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Violence: The Gatekeepers

Before going any further into this site-wide discussion, let's take a moment to reaffirm what it is that we're talking about here. , ostensibly the topic at hand, like it or not, is absolutel...   more

Violence: The Gatekeepers

2013: BM’s Year (So Far) In Weird

Hello everyone, or at least everyone who still remembers me. It’s certainly been awhile since I last had the time or inclination to submit a proper blog post here, hasn’t it? Granted, what you’...   more

2013: BM’s Year (So Far) In Weird

Namco vs. Atlus: Fate of BM's Self-Respect

So yeah, as the above implies I’m not exactly a legendary presence (if any at all, really) within the fighting game community, but that doesn’t stop me from harboring a good deal of affection...   more

Namco vs. Atlus: Fate of BM's Self-Respect

Collaboration: IF Only...

Hm. It would appear that my fellow c-bloggers are currently writing about video game-related collaborations and crossovers that they wish would happen. Interesting. Most of the community’s fo...   more

Shortblog: The Real News of the Epic Mickey 2 Announcement

As you’ve probably seen by now, a sequel to 2010’s Disney tribute/platformer has – not too surprisingly, a good amount of gamer chatter has bubbled forth in response, including a of covera...   more

Shortblog: The Real News of the Epic Mickey 2 Announcement

Resolutions: Fresh Flowers

As both a video gamer and a onetime student of the visual arts, I’ve never felt uncomfortable shining an occasional spotlight on the more “superficial” aspects of my favored pastime, snorts of ...   more

Resolutions: Fresh Flowers

East vs. West: Where The Old Gods Dwell

Whenever humanity encounters something really big that it can’t explain, it has a fascinating tendency to not only create its own explanations, but to grant them life. The sky, the sea, the pas...   more

East vs. West: Where The Old Gods Dwell

What I’ve Been Up To: Part 2

Hi again, all: as promised in the , I’ve got some more stuff to talk about regarding what I’ve been up to lately. Let’s get right down to brass tacks: though I haven’t written much here, there ...   more

What I've Been Up To: Part 1

Hello everyone…or at least everyone who remembers me! Hope you’ve all been well – as you might be aware, I still pop in here regularly to look around and comment, it’s been some time since I l...   more

The Obscurer Tribune # 60

Well, everyone, I guess this is about it – as was previously announced, this will be the final issue of , at least for the time being. I suppose it’s fitting that we’re concluding this latest r...   more

The Obscurer Tribune # 59

Issues like this one aptly display both why I started the and why I need a break from it…there’s so much neat stuff to cover, but trying to track down and transcribe even a halfway-decent amou...   more

The Obscurer Tribune # 59

Going to PAX? Me too! (HAWP/OUP panel information)

Hey guys! PAX is coming! As if I weren't already excited enough, I just found out that Anthony and I will be attending a panel for Gametrailers. It's pretty short notice, so I'm trying to get t...   more

Going to PAX? Me too! (HAWP/OUP panel information)

'Magnet School: Graduation Speech

Well, well, well – it seemed like this day would never arrive, but here we are. As all of us bear witness to the conclusion of this curriculum, we’re ready to stop, for a little while at least...   more

This is probably how that Peace Walker dev conversation went

Hello, Kojima-san! Hello, person from Konami! So, how is the new game going? Oh, it's going great! I told the other team to have Raiden cut a watermelon! Oh, sounds interesting! But...   more

The Obscurer Tribune # 58

There’ve been a lot of hefty s lately, though I doubt you mind….not so much for the bevy of news available, but because it usually shuts me up in these intro/closing sections. Usually. -------...   more

'Magnet School: Extra Credit

As some of you probably guessed, I initially planned to conclude this series with last week’s post: in terms of “pure” puzzlers, everything I have to teach is already before you. As the finishi...   more

The Obscurer Tribune # 57

… --------- Here’s of , showing most of the third stage – I dunno, when some ticked-off dude starts summoning trains at me, that’s when I turn around and go home. My Japanese-literate shm...   more

'Magnet School: Ochige 401 (Hon.)

“ANOTHER ochige lesson?” Well, yes and no – while we still dealing with “falling object” puzzlers here, remember, you’re Honors students by now. and other instantly-recognizable ochige are bu...   more

'Magnet School: Ochige 401 (Hon.)

The Obscurer Tribune # 56

Once again, happy trails, Anonymouse – it’s been a pleasure being recapped by you. Also, a warm welcome to GamesAreArt – something tells me we’ll be seeing each other regularly (y’know, just a ...   more

'Magnet School: Free Elective

Good afternoon class, I’ve got a bit of a surprise for you today. This installment of will serve as your “free elective”, an opportunity to celebrate the puzzle genre’s incredible variety: her...   more

The Obscurer Tribune # 55

There’s plenty of JOY to go around in the this week, so stop reading this (*snicker*…“read this”…I slay me) and get to it! --------- Okay, so let’s start getting down that the aforemention...   more

'Magnet School: Ochige 301 (Adv.)

----------- Welcome back. As you saw on your way in, our latest primer on “ochige” is classified as “advanced” – in otherwords, it’s time for us to start breaking out the unusual stuff. The...   more

The Obscurer Tribune # 54

You’ll have to pardon me for this week’s issue coming off the presses a few hours late – as you’ll soon see (assuming you bother to keep reading), it’s the biggest one we’ve had of late. That b...   more

The Obscurer Tribune # 54

'Magnet School: Phys. Ed

------------- Heads up, everyone. Today, make sure to hit the locker room before we begin – this class is different from all the rest. At this point in your education it’s high time you got ...   more

The Obscurer Tribune # 53

Okay guys, it’s time to finally make a decision – you’ve got to choose, once and for all, whether to utterly ignore , or . Seriously, who has the time to so completely disregard both? You must ...   more

'Magnet School: Ochige 201

------------ Good to see you all back for another “ Monday” - it’s time for your second seminar on “ochige”, or “falling object” puzzlers. The titles we covered in Ochi 101 were a relatively...   more

The Obscurer Tribune # 52

Has it been as sticky weather-wise where you guys are as it’s been here? I certainly hope not…it makes you feel like not doing anything, and attempting to get both this and the next article re...   more

'Magnet School: Tossology

--------- Welcome back, everyone – excuse me, is that chewing gum? It had be spearmint – that’s my favorite! Anyway, last week served as your introduction to obscure puzzle games, via the m...   more

The Obscurer Tribune # 51

While everybody else was busy covering E3, was…well, actually we were covering the exact same stuff, since all our material comes from other places anyways. Still, there was plenty for fans of...   more

'Magnet School: Ochige 101

----------- Okay everybody, settle down - to your seats, please. Welcome to your first day of – the simple fact that you’re here tells me that the seldom-seen and rarely-discussed parts of vi...   more

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