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Jun 23 // HarassmentPanda

Review: Magic the Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers

Nearly sixteen years ago, Wizards of the Coast unleashed the first set of Magic: The Gathering cards upon an unassuming public. Originally designed to be a portable and easily accessible game that could be played during do...
May 13 // HarassmentPanda

How Jim Sterling is Single-Handedly Ruining Games Journalism

For those that are slow to read the entire Internet, Destructoid's own Jim Sterling has caused quite a bit of chaos on the 'tubes. First, PLAYSTATION Universe was forced to rebut Mr. Sterling's crude generalizations and ha...
May 11 // HarassmentPanda

Manly Game Mondays #2: Madden NFL [Now with 100% more Samit Sarkar]

Every so often, a game comes along that is so wet with manliness that it could impregnate your girlfriend. It's the type of game that can force you to grow hair on your palms just from touching the controller. Forget electric...
May 04 // HarassmentPanda

Manly Game Mondays #1: The Combatribes

Every so often, a game comes along that is so wet with manliness that it could impregnate your girlfriend. It's the type of game that can force you to grow hair on your palms just from touching the controller. Forget electr...
Feb 25 // HarassmentPanda

Destructoid's Shadowrun Revival

In 2007, FASA Interactive and Microsoft Game Studios released a largely ignored first person shooter named Shadowrun. Shadowrun was an ambitious title: It was to launch the Windows Live service--finally bringing PC and 360...
Jan 12 // HarassmentPanda

I love you all.

I love Destructoid. I've loved this place since it was first aborted onto the Internet as the go-to site for the latest news on Jaws: The Game. I came for the gaming news; I stayed for the community. I am dismayed that a...
Aug 08 // HarassmentPanda

Free Gears of War 2 with Purchase of Lancer Replica

Do you love Gears of War? Are you constantly envious of CliffyB? Do you wonder where he gets those sweet leather cuffs that went out of fashion in the 90s and are now the universal symbol of the modern date rapist? Well,...
Aug 07 // HarassmentPanda

Panda Comics #1: The Reg Man Cometh

Well, I finally purchased a Wacom tablet for my laptop and got to fooling with it tonight. I haven't drawn a damn thing for years and I'm still trying to figure out how to use the tablet, but below you will find my first att...
Aug 05 // HarassmentPanda

Retro Sensibilities #1: Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer

Retro Sensibilities is a weekly feature that examines modern games with decidedly retro sensibilities. Some games will be current-gen reissues that retain an old school flavor, others will be all-new titles that have the p...
Mar 26 // HarassmentPanda

Cheap games at GoGamer 48-hour Madness

In the spirit of Butmac's old "I got your back" series, I figured I would pass along some deals to fellow Dtoiders. I normally don't like posting stuff like this, but there are some pretty nice finds. PC: Brothers in Arms...
Mar 20 // HarassmentPanda

Unsung Heroes: Conrad Zimmerman

It's undeniable that the cblogs have brought a wealth of talent and a wealth of stupidity to the Destructoid community. While the stupidity is often acknowledged with hundreds of spam comments, many times the better cblog...
Mar 14 // HarassmentPanda

RetRose Tinted Competition: HarassmentPanda, Tourneyfag

My palms were sweating and my heart was about to leap from my chest. I took a deep breath and tried to focus. In a few minutes the third and final round was starting. I knew what I was about to do. I knew it was cheap....
Mar 13 // HarassmentPanda

MLG Playlist Coming to Halo 3

Major League Gaming ("MLG") released some great news today for fans of competitive gaming: Halo 3 wil be introducing a playlist featuring MLG maps and gametypes! For many, this has been a dream since the early days of Hal...
Feb 29 // HarassmentPanda

My Gear, Let Me Show You It Too

There have been a lot of cblogs lately where people have been showing off some of their gamer gear. So, I figured I would join in. Mind you, the pictures below represent only what I brought with me to law school or have pur...
Feb 29 // HarassmentPanda

Good Idea/Bad Idea: Platforming

It is no mere exaggeration to suggest that every gamer alive has played at least one platformer in their lifetime. In fact, it would not be a stretch to suggest that nearly every gamer holds at least one platformer in thei...
Feb 25 // HarassmentPanda

Cowzilla's Birthday: The Other Party on Saturday Night

This past weekend was Cowzilla's 25th birthday and, like Dtoiders across the nation, we had a little get together on Saturday night to celebrate. (That is what you guys in San Francisco were secretly celebrating, right?) ...
Feb 17 // HarassmentPanda

Video Game Law, A History: Part 1 - Pong

Panda Note: Those of you that have spoken with me know that I have more than an a passing interest in the law. As a result, I'm taking a stab at starting a new series that focuses on the law of video games. If there's enoug...
Feb 16 // HarassmentPanda

Halo 3 Glitch and My "Dear John" Video to Bungie

I made a brief video to showcase an extremely odd glitch that happened to me in matchmaking one day. Because I didn't have any real way to logically join the clips together, I turned it into a "Dear John"-style letter. Ho...
Oct 26 // HarassmentPanda

Zack & Wiki: The Definitive Review

When Capcom demoed the initial build of Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure to their Marketing Department, Marketing shit a pile of bricks rivaled in height only by antiquity's Tower of Babel. "How can a game with su...
Oct 16 // HarassmentPanda

In the DC area? Want to play Rock Band?

I was walking home from another exciting day of Evidence and heard Weezer's "Say It Ain't So" loudly playing in the vicinity. Curious as to what the commotion was, I moved toward the sound only to find a group of men jammi...
Oct 03 // HarassmentPanda

New Earthbound Shirts at King of Games

The King of Games, purveyor of fine gaming goods, is offering up three, yes THREE, brand-spankin'-new Earthbound-inspired shirts for pre-order this Saturday. While this may not be news to many, those that have played Earth...
Sep 14 // HarassmentPanda

Funny Parody of Latest Halo 3 Commercial

This is an example of when things are funny just because they're so painfully true...
Sep 11 // HarassmentPanda

Ridiculous Master Chief Costume for Sale

Sorry if this has been posted before. My computer blew up and I've only recently replaced it... I have a lot of Dtoid to catch up on. There is a guy on ebay selling what appears to be the most ridiculous Master Chief cost...
Jul 22 // HarassmentPanda

How to fix titleless blog entries.

In the Destructoid Community Blogs, if you ever forget to title a blog entry or close the browser before saving a blog entry, you will end up with a blog post that does not show up in your editor and is not accessible via hyp...

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