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Mar 30 // brainderailment

Skepticality Podcast talks gaming, software usability.

I keep an eye on for the occasional updates. I like to argue with my family about their use of snake-oil and natural remedies, the site can give me some fresh ammo. In the least expected place, a podcast has been ...
Feb 26 // brainderailment

Response: Screw home consoles, time to go 100% portable

Hi I'm Brainderailment, I haven't posted a blog in a long time and I really haven't posted anything meaningful on this site in over a year. Small introduction to the peeps on this site, I've been here since the Summa days and...
Nov 12 // Animucast

Animucast Episode 21 - Westward Stella

Hello dear listeners! Once again we bring you another amazing episode of Animucast. As always we have your questions, news, show of the week, suggestions, and so much more. Join Evan and Yashoki as they bro out and fist eac...
Nov 05 // Animucast

Animucast Episode 20 - Mayflower Stella

Another Friday, another episode of Animucast! This week is really important because it's the first week since we've been featured on Watch Play Read! If you dont know about it the name pretty much says it all. This ...
Nov 04 // Animucast

Animucast Episode 20 Recording Tonight!

Hello dear listeners, once again you have to deal with the three of us talk about all things weeaboo. We know you do this because you love us and we love you too. As always we have your qestions, news, new show of the week,...
Oct 29 // Animucast

Animucast Episode 19 - Prizes in the Middle East

  Episode 19 is upon us and something is missing. Our very own Stella Wong, flew away to the Middle East for a little bit so this week you get the Evan and Yashoki brofist extravaganza. We talk about the news, your ...
Oct 28 // Animucast

Animucast Episode 19 records tonight!

  Hiya folks! If you're wondering what we're doing here you might have forgotten that last week we told you that your favorite Animu and Mango podcast would be weekly. That means we record on Thursday an...
Oct 22 // Animucast

Animucast Episode 18 - Double Dippin

    As promised here’s Episode 18, the same week and on Friday! Guess we can edit the same night, who would have thought? This week Evan, Stella, and Yashoki go through the brand new season! So many show...
Oct 19 // Animucast

Animcast Episode 17 - We're back and we want you

Dear Listeners, They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, and I truly believe that. The time we spent apart has only solidified the feelings I have for you. I miss your touch, your embrace, your kiss. I miss getting ...
Sep 08 // Animucast

Animucast Labs - Special Report

Hey folks! Since we havent had a show in a while due to the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle Yashoki has decided to do a little report on what we’re working on in the Animucast labs. Enjoy! As always Follow us on Twitter, iTunes, email us on our Gmail account or call us at 503-897-7MOE BGM: Samurai Champloo
Aug 26 // Animucast

Animucast Records Tonight: GAR As Lobster Milkshake

MY GITAH IS THE GITAH THAT WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS Oh mah gawd, it's time for some new Animucast. You know you love us, and we know you're GAR for us, so it all works out in the end. Once again the most manly, GAR weeaboos ...
Aug 19 // Animucast

Animucast Episode 16 - Implying Implications

What's that? I think it's Animucast episode 16 around the bend! Yes sir and you're more than welcome to listen to this goulash of non-pretentious talk about anime, manga, and all things related. To change it up a bit we hav...
Aug 05 // Animucast

Animucast Episode 15 - Evan broke things again?

Hey they’re listeners! This week we bring you more of what you love: US(Not to be confused with the U.S.A)! As always we answer your questions, tweets, and listen to your voicemails! The current show this week is Shiki – a ...
Jul 15 // Animucast

Animucast Records Tonight: The Moe Is Strong With This One

Running in the 90's is a new way to set you free Oh hell yes it's time for another kickass episode of Animucast! As always king, Yashoki, and venerable dreadnought that is Stella Wong will be taking your questions, comments...
Jul 08 // Animucast

Animucast Episode 14: New Season Kickoff!

Hey there, hi there, ho there, listeners! Here we are again with another exciting podcast! Welcome to Animucast episode 14. This week we talk about: Evan’s Toradora amazing box-set, your questions, and the NEW SEASON OF ANI...
Jul 02 // Animucast

Animucast Records Tonight: Summer Season Is Upon Us!

Mugi is looking forward to Highschool of the Dead It's that time again... tonight king3vbo, Yashoki, and Stella Wong record yet another GLORIOUS episode of Animucast! We're very excited as the summer season is just starting...
Jun 25 // Animucast

Animucast episode 13 - A few days late and a few braincells short

Hello and welcome to Animucast Episode 13! Lots of new things happened this time which is why we're late, and totally not the fact that we're lazy! First off we have our very first Voicemail from our good friend Johnny Vira...
Jun 10 // Animucast

Animucast Records Tonight: Special Announcement and Fabulous Prizes!

This is my Yotsuba, it was made for me This week, we have a very special announcement, along with the regular "Hey guys we're recording give us questions" thing... Animucast now has a phone number! What does this mean, you ...
Jun 03 // Animucast

Animucast Episode 12 - People Win Stuff

Hello my dear friends and welcome to the show that never ends! This week we talk about child abuse, trolling dads, fanfiction, conventions, and your questions! We also announce the winner of this weeks' questions quandary! N...
May 27 // Animucast

Animucast Records Tonight: It's Called Anime, Dad! Also, prizes!!

An accurate representation of my 28th birthday Oh snap, it's Sursday, and you know what that means... Animucast time! This week Yashoki, Stella Wong, and some overweight douchelord get together to discuss the latest and gre...
May 20 // Animucast

Animucast Episode 11: My Soul, Your Beats!

Ritsu, I am disappoint So Yashoki asked me to write up a fancy show post, but I can't stop listening to the new song from this week's K-On!... and multi-tasking is hard ;_; Anyway, Animucast comes at you once again, entert...
May 13 // Animucast

Animucast Records Tonight, Puts A Baby In You

Blame Stella for this one... It's Thursday, and so once again Animucast sneaks into your house late at night to sniff your pillow and steal your milk. We may also talk about anime, but only if we feel like it... We're more ...
May 11 // SEGA Addicts

Sega Addicts Episode 10 Records Tonight!

The Sega Addicts will be recording episode 10 tonight! This week we’ll be discussing Sega news, Aladdin for the Sega Genesis, and continue our Sonic Team series with discussions about: Samba de Amigo, Phantasy Star Online, ...
May 06 // Animucast

Animucast Episode 10: From The Ashes

Hell yeah motherfuckers, we're back So this week we are back after Stella ditching the sweet ol’ US for the UK... and we even have our first guest! Ryu89 joins us as we talk about a plethora, a cornucopia if you will, of to...
May 05 // SEGA Addicts

Sega Addicts - Episode 9 - Sonic Team Part 2

This is Sega Addicts Episode 9. It is good. Jim does some scat, Kris comes late (its his mom's birthday so he was a little busy), Tom likes diet cream soda not regular, Topher likes a little purple in his coke slushie, and ...
May 04 // SEGA Addicts

Sega Addicts Episode 9 Records Tonight! Plus SegaStein!

The Sega Addicts will be recording episode 9 tonight! This episode's discussions will involve: recent Sega news, Rocket Knight Adventures for the Genesis, and the second part of our critically acclaimed "The Rise and Fall o...
Apr 28 // SEGA Addicts

Sega Addicts - Episode 8 - Sonic Team Part 1

Episode eight. That's our fourth episode with an even number. Impressive. This week we discussed ice cream bananas, headless mummies with a face in their intestines that shoot out and attack people, and Theodore Roosevelt ...
Apr 21 // SEGA Addicts

Sega Addicts: Episode 7 - NAOMI

Banana Addicts: Episode 7 is officially ready for download. This week we talked about: how to properly peel a banana, banana pudding, banana flavored Laffy Taffy, and sometimes we get off topic and mention Sega. Here's how...
Apr 15 // Animucast

Animucast Records Tonight, It'd Be Cool If You Could Get Me Some Coffee

At this point, I'd usually write something funny about how Animucast records tonight, but I'm way too busy to write something witty, so instead you get Heroman shoops that I stole from /a/. Remember, you can never satiate Stan Lee and his need for coffee I'm gonna drink this every day until you like it Lee-on! SERIOUSLY WHERE IS IT
Apr 15 // Animucast

Animucast Episode 9 - Listen to the entire opening!

Hai hai beloved listeners! Sorry we took so long to edit this podcast, but the editing gods decided that Real Life Consequences(tm) have made it near impossible to get this show out on time. Don’t worry peeps because Yashok...

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