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Community  Long Blog:
DtoidSanFrancisco . Oct 04

October NARP events!

Hey everyone! Its almost Halloween! In between searching for that perfect costume, make sure to come out to one of DtoidSF's meetups this month! What: Super Nerd Night Where: Edinburgh Castle Pub When: Thursday, Jul 7th, ...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidSanFrancisco . Jun 29

July NARP events

Hey everyone! Summer is here, and DtoidSF has some events planned that you should check out! What: PulsewaveSF Where: DNA Lounge When: Thursday, Jul 7th, 7:00 PM "Pulsewave is the USís longest running monthly Chip Music ...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidSanFrancisco . May 02

May NARP events

Hey guys! Its time for another monthly NARP post! DtoidSF has been rocking the events this past month, such as an awesome Capcom/Destructoid street pass event you might have seen on the front page. This next month is no ex...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidSanFrancisco . Mar 17

GDC Meetup Recap

Thanks to everyone who came out! This was put together at the very last minute and still turned out to be amazing because of you guys that showed up! If this looks like fun to you, and you would like to be involved with DtoidSF, join our emailer, and follow us on facebook and twitter!   0

Community  Long Blog:
Zen Albatross . Mar 10

See Ya, GDC. Hello, PAX East

Iím still not fully recovered from all of the rad stuff that went on last week at GDC in San Francisco (see some of my coverage here, here and here), but nevertheless, Iím headed to Boston this weekend for PAX East. The ch...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidSanFrancisco . Mar 05

March NARP events

Hey DtoidSF! It's March now, which means spring is just around the corner! Here is a list of the upcoming events for the next month. Be sure to come hang out with us if you haven't yet, we love meeting new people! What:...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidSanFrancisco . Feb 17

DtoidSF Toidlet

Pic unrelated, other than I love Glee Hey guys! If you are in DtoidSF, pay attention! Introducing to you now, the DtoidSF Toidlet! As mentioned by Hamza in the Destructoid mega-guide that was posted today, Toidlets are l...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidSanFrancisco . Jan 29

February NARP events

Hey DtoidSF! February is the month of LOVE!!! You know what I love? Meeting up with all you awesome community members in SF! (Not to mention Snickers ice cream and SSF4) Anyway, as always we have a list of great events fo...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidSanFrancisco . Jan 05

January NARP events

Hey DtoidSF! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! WHOO! OMG..Ke$ha was a MESS performing's amazing <3 I hope you guys totally had a happy holiday and a rocking New Years, but now its time to look ahead to 2011 and all the th...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidSanFrancisco . Dec 27

New Years Eve celebration!

Hey guys! Are you going to be in San Francisco during New Years Eve? If so, you should come out and meet up with the DtoidSF crew! We plan to do a bar crawl along Market St in San Francisco as we welcome the coming of 20...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidSanFrancisco . Nov 30

December NARP events

HO HO HO! Hey DtoidSF! Its getting chilly here in the East Bay, and what better way to fight off the cold than by meeting up with your fellow Dtoiders and having some awesome events! Below are some things that are planne...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidSanFrancisco . Sep 29

October NARP events!

Hey guys! Where did September go? September was an AWESOME month which brought us PAX and my birthday, but now its over. But thats ok, cause we have the amazing month of October to look forward to! And thus I bring you ou...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidSanFrancisco . Sep 09

September NARP events

Hey SF! Have you recovered from PAX yet? I haven't, but that doesnt mean I can stop planning the events for this month. There are two things that you definitely want to check out! Read about them below! ----------------...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidSanFrancisco . Aug 23

SF Worldwide NARP video montage

As promised in the previous post, here is a video montage shot and edited by Nick Hutchins. Enjoy! MOOOONTAGE!   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidSanFrancisco . Aug 21

SF Worldwide NARP Recap

Hey guys! Its been about a week since the worldwide NARP was held, and yes, its taken that long to recover. So many good times were had that night that we wanted to share some stories and pics with the greater Dtoid communi...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Zen Albatross . Aug 16

Babycastles: Where Punk Rock & Homemade Videogames Live In Sweet Harmony

Oh wow, I haven't posted here in quite a while. Do I even know anyone on this site anymore? Anywho, I thought you (whoever you are) might like to check out some on-site reporting I've done for Vice on a DIY indie games arca...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidSanFrancisco . Aug 01

August NARPs

Hey DtoidSF! July was an amazing month for NARPs! We had an awesome time at Distant Worlds and also had an epic party at SlapYourMammy's as mentioned in our recap! Well, its another month and time to plan out whats going on...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidSanFrancisco . Jul 19

NARP recap: Distant Worlds and NARcade party

Hey all! Its time for our NARP recap! This weekend, DtoidSF attended the Distant Worlds concert as put on by the SF Symphony. Having gone to the concert last year, I was excited to see what new things they had in store. F...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidSanFrancisco . Jul 14

More Just Dance tournament videos from Wedgecon!

It took a while, but we FINALLY have updated the Youtube channel with some of the videos from our Just Dance competition here at Dtoid HQ during Wedgecon! Check some of them out below, and check our channel for even more! &l...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidSanFrancisco . Jul 04

July NARP events!

Hey guys! July is here! For most people that means a whole month of relaxing at home or going on summer vacations. For us at DtoidSF, that means time to plan some epic NARPs! Finally recovered from the epicness of Wedgeco...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidSanFrancisco . Jun 09

SSF4 tournament in San Rafael!

E3 is coming up (seriously, look at our countdown!), and if you are most gamers, you are completely jealous that you can't attend. However, thanks to Bob Allbritton at Starbase One in San Raphael, there is an event happen...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidSanFrancisco . May 20

Lost Planet 2 Sleepover recap!

Hey guys! As you know, recently Dtoid and Capcom have been like bff's and having sleepovers together! This past weekend was host to a 7pm - 7am Lost Planet 2 gaming marathon that was so epic, I just had to share some photos...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidSanFrancisco . May 20

Fanimecon May 28th-31st

Hey DtoidSF! Are you a fan of anime? Do you enjoy cosplay? Live in the San Jose area? At the end of this month, FanimeCon, will be happening at the San Jose Convention Center for what is sure to be a fun weekend. (A lis...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidSanFrancisco . May 05

May NARP edition: Wedgecon 2k10

Hey DtoidSF! Its the month of May, and that means we have to start planning our monthly get-together! Luckily, we have an AMAZING event happening this month, and this blog should be coming out in MORE than enough time to ma...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidSanFrancisco . Apr 02

Wondercon 2010 - THIS WEEKEND!

Hey DtoidSF! This weekend is Wondercon, being held at the always rocking Moscone Center! (whoooo :D). I went to my first Wondercon last year, and although I'm not really into comics, it blew me away with how much fun it w...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Zen Albatross . Mar 13

Pulsewave 3.20.2010 - Minusbaby, Zen Albatross, Active Knowledge & Mike Goodman

Hello, Destructo-friends. It's Self-Promotion Time: I'm going to be playing Pulsewave, New York's largest monthly chipmusic event next weekend with my pals Minusbaby of 8bitpeoples and Active Knowledge of Boston 8-Bit. If...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidSanFrancisco . Mar 09

DtoidSF March Meetups!

Hey all! I just wanted to let you know that this is a BUSY BUSY month for DtoidSF. There are two events coming up this month so lets get started! First off, Destructoid is celebrating its anniversary with style here in S...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Brilliam . Mar 01

Long time, Dtoid, and: vote for best PS2 games.

Listen, Iíll be honest with you here: I didnít start a blog because I care that you hear my opinion. I care more about your opinion. I know what youíre thinking: ďBrilliam, you sure picked a weird format to use if you wanna h...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidSanFrancisco . Feb 23

Destructoid Housewarming Party recap

This past weekend, Destructoid had an official "Welcome to San Francisco party!" Was it amazing? You bet it was. There were so many pictures, I didnt know where to start, but power_glove told me "let the pictures speak for...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Zen Albatross . Feb 13

Indie Love Bundle: Machinarium, And Yet It Moves, Osmos and more for only $20

Flowers, chocolates and poetry are all well and good, but nothing says ĎI love youí quite like a bouquet of award-winning indie games. Fortunately for all you shortchanged cassanovas out there, the Indie Love Bundle is here...   0

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