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May 18 // Red TheHaze Veron

I give you the greatest video game movie EVAR.

The time has come that we have found the Citizen Kane of video game movies and it is from the small archipelago in southeast Asia, The Philippines (You know, where the bad monster is from in the new Godzilla movie). That m...
Feb 17 // Red TheHaze Veron

You have to wait 30 days for free Super Stardust Delta on the Vita

I know many of you are probably excited with the upcoming official release of the Playstation Vita and like myself, probably jumped all over that sweet new deal with the 3G/Wifi Launch Bundle that came with free 8 gb memory ...
Feb 13 // Red TheHaze Veron

Sakaguchi pimps out The Last Story in Paris. WHAT?!

A current trend these days in marketing products is using the creative minds behind the product as a spokesperson to sell their products. In a stroke of marketing genius, French retailer FNAC, is using the mug of the master ...
Jan 31 // Red TheHaze Veron

Shortblog: Did they just put Doctor Who in my Final Fantasy XIII-2?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 came out today in USA and as one of those people who liked FFXIII, I thought I might want to check it out. I would've bought it but I am saving up for the PS Vita next month so I went to a Redbox instead ...
Oct 26 // Red TheHaze Veron

Battlefield 3 hands-on: Yes, the Beta was terrible but not the final product.

Yes, that Battlefield 3 Beta was bad. For some, very bad. I know a lot of you were skeptical about the finished product because of that terrible (but still pretty) beta that had a load of issues. DICE and EA really messed up...
Oct 07 // Red TheHaze Veron

Thank you, Elsa and Mongoose!

Elsa and Mongoose, my favorite people from the great white internet north, sent me a package of some random swag from PAX Prime 2010. I play a lot of MAG on the PS3 with them, which you should totally join us for almost every night. I have a thing for random nerd swag and even I didn't make it to PAX this year, this is the next best thing to being there. Thank you so much guys!
Sep 28 // Red TheHaze Veron

September 28. Daylight. NEVAR FORGET

So yeah, today's September 28. Anybody still remember that date? It was from a time when Japanese game development reigned king over all. So that day when everything turned to shit in Raccoon city is exactly 12 years ago. I...
Mar 12 // Red TheHaze Veron

Why Yakuza 3 is blatantly better than Final Fantasy XIII!

[As originally posted on] This coming week, one of the most anticipated Japanese Role-Playing Games will be released in the west, and that game is Final Fantasy XIII. I'm sure many of you out there are going ...
Jul 23 // Red TheHaze Veron

Blatant Shameless Plug Shortblog post: Halo Animu edition

So yeah, there's a Halo anime shorts to be made. It might seem just another attempt to milk a franchise but this could also be seen as way to introduce Halo to Japanese audiences or those annoying weeaboo fucks. If that is one of their nefarious goals, well they should take a gander about my proposal from 3 years ago. That's right, I called this shit back in 2006:
Mar 16 // Red TheHaze Veron

A Happy Birthday to Destructoid/Niero!!!

Meanwhile, over at Japanator (two days ago).. Happy Birthday to Destructoid and it's founder, Yanier Gonzalez! I've been planning something big in past two months to show my gratitude to Destructoid with something really aw...
Feb 12 // Red TheHaze Veron


Feb 03 // Red TheHaze Veron

Thirteen things about me, which includes my arrest in a foreign country and piracy

PIC UNRELATED BUT THEYRE BOTH FROM JAPANATOR 1.) I like anime and Japanese stuff. Like Dale North, where I grew up (Philippines) anime and Japanese shows are a normal staple on television. I grew up with it and consider it ...
Jan 26 // Red TheHaze Veron

Street Figher 4--- WHY DOES IT SUCK SO HARD?? (also, sarcazm)

Okay guyz I like just played Street FIghter and you know what--- IT SUXXORZ SO BAD MAN!!!! CMON SRSLY its not like other fighting games out there. Capcom is so GHEYYYYY is lyieng to us witht theyre screen caps with all that ...
Jan 18 // Red TheHaze Veron


Back due to me getting back to blogging (Over at Japanator, mostly) Im here to not NOT Celebrate this Monday. So here it goes! Have a great monday, Destructoid. Soul Plane was indeed terrible.
Jan 07 // Red TheHaze Veron

I love you Destructoid for your love of EGM/1UP.

Sad news falls upon us today. Effectively today, the 1UP network has been acquired by UGO and in its wake, the legendary gaming publication Electronic Gaming Monthly has passed on. Also among the casualties is most of the 1UP...
Jan 04 // Red TheHaze Veron

I hugged Niero and...

Dec 18 // Red TheHaze Veron

A new Desutoid appears!!!

O hai thar! Tis I, Redzie aka Red Baylon on Japanator aka... DESUTOID!!! So if anyone remembers Mr Desutoid, the cosplay doppleganger of his Robot Lordship--- Mr Destructoid, I've quite gone through a few iterations of the r...
Dec 10 // Red TheHaze Veron

New Dragonball Trailer shows Green Piccolo! Goku, still white

---As originally posted on Hollywood, you sly devil. In this war for box office profit with movie adaptations you wage, the fanboys are often the first casualties, but now there's something different. What's t...
Nov 22 // Red TheHaze Veron

(not and/or very) Ready to Monday!!! SPECIAL EDITION

So hey, wasn't last night a blast? You know, that thing you did to start of the weekend? Oh, it sucked? Well, It's satruday afternoon wherever you are in the USA and saturday night is fast approaching. What else is approachi...
Nov 16 // Red TheHaze Veron


Tonight's entertainment is courtesy of former Destructoid Mecha Expert GodLen, who's now over at Japanator doing his Weekly Japanatainment. Whew. Almost couldnt make this one cause of computer problems. So how was your wee...
Nov 09 // Red TheHaze Veron

My Jacked Up!! contest entry for Samit

SInce Samit was a sad panda before, here is my entry to cheer him up. Just clocking close under the 2 minute limit here is my video: UPDATE: This is the new video above that features a tackle in the video. Now I qualify. Also, I didn't know Samit was also known as Sam Sarkar, star of such movies like Legends of the Fall and an episode of MacGyver.
Nov 09 // Red TheHaze Veron


Times flies doesn't it? You've just realized that your weekend is almost over and you've got school/work tomorrow. You scream. Shout. Moan. You can do it right here. This weeks video is courtesy of my Sensei Brad Rice
Nov 02 // Red TheHaze Veron

(Not) Ready to Monday!

Hello and welcome to "(Not) ready to monday", where your weekend ends and school/work begins. It's everything that Topher hates. Everybody unite and bitch that you're not ready yet.
Jul 10 // Red TheHaze Veron

Destructoid Stickam. Like right now.

Im bored and I happened to pick up a shitty $10 camera on clearance at Target yesterday. Lets put stuff on our heads. Video unrelated:
Jun 28 // Red TheHaze Veron

The start of the affair: The Nintendo Family Computer

I’ll start this off by telling that you read that title right, Yes that is Family Computer up there not the Nintendo Entertainment System but Nintedo’s Family Computer. I really haven’t been able to tell my back stor...
Jun 03 // Red TheHaze Veron

A Desutoid appears ( at A-Kon and No, that's not a typo, yes, DESUTOID)!!!

Hello great peoples of the robot nation!!! Tis I, Redzie AKA Desutoid. I bring to you my latest exploits at A-kon in Dallas, Texas. A-kon, is “the oldest continually running, anime-based convention in North America”. Wi...
May 28 // Red TheHaze Veron

Help design the new Desutoid helmet to rock AKON in Dallas this weekend.

Greetings, my fellow Dtoiders! I am Redzie, Destructoid (somewhat) regular and contributor (and lurker) to Destructoid's most weaboo sister site Japanator and also the unofficial Japanator mascot: DESUTOID!!!! Desutoid, born ...

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