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Jun 30 // Justice

I'm interviewing Harada (TTT2), Hideo Baba (Tales of Graces F) +more, questions?

Yo, long time no see cblogs! I'm representing Destructoid at a big Namco Bandai press event here in the UK on Monday. This means I'll be interviewing Harada-San about Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Hideo Baba, the producer of Tal...
Aug 26 // Justice

A Week in Cologne, My Gamescom 2010 Recap (WARNING: VERY PICTURE HEAVY)

Welcome to Cologne! Since some of you won't have made the journey to Gamescom this year, I figured I would recap the event through pictures. Here we go! *Scottie's American Hot Dogs... in Germany* After flying to Frank...
Jun 07 // Justice

Meet the BritToid cast - Justice

Why hello there good sir/madam, it is I your oldest friend Justice, also known as Seán. I joined Dtoid back in December 2006 after being linked here a few times from Kotaku. After joining I realised that Destructoid was pre...
Sep 01 // Justice

A new addition to the household (shortblog)

Like Cadtalfryn and Grunchk1n (& Usedtabe) I too recently welcomed a new addition into my life. Ba-da! Yep I picked me up a Slim, and got LBP for free. Though I haven't been able to play it in HD due to my HDMI cable not a...
Aug 11 // Justice

A quick thanks to Destructoid, it's been long overdue (shortblog)

What's up folks, every now and then I see people giving thanks for the swag Dtoid has given them, and I've been blessed enough to win a few things from the big robot so I figured I'd give the props where they are due since ...
Jul 25 // Justice

The Justoid Review: Wii Sports Resort

In what can only be seen as an act of Nintendo trying to be nice to us Europeans, Wii Sports Resort was released yesterday, with you Americanos getting it tomorrow. As most will know, it comes with 12 sports, two of those hav...
Jun 11 // Justice

Quick Thoughts: The Island Life In Paradise

As most Burnout Paradise will know, the new Big Surf Island package has been released today. Upon starting the game I was told a new update was released (1.9) weighing a large 1.3GB. After the download and entering Paradise...
Jun 06 // Justice

X-TREMELY Shortblog: Have you seen Google today?

I did say it was extremely short didn't I? Turns out even Google are celebrating 25 years of what is arguably the world's most famous puzzle video game. I hadn't touched Tetris in a while but when I found out it was on Face...
Apr 24 // Justice

Burnout Paradise: Cops & Robbers gameplay video

Not much to say here, turns out it's a car version of capture the flag and it's apparently going to cost 800 MS points. I don't think I'll be picking it up straight away, one, my 360 is dead and I'm not sending it in fo rep...
Apr 08 // Justice

The menace that is Video Games strikes once again: Ecstacy pills found in GTA IV (shortblog)

I had to rub my eyes to check if I was actually seeing this title on my RSS feed. Yes that's right according to this article the pills were found under the front cover of the game. According to the Thornhills, who are the u...
Apr 08 // Justice

UK Dtoiders get hands-on with Bionic Commando at Capcom

Yesterday me, Pheonix Blood, Anus McPhanus and McSnow went back to Capcom Europe to try out the upcoming Bionic Commando game. Since McSnow didn’t really like the game and Anus did it seems like he said that the game may divi...
Feb 13 // BlindsideDork

Leaked Transformers: RotF trailer #2 = YES PLEASE!

More teaser trailer, more creepy music, more chaos, more destruction, more footage, more wantage! Two minute long teaser trailer two is here and I actually can't wait to see the eyegasm of Transformers.
Feb 11 // BlindsideDork

Jason Voorhees DID run before, Also Remake

Some people are a little butthurt about Friday the 13th Remake having Jason Voorhees running. Well so did the originals and after seeing the remake last night, no one should be complaining about him running or lack there of...
Feb 09 // BlindsideDork

Unlikely movie coming out akin to Half Life

For some this may seem like a stretch but this weekend I saw one of the most epic trailers ever. It was attached to Push but you can see it online now and it is definitely worth your time. This should be seen in the best q...
Feb 01 // Justice

10 (+4) Things You Probably Didn't Know About Justice

At first I was struggling to find 10 but suddenly I had more than 10! 1. My username is not taken from the French Band. In fact, when I first joined here, I signed up as “Poetic Justice”, but when the cblogs first came, wh...
Jan 30 // BlindsideDork

Savage Moon, YEAH BABY!

It is finally out if you didn't know and it is every bit as good as I remembered it. A little pew pew here, and some more pew pew there and bugs get BLOWN UP! All this in a nice little package. Another nice feature, you d...
Jan 30 // BlindsideDork

G.I. Joe movie cards let's you scratch your head

Dropping on the world like no one's business, G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra will be an abomination. Hopefully a fun, stupid abomination but an abomination nonetheless. Here's something to get your hopes up or down depending how you...
Jan 30 // BlindsideDork

No reason to live: Turok sequel is cancelled

Talk about the worst news EVAR! Yesterday I get one of the best (if not THE best) downloadable game and now this. There was UNANNOUNCED Turok 2 planned to come out and now the stupid recession stops it from happening. How d...
Jan 29 // BlindsideDork

My Video Game Dreams come true

Past the console/flame wars and suckage, there are amazing games out there. So many, it's pretty hard to find a game that doesn't cover some sort of "fantasy" a gamer could have. Of course minus the whole "sex fantasies." B...
Jan 27 // BlindsideDork

Japan's newest fad (NVGR)

Always on the CUTTING edge of culture, Japan has a new commericial about the new fad that will sweep the world. Word is it that it is already present here in the state with little teens. I hear that SEGA is looking making i...
Jan 27 // BlindsideDork

Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers

I can't wait for this game wholeheartedly!!! Looks like a bloody good time, ha ha! What else do you need in a game? Nothing I tell you, nothing.
Jan 26 // BlindsideDork

Video Game Star, back in the day!

Back in the day, this video game star had some small rolls before he tested/made some sweet games. Check out some of his earlier careers (in one of the best movies ever made!). I guess we all know who to blame here, right? The Abby Dooby.
Jan 23 // BlindsideDork

Why Dead Rising Wii is lacking in the zombie department...

Wow, it all makes sense now. How could I have been so blind! I guess if you don't buy this game you hate zombies. You don't hate zombies do you? For full-sized image, hit up F@NBOYS.
Jan 22 // BlindsideDork

Awesome Shirt Thursday: I was so there!

It is a matter of fact. It is the God given truth. I was SO there. There isn't a thing you can say to prove I wasn't. Even pics can do this. But you have to ask yourself, were you there? Huh, were you? Not sure if I remember ...
Jan 22 // BlindsideDork

The scariest road sign you will ever see!

Honestly, if I saw this sign I can't honestly tell you what I would do. Of course I would be curious to go ahead and see what it was all about like any stupid person in a scary movie unlike My Bloody Valentine which was fail ...
Jan 21 // BlindsideDork

Link jumps ship for 30 secs/Zelda on PSP?

ZOMG!!11!! The "mysterious" counter clock ticks right here but the big secret is revealed about the "upcoming" Zelda title to renew its roots. The only thing is that it is coming out on the PSP! How can this be? Did Ninte...
Jan 21 // BlindsideDork

Zero Punctuation: Goes on safari, likes zebras

Yahtzee dives into a wild world in Africa. Surprisingly there is no racism here. But something is kind of here, besides his seeming beginning infatuation with zebra, what's wrong with his voice? Is it just me or does he actually sound quite different in this one? Like he is trying to do something wierd with his voice?
Jan 21 // BlindsideDork

Eyes are Important, go to Jim Carlsberg's...

As a gamer, you will be using your eyes a lot. You have to see where to put the puzzle piece, where to jump, who to shoot, the people trying to weapon slide cause they suck at the game, etc. That is why it is important to keep your eyes well and maintain their pristine power. That is why I recommend Jim Carlsberg's (one and only) Visionary Optical + Palace.
Jan 16 // BlindsideDork

ZOMG!1!1!!!1 L4D on PS3!1111!!!

Rumors, rumors, rumor rumors. Most of the time they are fake, most of the time they are real but this one just won't stay dead. SHOOT IT IN THE HEAD! Pics or it didn't happen is a common thing to say so here you go... ...

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