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Nov 08 // Dale North


God. Normally I don't respond to the fucking stupid comments I see along these lines, but today is the final fucking straw.  Look, I've been working 12+ hour days for about two weeks straight, pulling all nighters to put c...
Jun 28 // Dale North


How important are MOBAs to you?  For the people that make them, play them, or promote them, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games are the biggest thing since corgis. I know they're a growing segment, and I've seen the playe...
Jul 24 // Dale North

Are you still Theatrhythming?

I think that some of the people that were excited by the idea of Final Fantasy Theatrhythm might have bought it, played it for a few days, and then sent it to rot in their huge, unfinished game collection. Not judging! I do ...
Jul 05 // Dale North

Destructoid's staff and their animals

Many of the staff members at Destructoid have animals associated with them. Me? Corgis, of course. If you don't know that, you don't read Destructoid enough. Also, look at my Pinterest board!
Jul 03 // Dale North

Do you wear videogame t-shirts?

Do you wear videogame t-shirts? I suppose that's a silly question. Of course you do. I do. We all do. Well, hold on... I do, but it's rare. Maybe I haven't done laundry in awhile. Or maybe I'm working in the yard, or exerc...
Aug 15 // Dale North


So this all happened at Destructoid while "working" today. NickC: TECMO KOEI AMERICA ANNOUNCES RELEASE DATE FOR DYNASTY WARRIORS 7: Xtreme Legends Dale : dynasty Dontcareriers 7 JimSterling: Dale, we'd have accepted Dy-NoW...
Jan 07 // Dale North

Fuckin' CES is killing me

I love Las Vegas. Always have, always will. I'm the guy that argues with the locals and tells them that they don't know shit about their own town. Amazing food, amazing sites, beautiful people, great shopping - I could go on...
Sep 11 // Dale North

UmUhUhUmmYouKnow - my Samit Tribute

UmUhUhUmmYouKnow.mp3 This is my tribute to Mr. Browntown himself, Destructoid's own Samit Sarkar. Podtoid listeners have called him out for his abusive use of "um" and "uh" and "you know," you know. Give the mix a listen -...
Aug 25 // Dale North

Why I love Destructoid

Also like: -community/readers (best fucking people on earth) -unique voice -co-workers -paycheck
Jul 11 // Dale North

Everybody's Super Sonic Racing

As performed by Thomas the Tank Engine Come on run away You don't have to stay We're nearly outta time But you're doin' fine So stay on track And don't look back Just feel the pace Come on now race Everybody's Super Sonic...
Feb 02 // Dale North

Ten things you didn't know about Dale North

First off, the Dtoid community is fucking amazing. I keep putting this off, but here it is now. 1. I get ridiculous road rage. One one now infamous roadtrip with friends, I punched out a windshield in heavy traffic. The ne...
Jan 29 // Dale North

I'm rooting for the anti-sports team

I had a problem with my bank account. I always do as a full-time blogger. I call the bank and ask for help. And instead of that help, I get this: "Which team are you rooting for?" I respond: "The anti-sports team." She s...
Jan 26 // Dale North

Wit' so much drama...

Seriously? Read this and compare this man's crisis to your life: DRAMA The second page of this thread gets pretty classy as the conversation moves to the above pictured avatar of one member.
Nov 21 // Dale North

Argo sucks

In response to my recent front page post, I wanted to respond personally to say how much Shadow of the Colossus' Argo sucks, especially when compared to Ocarina of Time's Epona. First, let me say that Shadow of the Colossu...
Sep 22 // Dale North

Cleanest house EVER

I'm kind of sick in the sense that I clean my house daily. I have a small place, but I clean at least one part of it daily. I have two dogs, and my house looks like it sometimes. I'm not a neat freak, but I can't stand tras...
Aug 22 // Dale North

I <3 Stella Wong (and Topher)

Best piece of mail ever! Read on: Mystery Box Arrives Nani kore?!??!??! She knows my remixer "middle name" cute himitsu. Hatsune Miku in her new home You'd have to be a huge fucking nerd to love this. Thankfully...
Jul 29 // Dale North

Soul Calibur IV - Xbox 360 or PS3

Now, I'm not asking either system fanboy. I'm asking the fighting game fan: Which version would you get. My instincts tell me that the PS3 will be better for the controller, which is better for fighting games. It seems tha...
Jul 09 // Dale North

The top ten things anime cons could do without

We're exploring that idea over at Japanator now. Something tells me that your average Dtoid reader hasn't been to too many cons, but I know that there are a few out there. I think that maybe a follow-up list of what cons could use more of might be cool, too. What do you think?
Jul 08 // Dale North

How much do you love corgis?

I suspect that no one is going to chime in on this.
Jun 30 // Dale North

New Cooking Mama 3D screenshots now up

Ma, call me. Oh, um... For those that saw my post about the new Wii Cooking Mama 3D title this morning, this is a heads up to let you know that the post has been updated with new pictures straight from Majesco. Check out the new gallery here.
Jun 26 // Dale North

McD's Southern Style Chicken Sandwich is pretty damned good

Okay, it's no secret that McDonald's Southern Style Chicken Sandwich is a direct rip-off of Chick-fil-a's standard sandwich. But, somehow, this is a lighter sandwich. The meat isn't quite as tasty, but it works. I totall...
Apr 30 // Dale North

You like ramen noodles, right?

Well, Japanator has a feature on your favorite cheap meal right now. Head on over and check it out. Enjoy Aya Ueto's slurping for now.
Apr 16 // Dale North

There's Malibu in my Snickers bar?

I rock the Snickers bar almost out of instinct. It's the perfect candy bar as far as taming hunger goes. Anyway, while running errands today, I grabbed what I thought was a normal Snickers bar and a root beer. Not looking (...
Apr 10 // Dale North

Today's Import Haul - April 10, 2008

Not to long ago I said I would share my import hauls on this very c-blog, and so I'm continuing that today. Today is different though - there's no games or cds or figures here. Do you know what my favorite thing about Jap...
Mar 31 // Dale North

Today's import haul - March 31, 2008

I'm a total fucking geek. I'm one of those that throws his hard earned money towards useless crap. That crap usually comes in a box that came across the ocean somehow. I got one of those today. I thought I would blog to shar...
Mar 19 // Dale North

'Um, no.'

I called Walmartzzzzz earlier to ask about copies of Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds. When they answered, I said "Hey, I'm looking for a PS3 game that just came out." The sales guy answered, like he knew what I was looking fo...
Mar 05 // Dale North

Pikachu invades Iraq! Srsly! Okay, so not so srsly. He could be a spy, though!

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