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Dec 30 // Chris Carter

Dtoid GOTY 2013: Chris Carter's picks

I try to make a lot of time†to play videogames. This year,†I've played around 270 new games. That's new in 2013, as in, newly released this year, and doesn't include replays or retro titles. So as you can imagine, I had a lot...
Nov 07 // Chris Carter

Great things are on the way: I'm now heading up reviews for Destructoid

I'll keep this brief. Destructoid has had a few losses lately. Tony and Jim in particular are dear friends of mine (who I will follow across the ends of the internet), and it's sad to see them go. But make no mistake! They ...
Apr 01 // Chris Carter

IAmA writer for AMA

I like games. All kinds of games: indies, JRPGs, platformers, FPS thingies, you name it! Feel free to ask my anything on Retoidded. The more videogame related it is, the more likely I'll respond <3 Proof:
Mar 25 // Chris Carter

My wife surprised me by redecorating my game room when I was at PAX (shortblog)

So this one is going to be pretty short, but I just had to share it with you guys. After working like crazy at PAX East this weekend, getting my hands on every game I could, I came back to an AMAZING surprise -- my wife a...
Jan 08 // Chris Carter

Carter's Quest 2013: Every Splinter Cell game ever

[Read on for a description of every Splinter Cell game ever released in the US, and my completion of them all in 2013.] 2013 is going to be an exciting year. Now that I know you guys enjoy reading my Quests, I'm going to ...
Jan 01 // Chris Carter

My top games of 2012

Hamza did it. Kyle is doing it. Brett, Holmes and Allistair are doing it. Heck, your mom is doing it. Everyone's making a top game list! So I'll make one. Of course, the hardest part is narrowing down all of the amazing gam...
Dec 11 // Chris Carter

Carter's Quest 2013: Every main series Elder Scrolls game ever

[Read on for a description of every main series Elder Scrolls game ever released in the US, and my completion of them all in 2013.] 2013 is going to be an exciting year. Now that I know you guys enjoy reading my Quests, I...
Oct 15 // Chris Carter

Shortblog: Check out this awesome retro Skyrim DIY project

It's not often that I'm impressed by do it yourself projects, but this gaming relating one caught my eye. The perfect marriage of retro and contemporary gaming is what made me so interested -- I love it anytime there's reve...
Sep 18 // Chris Carter

Impressions: Kirby's Dream Collection

Haven't you heard? Kirby's Dream Collection is out this week. Last Sunday, to be exact! Good old Nintendo Sunday releases. Jim will be covering it proper on the front page, but I figured I'd share my thoughts with you guys ...
Aug 30 // Chris Carter

For the Community: My Story

I've already written two "10 things about Magnalon" articles, in addition to participating in a c-blog interview regarding myself. But in light of recent blogs, I feel like it's necessary to detail how I came here, what I'v...
May 21 // Chris Carter

Some Diablo III Thoughts Ė Stay awhile and listen

Iíll give it to you straight: if you've played the Diablo III beta, youíll notice that the game seems fairly limited and droll. Thankfully, the beta itself was probably one of the worst snapshots of the full game. One of t...
Mar 15 // Chris Carter

Will our posterity mock our Gamerscore?

After nearly getting 1000/1000 Achievement Points for Mass Effect 3 last night, I was lying in bed holding my wife, and thought of something: what will my future kid think of my Gamerscore? Iím in my mid-20s, and my wife ...
Oct 08 // Chris Carter

VERY quick tips for Dark Souls owners

[I've gotten a few requests to share my Dark Souls post with the community - so here goes! I completed the game at Soul Level 77, after 37 hours and 10 minutes of play - for reference, I beat Demon's Souls at Level 76, at 2...
Jan 28 // Chris Carter

How to Make a Japanese PSN account (IE: You need to play Catherine right now)

Since the Catherine demo is finally out, I know a lot of you will probably be scratching your heads in regards to how to make a Japanese PSN account. Well, scratch no more! Note: each break is used for a new menu, so the g...
May 17 // Chris Carter

PSA: How To Save Money On Your Games

Saving money is one of the hardest things to do Ė period. It requires tons of time, effort, and sometimes painstaking research to skim a few bucks off of your daily expenses. But it certainly isnít impossible, especially i...
Sep 27 // Chris Carter

The New Kid in Town: An Aion FAQ

Every so often, an addictive game comes along and swallows us whole. For some, it's Call of Duty: World at War's zombie mode. For others, it's Wii Sports Resort, and for the few, the proud, and the nerdy, its a little ol' g...
Aug 30 // Chris Carter

I suck at games: D/o/t/A: Die/odible/tabanid/Asshole

[All of the above quotes were actually said to me at one point in time whilst attempting to learn DotA] Defense of the Ancients has become a national pastime for gamers: and all of it spawned out of a simple modification fo...
Aug 24 // Chris Carter

Why I love Destructoid

As a recapper myself, I feel like shit for subjecting Qalamari to this, so I almost didn't make one of these. But, Destructoid is such an amazing community through and through, it deserves something! I suppose a substanti...
Aug 01 // Chris Carter

So, Studio Madhouse is making a Wolverine and Iron Man anime: faaaaap (NVGR)

So apparently the comic-con teasers are now available for public viewing. All I can say is: amazing! In case you didn't notice, my banner and avatar are a result of the brilliant minds at this particular studio. I fact, I r...
Jul 23 // Chris Carter

Magnalon's free XBLA/PSN game giveaway

So here's the rub. I'll be giving away one XBLA (R-Type Dimensions) and one PSN (Bomberman Live, with Mr. Destructoid!) redemption code. All you have to do is follow My Twitter, and tweet RT @ChrisCarter_GL: Magnalon is gi...
Jul 16 // Chris Carter

Are you a Lone Wolf, or a Teamster?

All the recent controversy regarding Battlefield 1943 not being "team friendly" got me thinking. A lot of Destructoidcommunity members are all about playing with their friends, and chatting over Xbox Live or PSN. Personally...
May 14 // Chris Carter

Other Worlds Than These: Or, how I lived in Morrowind for 2 months

Divorce isnít easy, especially as a child. A lot of things are running through your head; things you really donít want to deal with, or maybe canít even fathom. Everyone needs some sort of escape. My grandest grief excurs...
May 11 // Chris Carter

An Engadget-esque unboxing of Dtoid's Lord of the Rings prize

Well, I decided to copy Half-Left and do an unboxing of what is probably the greatest collector's edition of all time, compliments of Dtoid's latest Lord of the Rings contest. I don't think you're ready for how awesome this e...
May 10 // Chris Carter

Happy Birthday Colette!

In the spirit of spamming, it's time for a Birthday wish! In case people didn't know, Colette writes for Dtoid, runs their contests, and is the Editor-In-Chief for Tomopop:aka she does a shit-ton. Without further ado, Birth...
Apr 25 // Chris Carter

(shortblog) Contest over, Judge Funktastic, get FUNKY!

Well, the contest is at a close, and a few hours are still left for us to make our final comments. The 100% comment competition between C-Prince Garison and I starts with:
Apr 05 // Chris Carter

That one Mook: Alma - Or, me at my most masochistic

I thought I didn't love pain. That was, until I met Alma. My life for Gaiden You see, Alma and I go way back. I was visiting prospective colleges in 2004, and I had a few friends at a southern Virginia college named Chris...
Mar 30 // Chris Carter

Games IGN ruined: God Hand Edition

If I told you that the team responsible for Resident Evil 4, including Mr. Resident Evil himself, Shinja Mikami worked on God Hand, Iím sure youíd be shocked. Despite itís impressive pedigree, God Hand has gotten a poor rap...
Mar 14 // Chris Carter

Damnit Sheva! My Resident Evil 5 review

One of the year's most anticipated releases is finally here, and fans are wondering if it will be the best in the series. It can't be helped if Resident Evil 5 is compared to Resident Evil 4: both games are very similar in ...
Mar 07 // Chris Carter

Resident Evil is racist

I made this a short while back, but I figured I'd share my thoughts on Resident Evil 5 with you guys for fun, considering it's near release. Enjoy! Resident Evil 5 has had its fair share of controversy. In addition to Xbo...
Mar 05 // Chris Carter

A Resident Evil mini-Retrospective

With Gametrailers doing a full-on retrospective for Resident Evil, it would be hard to top that. Instead, I'm presenting to you one of the finest extra modes in gaming: Mercenaries. The objective is simple enough: make it t...

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