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Nov 25 // Phist

Calling all 360 Street Fighters: SFII Turbo HD Remix XBLA Tonight

"That's my quarter, I'm next." Tonight (already if you have a PS3, DAMN YOU), Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix will shine all of its glory upon the gaming universe. In Xbox360land, 3 AM (EST) is when the ball's gonna drop...
Sep 04 // Phist

PAX 2008: Yet another emo post about the most epic weekend in the history of all histories (yeah, that awesome) [with pictures]

We all knew this was coming. PAX has come, destroyed faces and left Seattle. A few of you to thank... *ahem* (WARNING: "<3", "I'll see you soon" and "good to meet you" will be used frequently from here on out) Origi...
Jul 07 // Phist

Make Music New York 2008: Chiptunes gets street cred

Make Music New York celebrates the first day of summer by organizing thousands of musicians who play free shows all over New York City. The Tank, a non-profit organization where independent artists and performers congregate,...
Jun 20 // Phist

King of Games Update: New Kid Icarus shirts + Summer 2008 reprints

I've been raving about King of Games for a while now here on Dtoid. Now there's more reason to praise these shirt gods. They've announced new shirts and reprints of some fan favorites. Step into my office... Kid Icaru...
Jun 13 // Phist

Enter the Kojima: NYC MGS4 Event

Hideo Kojima doesn't come to the U.S. very often. So when this faptastic man of a man strolls into your town, you should definitely extend a warm welcome. In addition to signing for his fans, Uniqlo's limited edition MGS4 s...
Jun 06 // Phist

MGS4 Limited T-Shirts / Kojima signing at UNIQLO Soho

I'm PSTriple-less. But I'm still excited for MGS4, I've always been a huge Kojima fan. Uniqlo is also feeling Hideo-San, they are the new clothing store imported from Japan to New York City. Hip tees with top-notch interna...
Apr 28 // Phist

Mr. Destructoid welcomes home Dreamcast / R.O.B.toid

We love our Dreamcasts around here. I've owned two consoles and have been without one for a long ass time now. Until yesterday... Galagabug hooked up a Dreamcast for me and I'm so grateful he was able to satisfy my craving...
Jan 19 // Phist

Nintendo doesn't respect Dtoid / Advance Wars Launch Event @ Nintendo World NYC

Here in the land of the robot, we are eagerly awaiting the release of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. According to people that have played it already, it's obvious that this game is going to be even better than the first classic...
Nov 12 // Phist

This is how you must waggle

In WalMart's new holiday circular, they attempt to be racially cutting-edge and show you how to Wii it up. The director of the shoot found it essential to have the hipster catalog models hold the Wiimotes with 2 hands. Can I Table Tennis Wii 2 handz?? Two-fold fail.
Oct 10 // Phist

I got a Master Puke edition 360

I've been thinking about buying a 360 for the longest. I was torn between three choices (wasn't even considering a Core). I go with the Halo edition so I don't have to worry about a Play & Charge thingy. And yes, I like th...
Sep 19 // Phist

Mr. Dtoid Bomberman Live UPDATE: Massive robot infections spread through the intertubes!

Tehuberone, Pedro and I are Matlocking the Internets after the official press release from Hudson (sorry, no link right now) for Dtoid's very own Mr. Destructoid in the upcoming Bomberman Live update. Here's what we found s...
Sep 19 // Phist

The King of Games UPDATE: Japan-only shirts now available in US / Nintendo Museum video / New shirts?

Way back in the ye olde days of the Clogs, I posted about The King of Games. KOG reaches the inner video game hipster inside all of us (nevermind, I take that back). I've always loved their product despite the astronomica...
Sep 12 // Phist

PAX 07 Part 2: I got stuff, I bought stuff (WHOOPDIE DOODA!)

A couple weeks back, I put up a brief rundown of my first couple days at PAX 07, where Destructoid came and conquered Seattle (where everything closes too damn early and the freaks come out at night, many of them). Swag (not...
Sep 09 // Phist

I shipped your Red Rings of Death and was sad

I work part-time at my parent's The UPS Store. We do all sorts of authorized returns as a subsidiary of UPS (U People Suck, one customer calls it, lol). T-Mobile Sidekicks, Dish Network units, Hoover vacuums, we get tons of...
Sep 07 // Phist

SD Nierotoid Wallpaper (oldie but goodie)

If you remember my beginnings with Dtoid, you'll recall this front pager that was posted back in April. The multiple sizes for the wallpaper were never posted. Community members from time to time have asked me to resize i...
Sep 04 // Phist

Bombertoid Wallpaper (very racist download)

Bomberman + Destructoid = Bombertoid I promised more and here it is... 1680 x 1050 1600 x 1200 1600 x 1024 1440 x 900 1280 x 1024 1280 x 800 I hate you, Puppet... 1024 x 768 800 x 600 Enjoy!
Sep 03 // Phist

Podtoid Wallpaper (for your downloading pleasure)

This message has been approved by the Destructoid Arm Team. Any sucky use of the following will result in a bat to your face (after I'm done with Charlie's). I love Destructoid. I was honored to be on a Podtoid. (Even th...
Aug 29 // Phist

PAX 2007 Part 1: Late Phist is late

Ever since officially being down with the Destructoids months ago, I have had many community members mention how monumental PAX 2007 would be (and that I should go or die a slow and painful death). I was previously unable to...
Aug 08 // Phist

Tay Zonday on Jimmy Kimmel Live TONIGHT!

Hey all, if you're free for a bit this evening, I'm appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show to perform Chocolate Rain! Thanks to everyone who added me as a friend recently, it's been very hectic, so I'm sorry I haven't had...
Jul 26 // Phist

Halo 3 Mountain Dew Game Fuel Contest

If you didn't catch my earlier post, Puppetpallmich and myself scored 2 extra cans of the soon-to-be-released Halo 3 Mountain Dew Game Fuel and a promo shirt. Because we are such nice guys in the sky, we are opening up thi...
Jul 20 // Phist

Halo 3 Mountain Dew Game Fuel @ Otakon 2007

Greetings from Baltimore! This weekend Dtoid and Japanator are in full force at this year's Otakon, an annual convention of the Otaku Generation. Topher "Hushgush" Cantler, Dick McVengeance, Dale North, God Len, Puppetpallm...
Jul 18 // Phist

Dtoid Bloggers, listen up...

An amazing concept has dawned upon you, gamer friend. Or maybe a news tidbit you just heard through the grapevine has tingled your Spidey Sense. What to do, what to do? "Oh yea! I'll post it on the Dtoid Clogs (aka Commu...
Jun 15 // Phist

Destructoid Films presents China Vision: Asian Rage Part II

Dtoid Films presents another critically-acclaimed cinematic masterpiece. This is a sequel to Charlie's summer blockbuster, Asian Rage. Dtoid Army lieutenant Dyslixec makes his directorial debut in this 90 minute gorefest. Coming soon to an internets near you. WARNING: Your face might die from the ultra widescreen (unless you're Asian)
Jun 08 // Phist

Pac-Man: Full Circle

There's this pizza joint down the street, it must be at least 20 years old. A lot of the decor has been untouched in the place. In addition to the ancient purple-and-red drank machine, an original Ms. Pac-Man arcade cabin...
Jun 06 // Phist

Community who? Okay, that...

I'm confused. What's a bloggs? And what is this Web 2.0? You kids and your doo-dads. Expect the following and much more from the Phistoid: - artsy fartsy partay time - gaming event coverage - narcotics recipes - anything ...

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