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Jul 15 // Vedicardi2

Vedicardi - Vedicardi (Full Album)

My album buy it before I get famous and jack the price to $16
May 05 // Vedicardi2

Kitarah Hero (Destructoid Release)

This is a pack of songs created for Frets on Fire Please use with a version of FOF with career mode compatibility. All charts and labels were created by me unless noted otherwise Some DL links will take you to pages on
May 04 // Vedicardi2

Kitarah Hero 2: 死の歌

Kitarah Hero 2: 死の歌 is a project being worked on by me for the the Frets on Fire Fan Forums. For those who don't know what Frets on Fire is, it's a free open source Guitar Hero "Clone" for PC. It allow...

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