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Apr 02 // bunnyrabbit2

10 Things You Didn't Know About BunnyRabbit2

I decided not to take part in this the first time round but I figured I'd find 10 things this time. Sorry if some are a bit shit. 1. I'm half blind When I was really young, I ended up with a virus inside the cornea in my ...
Oct 21 // Caitlin Cooke

A Tale of Two Cities

Boston is a breathtaking city. The history, the vibrancy - I'm in awe every day when I depart from my train and look up toward the skyscrapers. The city isn't clustered, creating perfect spacial planes where people flow betwe...
Sep 14 // Caitlin Cooke

I'm doing Science and I'm still alive

I've been planning a "real" blog post for a while now but seeing as moving, vacationing, job change, moving again, and vacationing again has gotten in the wayI figured I'd just make a regular update since I haven't really po...
May 11 // Caitlin Cooke

Happy's Flea Market

Between planning my Sonic vs Mario birthday party, receiving awesome blog headers (thanks falsenipple!) deciding on if I should get bangs or not, interviewing with Google, and working my ass of in general at work, Ive paused...
Mar 28 // Caitlin Cooke

E3, Cait Style

This year Kmart is bringing three gaming bloggers with them to E3. I want to be one of those people. Ive been a gamer my entire life. I started with my parents teaching me how to hold a joystick for the Atari. From there I ...
Mar 11 // Caitlin Cooke

Braid Breakup

When I start up a game for the first time I get all giddy inside, but sometimes the feeling lasts for only an hour or two. Shortly after, I begin to act like a total curmudgeon for every likable aspect, I end up smothering...
Feb 22 // Caitlin Cooke

Alan Wake (Bacon is Better)

The other day I remembered that I had Alan Wake hidden somewhere in the nethers of my incomplete game pile. Its kind of silly that I took so long to pick it up again, because once I put the game in it only took another 5 mi...
Mar 12 // EuroFNF

EUFNF 12/03/10

EUFNF is a thing where European Dtoiders and other inferior people (see:rest of the world) play videogames together and generally have a bit of a laugh. Honest! This week's game(s) are: Left 4 Dead 2 Host: GT JGibbo08 T...
Feb 26 // EuroFNF

EUFNF 25/2/10: Hitler Moustache Edition

Indeed. EUFNF is a thing where European Dtoiders and other inferior people (see:rest of the world) play videogames together and generally have a bit of a laugh. Honest! This week's game(s) are: Left 4 Dead 2 Host: GT JG...
Feb 19 // EuroFNF

EUFNF 19/2/10: Flying Elephant Edition

I don't know, I was stuck for a topic idea! EUFNF is a thing where European Dtoiders and other inferior people (see:rest of the world) play videogames together and generally have a bit of a laugh. This week's game(s) are:...
Feb 12 // EuroFNF

EUFNF 12/02/10: Mr.Bubbles Edition

So I heard Bioshock 2 came out this week.Being the up to date guy I am, I started playing through the first game for the first time. It's good but it's a shame I know everything that's going to happen. THANKS INTERNET GEEZ. ...
Feb 05 // EuroFNF

EUFNF 5/2/10: John Locke Edition

If you're not American or a pirate, then you'll be looking forward to the UK premiere of the final season of LOST later tonight. Since it's a double episode, it's on from 9-11pm. Lost is more important than EUFNF right now s...
Jan 29 // EuroFNF

EUFNF 29/1/10: Death Metal Rooster Edition

Here is a video of a rooster singing death metal. It amused me, so I thought I would share it with you. EUFNF is a thing where European Dtoiders and other inferior people (see:rest of the world) play videogames together and...
Jan 15 // EuroFNF

EUFNF 15/1/10: Something Edition

I literally have nothing to say at all. How exciting. Game: Left 4 Dead 2 (Xbox 360) Host: GT JGibbo08 Time: 10pm GMT Game: Halo 3/GTA IV Gay Tony MP Host: GT Appolo 11 22 33 Time: 10pm GMT Game: Left 4 Dead (Xbox 360) Host: GT Neo Subenu Time: 8pm GMT If you want to host something, post it here. That is all.
Jan 08 // EuroFNF

EUFNF 8/1/10: Snowpocalypse Edition

So this week the snow here in the UK has really kicked in, with no one escaping from its charm/wrath. Don't believe me? Just look at this recent NASA satellite image of ol Blighty. Anyway, the way the news has been reporting...
Dec 18 // EuroFNF

EUFNF 18/12/09: Last of the Year Edition

Well next Friday is Christmas Day (:o) and the week after that is New Year's Day, so it is in fact the last EUFNF of the year! I know, the anticipation is just killing you. After asking for improvement ideas last week, I got...
Dec 11 // EuroFNF

EUFNF 11/12/09: Improvements Edition

Well it's become apparent to me over the past few weeks that Halfie is still not happy for EUFNF blogs for whatever reason. Probably his expectations that are higher than perfect but I don't see what else I could possibly do...
Dec 04 // EuroFNF

EUFNF 4/12/09: Pi Edition

Today's post is dedicated to Pi. Why? Well I don't know why, but Pi was the first thing that came into my head when trying to think of a topic for the post, so here we are. Besides, Pi is awesome! I can't imagine what life w...
Nov 27 // EuroFNF

EUFNF 27/11/2009: So it begins edition

Yep, in 4 weeks today, we'll be stuffing our faces full of presents, food, drink and relatives we only see a few times a year. Or in other words, HOLY FUCKING SHIT CHRISTMAS IN 4 WEEKS!!! Of course there's not going to be a...
Nov 20 // EuroFNF

EUFNF 20/11/09: ZOMBIES!!! Edition

In light of Left 4 Dead 2, today's post is dedicated to zombies (as if I needed an excuse.) Speaking of L4D2, I'll either have it in a few hours or I won't, as it all depends whether ASDA have it in stock once I can go. If ...
Nov 13 // EuroFNF

EUFNF 13/11/09: FRIDAY THE 13TH ZOMG (2nd Edition)

Not only has been there already been one Friday the 13th this year but two! That's pretty damn unlucky. It's also an unlucky day for the few people who don't have Modern Warfare 2, as this is no doubt what everyone ,their do...
Nov 06 // EuroFNF

EUFNF 6/11/09: Burfday! Edition

Birthday wishes go out to Wilbo, who is 20 today (no more teens for you!), and Simmy, who is pretty much on his death bed at 23. Hopefully they can join us tonight for some sexy Friday Night Fights. Game: Left 4 Dead/Left 4...
Oct 23 // EuroFNF

EUFNF 23/10/09: Down With The Sickness Edition

Yeah, being ill totally sucks. I went to bed Tuesday feeling a little dizzy and woke up the next day with a bad cough and cold. The next day was even worse, with headaches being thrown into the equation. However, I'm defeati...
Oct 16 // EuroFNF

EUFNF 16/10/09: QUEEN Edition

Today's post is dedicated to the mighty Queen, who will grace their presence on Rock Band with a 10 pack next week. It will be glorious. (Although I expect Bohemian Rhapsody on RB3 or bust Harmonix) Anyhow, speaking of Queen...
Oct 09 // EuroFNF

EUFNF 9/10/09: Teletubbies Edition

I never trusted those damn Teletubbies.Sure, they look innocent enough but you just know that there is some kind of unholy evil lurking inside.I mean, what kind of sadistic bastard puts a baby in the sun? Anyway, now that I'...
Oct 02 // EuroFNF

EUFNF 02/10/09: Old School Edition

This picture is old school, dating all the way back to 2008. It's also the best Halo 3 picture I've ever took, as it looks like the Elite (The Young Scot) has created a fart so powerful that it has killed the guy behind him....
Sep 25 // EuroFNF

EUFNF 25/09/09: Chucklevision Edition

It's amazing that Chucklevision is still running with new episodes to this day. Anyway, as for other things; Game:Left 4 Dead (Xbox 360) Host: GT JGibbo08 You know the drill, just message me at around 10PM GMT via the 360 ...
Sep 18 // EuroFNF

EUFNF 18/9/09: Thomas The Tank (Engine) Edition

I always wondered what the introduction to Thomas The Tank Engine would sound like backwards. Maybe it would be some underlying message from Ringo Starr or something, who knows. Anyways, as for tonight; Game: Halo 3 (Halols...
Sep 14 // bunnyrabbit2

Why PAX was great and why I might be around less

I should have done this sooner but I'm lazy and have been recovering from various illnesses slowly. This would have been done later had something not happened today to make me do it. You see, PAX was the best week of my life....

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