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Jan 09 // DtoidPortland

DtoidPortland and DtoidNW Invite You To The NARPCastle 2.0

Yeah, this pretty much sums Dtoid Portland up Ladies and germs, It's January again, and that means it's time for the annual DtoidNW/Portland NARPCastle, a weekend of gaming, bad movies, and sexually suggestive Rock Band so...
Jan 30 // DtoidPortland

Upcoming Events For Portland Area Dtoiders

THERE ARE NONE! Well, that's not entirely true... we just had a NARP last weekend and we're currently planning some other fun things to do, like a group laser tag and arcade outing, Rock Band 2 parties, and general drunken...
Aug 16 // DtoidPortland

Last Minute Notification: Portland NARP/Rock Band Party

YES YES I KNOW, It's already evening, but better late than never, amirite? Soooo tomorrow afternoon some of the Portland robots are going to get together for a wonderful time of drinking heavily and making asses of ourselv...
May 08 // DtoidPortland

Introducing The DtoidPDX (Portland, OR) NARP Group!

My fellow robots, do you wish you lived in Portland, OR? I bet you do. If you don't, then you suck. Its in the Bible. Seriously. And the Bible never lies. But I digress... This is the official DtoidPDX group, where us Oreg...

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