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Comments of the Week - Don't need no Facebook

Welcome back to Comments of the Week! Comments of the Week is a series where I showcase a collection of comments that you, the community, have made that I think are worth sharing! So, in case you've been gone this week,...   more

Comments of the Week - Robo Revolution!

To all who may concern: this site has been taken over by ROBOTS. It's horrible: it's like, all of a sudden, the people we love the most are the ones with all the power. Occams is a robot with a beard of cats! The Great ...   more

Comments of the Week: From out of the blue...

You know that feeling you get when you're playing , and you're on the last lap on the final turn to the finish line, and right when you're about to win, a blue shell comes out of nowhere and knocks you several places ba...   more

I Love Nicole Watterson! (NVGR AND NSFW - The Amazing World of Gumball porn)

[Disclaimer: Images may or may not be safe for work. I censored all the actual naughty bits, a.k.a. the fun stuff, but this is a warning just in case. You have been warned.] Earlier this month, Luna Sy asked us to write...   more

Band of Bloggers - Stories from the Capital Wasteland

It's the end of February (more or less), which means that it's time for the Band of Bloggers prompts to hopefully start showing up! As you recall, The Scholarly Gamer and Fenriff have come up with this idea for a "video...   more

The Amazing World of Videogame References in The Amazing World of Gumball!

I don't think it's any secret that I'm a huge fan of Cartoon Network's , and even then, that might be putting it mildly: not only do I still watch reruns almost everyday, but I've watched nearly every episode over sever...   more

Pokemon Rap: My Official Dibs

Ay yo, drop me a beat?No? Well, screw it: I didn't need one anyway! People think I might be a little crazyAnd for what I'm about to say, perhaps just maybeThere are so many girls I'd like to put in my stableAnd ride the...   more

Pokemon Rap: My Official Dibs

Thoughts on AMC's The Walking Dead episode "What Happened and What's Going On?"

If you read my Saturday recaps, you know that I'm not above talking about television shows on the regular. I mean, just this week I had a paragraph talking about the anime Inuyasha because they released the first season...   more

Thoughts on AMC's The Walking Dead episode

Comments of the Week - Ready for Round 2?

You thought I wasn't watching. You thought I wasn't aware of your antics in the comments. You thought I was just sitting here, masturbating to hentai. But guess what, punk? ...I WAS. But I can multi-task. Welcome to Ro...   more

I('m) fucked up.

So, how does one start a blog that's about to get real heavy? With a funny joke, perhaps? Okay, here's one: a boy and a girl walk into a bar. They fell. Alright, where do I begin from there? Well, I went to the school gu...   more

Want to Bring Back "Comments of the Week"?

Hello, there, I'm Dreamweaver! I think a little context is necessary for what I'm about to ask so... While I joined Destructoid around 2009, I was never too involved with the community: I was a front page lurker, who wou...   more

Amazing Porn of The Amazing World of Gumball!

While everyone seems to be watching select shows on Cartoon Network like and , is the reason why I keep flipping to that channel: while it doesn't have the charm of the former nor the "slacker cool" vibe of the latter...   more

Amazing Porn of The Amazing World of Gumball!

Videogame Doujinshi - Persona 4 Porn? Persona 4 Porn.

"Now I face out, I hold out,I reach out to the truth of my life,Seeking to seize out the whole moment, yeah!" has great music... but that's not what the game is best known for, at least in my opinion. No, and are mos...   more

Ice Climbers fan fiction part 3: Siblings of the Subspace

"Popo, wake up." "Huh?" I snap my eyes open upon having my body softly shaken, my heart beating so hard that it threatens to burst out of my chest. "Are we- are we under attack? Did they find out where we are?" I frantic...   more

Ice Climbers fan fiction part 3: Siblings of the Subspace

Ice Climbers fan fiction part 2: Siblings of the Stadium

"POPO, WAKE UP!" I immediately open my eyes as soon as someone shakes my shoulders, but that doesn't stop her from slapping me across my face. Turning the other cheek not out of forgiveness, but because of the momentum o...   more

Ice Climber fan fiction part 1: Siblings of the Summit

"POPO, WAKE UP!" Apparently, that still isn't enough to get me up: with the voice sounding so dreamily distant, I only quiver my lips before letting my half-lid eyes sink back down like a rock on water. So, to ensure tha...   more

Ice Climber fan fiction part 1: Siblings of the Summit

Two Siblings - Fela Pure... a.k.a. "My Favorite Hentai Manga" EVER!

So, it's finally 2015, huh? You guys doing good? Have your New Year's Resolutions down and trying to figure out how to either do them, or get out of it? I mean, I know I- Argh, you know what!? Forget the formalities! Ex...   more

Dreamweaver's Personal Picks for Game of the Year 2014

Well, 2014 happened. didn't set the world on fire, unless you count the sparks that flew from everyone grinding. , as pretty good as it is, shouldn't be the last thing to Shinji Mikami's legacy. was probably one of th...   more

A Memoir for my Hall of Fame Team

Dawwwwwwww! This is old news, but I recently beat Omega Ruby two weeks ago. The game itself was pretty amazing and met almost all of my expectations, but that's a blog for another time. What I'm writing today is a fictit...   more

Short Story: Love Over Time

I met her when I was just setting out on my journey around the region. She was a scared little girl, attempting hiding her face whenever I glanced her way. I slowly approached her with an arm extended as though to offer ...   more

Dreamweaver's Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2015!

As I mentioned , I'm planning my next videogame purchases even after I just bought a handful, so while I'm still drooling over soon to be released games (though, realistically, I may not get them all because of ...   more

When I'm gone, just carry on.

The month of Thanksgiving is coming up soon, and I just wanted to say, after I started being active here after years of simply lurking around like a wallflower at a school dance, that I've come (heh, come) to appreciate ...   more

Fangs for the Memories: Slender: The Eight Pages

When people ask me which videogame scares me the most, I could probably use a list of familiar titles like or and they'll nod their heads and agree... but the truth is, the game that gives me such a fright is one that...   more

Fangs for the Memories: Slender: The Eight Pages

A Tribute To Hip-Hop

Nope, this ain't about Danquan. Oh yes, it's finally here. Occams, Gaj, S_Dae, ask and you shall recieve. As for everyone else, sit back, relax, and let Professor HLBC educate you about the ebbs and flows of this wonder...   more

Dreamweaver Declares Dibs on the Deity (Palutena) for Smash 4!

Everyone picks a character in fighting games based on many things: perhaps the character is someone you can relate to; perhaps the character just suits your play style; perhaps the character is a personal favorite of yo...   more

Storytime with Hyper Lemon Buster Cannon! (NVGR)

[No pic/gif intro this time, my friends. I'm back with another blog, but I'm going to do something different. I'm going to give you guys a nice short story to read! After reading Brittany Vincent's lovely prose, I w...   more

Storytime with Hyper Lemon Buster Cannon! (NVGR)

A Fantasy Fulfilled: Adventuring Akihabara

For as long as I can remember, I've always dreamed about going to Tokyo, Japan, specifically the Akihabara district: as the cultural center of all things otaku, which is probably the closest thing I could be described as (i...   more

A Fantasy Fulfilled: Adventuring Akihabara

Videogame Doujinshi volume 5: iDOLM@STER - Live for You!

The iDOLM@STER series (which will now be referred to as simply "Idolmaster" because I'm boring like that) hasn't really reached across the pond and onto the shores of the United States. Yes, while we did get that one weird ...   more

Videogame Doujinshi volume 5: iDOLM@STER - Live for You!

I Love Resident Evil 6!

No no, that number isn't a typo: I really mean I love Resident Evil 6. Now, I wouldn't say that it's my favorite Resident Evil and it certainly wasn't perfect by any means... but I didn't find it to be the abomination that ...   more

I Love Resident Evil 6!

Dreamweaver's Top 10 Favorite Fetishes!

I salute you, GajKnight, for being brave enough to make a Top Ten Fetishes of All Time blog... but how could you not even have the sanity to include me!? All kidding aside, porn plays a pretty big part of all our lives, an...   more

Dreamweaver's Top 10 Favorite Fetishes!

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