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How to transcend the 'gamer's plateau'

I will play nearly any video game on any console. As long as I can get a copy, I'm going to make it work. Because there are so many to wade through, I'm starting or stopping games all the time. I'm often faced with...   more

A Secret to Everybody

I first met Link when I was a young girl, but it wasn’t until a few years ago when our friendship truly began to blossom. In the dim glow of my bedroom, I’d embark on some of the most fantastical journeys wi...   more

I Write FP Stuff At Destructoid. AMA.

Heard there was a new C-Blog editor in town and had to check it out for myself. How are you all liking it? I knew there was a lot of clamoring in the forums about needing a new one, so with that said, is it working out be...   more

Life Goals, by Kyle MacGregor [NVGR]

Kyle graces us with yet another original from his 2014 Kyle Against Humanity collection. This particular work depicts the subject (me) at E3 2015, having possibly shunned Destructoid for "greener pastures." This relates Kyl...   more

Reviews Aren't Law And You Can Actually Make Your Own Decisions

Let's work through an imaginary exercise. I'm Gamer A, and I’m tired of all the games that I have. My friends haven’t picked up anything good enough for me to leech off of them, I’m in the market to make a New Video Game Pu...   more

Colors of Defeat: My Personal Elementary Talent Show Hell [NVGR]

I like to sing, even though I can't do it very well. But apparently my thirteen-year-old self thought I did a stupendous job, as evidenced by this personal narrative written in middle school. I'd like to take a quick break ...   more

My Pre-E3 Breather Blog, or Breather? I Hardly Knew Her!

Wow. I can't believe it's already time yet again for another E3. It seems like all I've done over the past few months is run around like a cucco with its head cut off. I felt like taking a few moments to sit and reflect...   more

My Pre-E3 Breather Blog, or Breather? I Hardly Knew Her!

Brittany Digs Shovelware: My Boyfriend

I've decided to revive my blog series formerly known as "Rampancy Plays A Crappy Game" from back in my early days as a Destructoid community member in 2009. Things were different then. I ran with Wardrox, Hollie, Nintendoll...   more

Brittany's The Tester Audition Song, Or How I Butchered "Snake Eater"

When I was applying to go on The Tester, as referenced in my last blog, I tried to make myself stand out in any way possible. The best way to do that, I thought, was to sing off-key deliberately to avoid copyright issues on...   more

Ten RAD AS HAYLE things you didn't know about Brittany, part two

Hey there, space cats! Part two of my "ten things you didn't know" list begins now. If you missed the first half, check it out here. Kept you waiting, huh? Excuse me while I smoke like a chimney and put on an eyepatch. 6. ...   more

Ten RAD AS HAYLE things you didn't know about Brittany, part one

Hola, bounty hunters! I've been spewing words all over the FP for about a month or so now, and while I made an introductory blog a while back as well as a celebratory first forum post, I think it's high time I get in on thi...   more

Thought I Was Hot, Guess What! I'm Not: Hellooooo, Destructoid!

Hey there, space cats! Welcome to Brittany's Swingin' Report Show! You may have seen my tentacles slithering into the various crevices of Destructoid, spreading creep and spawning Overlords to do my bidding, but mainly writ...   more

I KILL PXLS - "Restart Again" Music Video

AKA get ready to trip your balls off.     Directed, Animated, & Edited by Teddy Gage aka BahamutZero. The video is about someone who dies and begins to hallucinate as the DMT is released in their bo...   more


Why the VideoGame Used Market is Different From Everything Else

The extremely short answer is... Surprise surprise! But let me get a little more in depth than that. So if you haven't noticed, developers have been complaining about the used market a lot for the past few years. Essenti...   more

I Put Out a New Album. Ask Me Anything.

So yeah, I put out an album the other day. If you haven't already, go check it out. You can stream the whole thing from HERE. It's full of video game electro dance pop goodness. 1. It’s Just a Matter of Time 2. Restart Aga...   more

Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Silhouette Speculation: CAPCOM

NOTE: This is Part 2 where I'm going to analyze Capcom's side. You can check out Part 1 with Marvel HERE.! I'm basing all of my analysis off of these three pices of art: What I'll call "logo silhouettes"... Shinkiro's pos...   more

Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Silhouette Speculation: Marvel

NOTE: I was going to write/post this yesterday but my power was off all day so if this seems late/old sue me. How many blogs do I write a year? GIMME A BREAK! I'm basing all of my analysis off of these three pices of art: W...   more

I KILL PXLS Update: Randomness + Free Demo Song

Been a while since I've made one of these huh? For those of you that don't know, I do music under the name I KILL PXLS and I've been working on a lot of stuff lately. I just updated my OFFICIAL SITE a bit so there are som...   more

A.M.M.O. Original Soundtrack up for Download

You guys like free music right? Good, because I've finally uploaded the A.M.M.O. Original Soundtrack for everyone to download for free. It features 7 original tracks by yours truly, I KILL PXLS and is 100% guaranteed to mak...   more

Why I love Destructoid

Because without it, this shirt wouldn't be happening.   more

Why I love Destructoid

I Made a Dance RnB Jam about ICO...

It's called ”Follow Me”. Don't know exactly how I decided to do it but it came out of me anyway. I'm uploading it for you guys to hear first since I figure you'd appreciate the references more. You can check it out oveeeee...   more

I Made a Dance RnB Jam about ICO...

F.E.A.R. 2 Impressions

I have spent about one and a half hour with the shooter and I am a bit cloven. Before I try to describe it I'd first like to say that I love the first game. It is atmospheric, fast, and bloody beautiful while delivering a a s...   more

F.E.A.R. 2 Impressions


I think I'm channeling my inner Nick Chester here. I KILL PXLS - Happy Happy Hamzakah.mp3   more


Flower Impressions

Flower is the latest to come out of thatgamecompany - the creators of flow. I had expected a nearly meditative experience of color, music and ambiance of the sounds of nature. Shortest way to say this is, yes. It is simple a...   more

Flower Impressions

Remember that Tetris Bracelet From a While Back...

You know. The one Collette posted about a while ago? Well I wanted one for myself because I thought it was pretty awesome and I thought "sure I can rock that. Just look at my pants.". So I asked Sylwia (the creator) to m...   more

Remember that Tetris Bracelet From a While Back...

Wii and Metroids (No BAAW this time around)

To cover up my pathetic excuse for a last blogpost, I will post this as a excuse and discuss something more worthwhile: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption! First though: I now got a Wii. Bought of a cousin of mine and spent 45 minu...   more

Wii and Metroids (No BAAW this time around)

WoW 60 Day Subscription Raffle

The title should bloody say it all. I"m having a little raffle just to be a nice guy, and the prize is 2 month World of Warcraft subscription card. I've been wanting to do this for some time, but only now had the shinies to a...   more

WoW 60 Day Subscription Raffle

11 Things you didn't know about GuitarAtomik

Yeah, I just one upped half of you! Let's do this! 1] I wanted to be a paleontologist I had an unhealthy obsession with dinosaurs as I child (and still kind of do). More so than the average child since at age 9 I could tell ...   more

11 Things you didn't know about GuitarAtomik

RE5... *sigh*... Let's pop is sucker like acne...

I have never been a Resident Evil fan of some sort. Granted I also thought that RE4 - and all games since the first, sucks balls.The game play is stale, uninspired and repetitive. A fan, also a friend of mine, has answered th...   more

RE5... *sigh*... Let's pop is sucker like acne...

Level of Difficulty

I have been playing Gears of War 2 with a friend for hours each evening at Insane difficulty. Considering that I have done this with Halo 3 and other games I have begun to draw upon some interesting observations. Consider ho...   more

Level of Difficulty

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