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Dec 26 // CreamyGoodness7

Results for the Coloring Contest!

Well the contest was a smashing success with particularly good entries by Hitokiri Rei, ZombiePlatypus and Char Aznable, thanks for the hard work guys. But if I was the kind of person to quote bad and overdone movies, and I...
Dec 18 // CreamyGoodness7

Coloring Contest - Free 60$ Game!

Hey Dtoiders, Just a quick introduction. Been a long time lurker here, like Robert Summa old, and this site has enlightened and entertained me since then. I've tried a couple times to integrate into this crude and lovely comm...
Jun 05 // CreamyGoodness7

Demon's Souls 2 not in development

This isn't exactly fresh news but I didn't see it on any major blogs or a cblog about it. Demon's Souls 2, the rumored follow up to one of the best RPGs this generation, isn't happening. A rumor about a challenging game wit...
Dec 06 // CreamyGoodness7

Like awesome things that are free? Try Personas for Firefox

A relatively new add-on by Mozilla Labs has been released that serves to replace those craptastic themes of the past with stuff that actually looks good! Said add-on is Personas and what it does is simply reskin the header a...
Jun 02 // CreamyGoodness7

Why is 4 the magic number?

PIC UNRELATED BUT AWESOME NONETHELESS! Let's face it, splitscreen multiplayer is sadly going the way of the dinosaur. Gear of War 2 opted it out of online multiplayer (edit: If you have two gold accounts you can splitscre...

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