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Savestate: Rend the Storm (Demon's Souls)

Demon's Souls is a game without many set piece moments. There are a few, but unlike some games where proceeding through the set piece in the exact manner you're suppose to is the only way for...   more

Save State: 'Car'mic Revenge (Saints Row 2)

For me, Saints Row 2 very well may sit at the top of the sandbox genre, a position that it got out of misunderstanding, targeting the wrong demographic, and laziness. †Please, let me explain. ...   more

Save State:  'Car'mic Revenge (Saints Row 2)

Save State: Tiamat's Bridge (Final Fantasy 1)

It is strange for me to think that for anyone slightly older than I am, every game was something that they got to experience - something new, but something within memory. †For everyone younger,...   more

Save State: Optimization (Unknown Flash Game)

Have you ever played a game that opened your eyes? †A game that truly changed your perspective, and shocked your world view? †The Save State blog has often talked about moments that have mess...   more

Save State:  Optimization (Unknown Flash Game)

Save State: A Candid Discussion (Spec Ops: The Line)

One of the biggest letdowns that a gamer can experience is to have an experience spoiled before they get a chance to play the game. †There have been many games that have had a pivotal moment in...   more

Save State:  A Candid Discussion (Spec Ops: The Line)

Save State: Courageous Storytelling (Fear Effect)

Ok, seeing as I'm still reeling from the flying knee the Game of Thrones delivered to my knackers Monday just gone, the topic for todayís save state cblog seems especially timely in that it co...   more

Save State: Courageous Storytelling (Fear Effect)

Save State: Taking One for the Team (Einhander)

Coming from a poor family, a lot of my gaming history comes from going to my cousinsí houses and playing on their consoles instead. I was addicted to my cousinís PS1 and eventually begged my fa...   more

Save State: An Assassin Takes Any Job (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance)

Ah, the strategy RPG. Is there any genre thatís more in need of love? I highly doubt it. Whereas the current video game industry eats up any First Person Shooter, Western RPG or just straight-u...   more

Save State: An Impossible Maze (Antichamber)

Gameplay reaction videos on YouTube always seem to bother me. Usually for scary games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent or Slender, people seem to really play up their fear. Then there are cel...   more

Save State:  An Impossible Maze (Antichamber)

Save State: No One Stops (NieR)

As a male gamer, there are certain privileges that I have: I can play online without prejudice, I can project onto 90% of the protagonists, and I am constantly marketed to. There are a few ...   more

Save State:  No One Stops (NieR)

Save State: Jenny (The Darkness)

It is kind of amazing what you can find in a bargain bin sometimes. Many of my favorite games havenít been the games I purchased on day one for sixty dollars, but the games that I either purc...   more

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