how many people enter Dtoid contests and then never check their e-mails to ...   more

Code free-for-all!

Merry Christmas! Here's the PAX East 2011 Group info!

Planning on going to PAX East 2011? Then join up in our Google Group where we'll plan out things such as hotels, bars to crash and whatever else Boston can provide! Check it https://groups.goog...   more

Merry Christmas! Here's the PAX East 2011 Group info!

Dear Corduroy Turtle

This happened. Yeah, it's late. Whatever, I just saw it you fucks. XOXO   more


*Brofists* to CrimeMinister for being the new official Intern Bitch. *Brofists* to Magnalon, Uber Mashu, Rabite, Aurvant, Xzyliac, Daxelman and Guncannon for being the newly reformed old mod t...   more

On contests

While we're trying harder for contests to be international, most of the time they'll always be US because that's at the request of the person sponsoring the question and/or there's the chance w...   more

On contests

Assassin's Creed ornament, anyone?

Hey! My friend made some videogame themed Christmas ornaments and I'm being her whore to promote them for her to you. Or something. They're cool! the same person who made my so it's the least...   more

Assassin's Creed ornament, anyone?

Mammoth blogs/accounts stuffs

In regards to any of you who are having issues logging in: You should be good to go now. Any account created in Mammoth has been ported over. You'll just need to do a password reset. Blogs: We...   more

Mammoth blogs/accounts stuffs

My experience with Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

So about three weeks ago, I won a chance to be a part of this . I signed up for it mostly because hey, free workout! I mean, I can work out whenever, but I haven't really been motivated to do s...   more

My experience with Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

Someone sent us Destructoid cookies (Update)

So I just got a package by someone with the name of Angel Hayes who made us a bunch of cookies themed like Mr. Destructoid. First thought: Who's Angel Hayes? Second thought: Oh god these are...   more

Questions for Halo: Reach

Halo: Reach is out next month and zomg Halo sucks and I'm telling you it sucks because it'll change your opinion or something rawrewaldk Anyway, Halo: Reach is coming out and I'll be doing SOM...   more

Questions for Halo: Reach

Viral site demands we join the 2nd Mass

Dtoid HQ received a weird little package over the weekend containing a beat up FlipUltra camera containing the video you see above. A note was also attached that read "You have been chosen to j...   more

Viral site demands we join the 2nd Mass

Dtoid artists, ASSEMBLE!

Got a new project we're working on here. If you're an artist and want to do some stuff for us (that will also get you monies), then hit me up hamza@destructoid.com. In other news, PAX plannin...   more

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