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Nov 13 // Tubatic

MASSIVE CHALICE is really good.

Guys this isn't a very good blog post I've written, but dang it, i've got to tell you, MASSIVE CHALICE is really good. Yes its Double Fine. Yes its early access now. Yes its a Kickstartered game. No they haven't finishe...
Oct 29 // Perfidious Sinn

The Legend of Korra: The Video Game: The Review

The Legend of Korra is a Good Video Game. When it was announced, the reactions were rightfully mixed. It's a licensed game...but it is a licensed game based on the best show on (sort-of) television. Activision is publish...
Sep 16 // Tubatic

Are VIdeo Games Sexist: What the heck is going on here?

Guys, I saw this and had to come back home, to try and figure things out. And this isn't to say there's actual sides to be had, or rigth stances or wrong stances... but huh?  Is gaming actually transcending an ideo...
Aug 21 // Perfidious Sinn

I Suck At Fighting Games: Ultra Street Fighter IV

I've looked at a lot of games since I started taking fighting games seriously around two years ago. I've covered most of the subgenres and found what I like and dislike about most of them. However, this is my first time cov...
Aug 05 // Perfidious Sinn

I Suck At Fighting Games: Injustice: Gods Among Us

I can't claim to know much about the history of DC's heroes and villains. I never watched the Batman or Superman cartoons when I was a kid, and I've read a grand total of five comic books in my life. The appeal of DC characte...
Jul 17 // Perfidious Sinn

GTA Online: 100 Tiny Cuts

Since the initial trailer, Grand Theft Auto Online seemed like a dream coming true for me. I've been a fan of Grand Theft Auto for a while, and have lots of memories playing the game with friends locally. I remember the ext...
Jun 09 // Perfidious Sinn

I Suck At Fighting Games: Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament X

Some of the pictures used in this post are from Old Abbot.  They're the ones that look great, in comparison to the ones I took myself on my phone. Ultimate ...
Jun 01 // Perfidious Sinn

Stepping Into The Next Generation

The “next generation” of game consoles isn't just around the corner anymore. We're fully into it and it's an exciting thing to observe. I've already seen how the Wii U, Playstation 4, and Xbox One have all found their places ...
Feb 25 // Perfidious Sinn

I Suck At Fighting Games: Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

So this is what it comes down to? I go for months without a new fighting game blog, and when I come back it's just covering a game I've covered before? For shame, me! There's even games I haven't covered yet, like Street Fig...
Feb 13 // Perfidious Sinn

My Very Late 2013 Game of the Year List.

I promise, there is a good reason for this not coming out last year. There were a fair amount of excellent titles I didn’t get to touch until December or January, and I had to give them some time to see if they earned a spot...
Dec 17 // Perfidious Sinn

I Suck At Fighting Games: Soul Calibur II HD Online

The original release on Soul Calibur II is one of my most played games of all time. When I had a Gamecube, I rented the game multiple times and eventually made the smart investment of saving up my allowances so I could own a ...
Nov 13 // Perfidious Sinn

Sonic Generations could use some more Sonic Unleashed.

What I'm about to say might get me kicked out of the Cool Kids Club, but here goes. I love Sonic games. Not just the 2D platformers from when I was a kid. I mean, I've consistently enjoyed the series from 1991 until today. Su...
Nov 05 // Perfidious Sinn

I Suck At Fighting Games: Street Fighter X Tekken

Before I started playing fighting games, I considered buying the latest incarnation of Street Fighter IV as a starting point. Street Fighter seemed like a good fighting game to jump into because it will teach you the fundamen...
Oct 13 // Perfidious Sinn

Volition, can you stop doing this please?

Before I start talking about an aspect of Saints Row IV that I absolutely hate, I want to preface this by saying that I like the game. I've played every Saints Row game in the series, and was absolutely delighted by IV. Not o...
Sep 18 // Perfidious Sinn

Assassin's Greed III

During an intense struggle against boredom last spring, I visited my local Gamestop to pick up something to play. Since no new games were out that I was interested in, I figured I'd go back and play one of the many games on m...
Aug 22 // Perfidious Sinn

I Suck At Fighting Games: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

This is the game we play! Out of all the currently popular fighting games available today, I've seen the most of Marvel vs. Capcom 3. You can watch streams for it pretty much any time of day and it is frequently one of t...
Aug 07 // Perfidious Sinn

Why Saints Row 2 Poops On Saints Row IV (It's A Better Game)

Spoilers for Saints Row 2 and The Third.  I see a lot of people getting excited about the upcoming release of Saints Row IV. But did you know that you are actually wrong? Yes, it's true! The Saints Row series peaked at 2 an...
Jul 22 // Perfidious Sinn

I Suck At Fighting Games: Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Here's some key links if you want to learn Tekken Tag Tournament 2: TTT2 For Dummies Avoiding The Puddle Text Tutorials Avoiding The Puddle Video Tutorials Most new fighting games are trying to strike the elusive balance ...
Jun 04 // Perfidious Sinn

I Suck At Fighting Games: Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 9

All pictures from Xensin. I found the link at Check it out, they're really great! Last year, I bought Skullgirls and this heavy $200 a...
May 22 // Perfidious Sinn

100 Percent Later: Saints Row The Third

Even though I'm sure you're cool and already finished this game, EXPECT SOME SPOILERS HERE. A few days ago, I completed a gaming goal that I was working on since late 2011. My goal was to get 100% completion on Saints Row Th...
Apr 01 // Jim Sterling

Bring us Merlenderl, and wipe away the debt!

(Made with loving juiciness by Michael Towns)
Feb 24 // Tubatic

A Father's Fight: Asura's Wrath is Awesome

BURST! The right trigger glyph flashes on the screen as Asura's blazing anger reaches yet another limit break, flames licking the chrome on the thin and understated health/rage meters. I slam my index finger against the bu...
Feb 18 // Perfidious Sinn

I suck at fighting games, so I'm going to a tournament.

Around this time, I would usually be posting a blog about the latest fighting game that I've tried out and how I'm bad at it and stuff. Since my last blog about Dead or Alive 5, I've picked up both Anarchy Reigns and Street F...
Jan 09 // Perfidious Sinn

EVO 2013 Lineup: Why do you care?

Before I even started playing fighting games, I had a strong interest in the complexity of the games. I spent way too much time listening to friends discuss tactics and character balance in terms I could only slightly under...
Jan 06 // Perfidious Sinn

I Suck At Fighting Games: Dead or Alive 5

Part 6 of my attempt to confuse my own brain by playing a lot of fighting games in a short period of time. Before I start talking about this game, I think I should point out that I'm not trying to be condescending when I mak...
Dec 15 // Tubatic

Play My Game: Article Of Loathing

For about 20 years now, I've wanted to make games. Up until about a year ago, I hadn't made much more than a simple ascii game in PASCAL and a hand full of levels in a handful of level editor enabled games. For the past f...
Nov 14 // Perfidious Sinn

I Suck At Fighting Games: Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown

Part 5 of my ongoing efforts to try a lot of fighting games until I find one I can get good at. I know I go overboard on the background when I'm talking about these games sometimes. That's because I'm trying to gain some sor...
Oct 15 // Perfidious Sinn

I Suck At Fighting Games: Mortal Kombat

Part 4 of my ongoing series, in which I try lots of fighting games to find one that I'm good at. It's been a little too long since I've devoted some time to trying out another fighting game. I played Persona 4 Arena a lot, a...
Aug 25 // Perfidious Sinn

I Suck At Fighting Games: Persona 4 Arena and things you already knew

Part 3 of my ongoing series of trying and failing miserably to get good at any fighting game. It's been a while since I've written one of these. My immediate positive reaction to Soul Calibur V lead me to try more 3D fightin...
Jul 17 // Perfidious Sinn

FutureSex/LoveSounds is one of the best albums of all time.

I know what you're thinking already, acclaimed musical critics of Destructoid, the website about music. "Justin Timberlake making one of the best albums of all time?" you say. "Impossible. It's pop music, soulless trash wr...

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