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Just sharing some thoughts

Hi!† So there's never a dull moment when you work in the wonderful world of video games. For instance, I just got finished with a move! That Dtoid HQ we had in SF is more or less done. For now a...   more

E3 2014: From the perspective of a Shark

Iím writing this on my flight down to Los Angeles for E3 right now. Iím excited. Itís nice knowing that events like this can still make me excited eight years into this career. Though itís an eve...   more

What's going on behind the scenes

I'm going to focus on E3, as really our inboxes are just flooded with all things E3. Dale and I are splitting duties, he's focused on getting all the appointments in order while I manage and prep...   more

On Twitch

Why we're shutting down our Twitch efforts as you've known it? Because we couldn't afford it any longer. Since day one, the amount of money we put into Twitch has always been more than we've ever...   more

How I get exclusives for Destructoid

XKUkC3c4TCo See this people? YOU SEE WHAT I HAVE TO GO THROUGH TO GET YOU EXCLUSIVES?! For context, the guy feeding me is Nigel Lowrie of Devolver Digital and we were goofing off waiting for s...   more

Hi, I'm the CEO of Destructoid - AMA

Hi. So, uh, what's new? Lot's have changed around here, huh? Like, I'm the CEO of this company now. What the fuck is up with that? What's the best way I can say this? My life has been just bon...   more

Taking A leap of faith.

Hello respectful Dtoiders I hope you are all doing well! †I think that anyone would agree that we all deserve a fair chance in life. †We deserve to live free and be who we want. †We are not on...   more

Taking A leap of faith.

F2P game nights EVERY night

There are a ton of great free 2 play games out on the market now, so it's easier than ever to play with others. So what do you think of doing nightly F2P game nights? We have Team Fortress 2sdays...   more

F2P game nights EVERY night

My top 10 games of 2012

It's funny being in this business. Ask anyone and you'll find out that most people end up talking about videogames more than they actually play them. Usually that's been the case with me, but thi...   more

My top 10 games of 2012

Did you know my name means I'm The God of Sex?

Everything makes so much sense now. So so so much sense. Tonight on Twitter The examples of how to use my name in a sentence are equally priceless: Girl 1: Holy fucking shit Hamza is the best...   more

I am the king of journalisms

http://youtu.be/hHz7SINF7vw We get a LOT of stuff sent to us on a regular basis. Here's what I've gotten in the last week and a half alone.   more

Trading NES games for pizzas

Story time! Iím at home, watching TV with my mom and a Papa Johns ad just reminded me of a funny period where I was trading NES game for pizzas at work. Years ago, my dad and uncle owned a game ...   more

Here's a truckload of (possibly) usable game codes

A long time ago, I posted a C Blog where I dumped a ton of game codes sitting in my inbox. Now I'm doing it again! Most of these codes were supposed to be given out during contests. But get this,...   more

E3: Why Animal Crossing should have been the Wii U's online hub

A week has passed since Nintendo failed for the second time at E3 to convince gamers how the Wii U will rectify the mistakes of its predecessor. The problem seems to be that while Nintendo is t...   more

E3: Why Animal Crossing should have been the Wii U's online hub

Pikmin 2 New Play Control review

Pikmin 3 was one of the few parts of Nintendo's conference at this year's E3 to be well received, so the long-delayed release of the series' second game on the Wii could prove a canny...   more

Pikmin 2 New Play Control review

My not-at-all clever or surprising E3 2012 predictions

Hello again, Destructoid! How I've missed you. A few of have toddled over to and our own , and what a delight it has been to welcome you. Luckily, it's E3, that time of year when gamers are b...   more

My not-at-all clever or surprising E3 2012 predictions

Review - Xenoblade Chronicles

I intended to write this eight months ago, when the game launched in the UK. I'm not averse to writing a review when still a little way short of completing the game in order to get th...   more

Review - Xenoblade Chronicles

A Call For Games To Take Their Fantasy More Seriously

Most gamers out there will already be aware of Michael Thomsen's of the hundred-hour fantasy game, , wherein he questioned whether a game of such length could ever be a worthwhile endeavour ...   more

Review - The Last Story

If ever there were proof that Nintendo no longer has any idea what to do with the Wii in its final year, it is that virtually all its important 2012 titles are JRPGs. The publisher ha...   more

Review - The Last Story

I have a theme song! It's called Shark Dick Punch

So the amazing AlphaDeus made songs about the staff and various community members at Destructoid. I can't believe I can say I have a theme song now. How cool is that?! The song AlphaDeus made for...   more

My favorite videogame trailers of 2012, so far

Yesterday I spent most of my day looking back at Destructoid's content that went up while I was away in Europe for a month. Partly to just see everything that happened and partly to keep better t...   more

My favorite videogame trailers of 2012, so far

Community request: Show us how sad SOPA/PIPA makes you feel

SOPA and PIPA are really bad. Like really really really bad. Sites like Destructoid, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia and so many community minded sites will be gone for good. EVERY entertai...   more

MAGFest 2012: Pre-party fun times

OKAY! We're all drunk, it's great. Of course it's great. It's the Dtoid Community getting together at a convention for the sole purpose of getting drunk and maybe MAYBE playing some videogames....   more

Review - The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword

is a game obsessed with motion. That's true of the controls, which utilises the gyroscopic sensitivity of the Wii Motion Plus to manage everything from basic attacks to swimming and var...   more

Review - The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Halloween Retrospective: Eternal Darkness (GameCube, 2002)

Hey, Cbloggers. Long time no see. Reading what the Dtoid staff consider their most terrifying gaming moments, and seeing them somehow miss the most nerve-wrecking one of all, inspired me to wri...   more

Halloween Retrospective: Eternal Darkness (GameCube, 2002)


I don't even know where to start, you guys. I meet so many people, did so many things that I just don't even know. Thank you to Carol who put me up at her place Wednesday night, made cookies ...   more

Who the hell are all these new faces?!

So yeah, lots of new faces right? I'm sure you've all noticed ... or haven't because you just go straight to the C Blogs (which is cool!) We've brought on a lot of new people for a variety of r...   more

Video of the panel I did at PAX East

Remember that panel I talked ? Well here's the video of it. I barely remember saying any of it, even five minutes after the panel was over. Many thanks to Derek Nolan of for letting me be a p...   more

Killzone inspired Destructoid shirt!

Hi! I suck! I've been very much in the shadows as of late and I hate that fact. After E3 I'm hoping to drop a majority of my editorial duties so I can refocus on what I love the most: The commu...   more

Aaamaazing: Grabbed by the Spetsnaz

James Bond sat alone in the small St Petersburg bar and downed a third whiskey and soda to soften the screams of dead men for another hour. Under the red light, he checked his watch, a 1953 Rol...   more

Aaamaazing: Grabbed by the Spetsnaz

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