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Mar 20 // Haylzorz

Tomb Raider 2013 - How Wrong I Was

A bit of back story... I have been a huge Tomb Raider fan ever since my father sat me on his knee and let me take control of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider II.  I still remember it to this day, bursting into tears because I manag...
Feb 22 // CaseyJones77

Natal 'secret' test is under armed guard...sort of.

I'm pretty much just stealing this information, but here goes: Microsoft are having a bit of a secret test of Project Natal with some special guests, including tech-master Jason Bradbury (of Gadget Show fame over here in the...
Jan 26 // CaseyJones77

EA Announces Fifa World Cup Edition

Obvious announcement is obvious time, as EA decides to cash in on World Cup fever. That's not official artwork. I just found that out of laziness and boredom. Following the huge success of Fifa 10 (it very nearly matched M...
Jan 22 // aborto thefetus


Alright, another Friday Night another Friday Night Fights that I can't participate in because of other stuff I am doing. FUUUUUUUUU! Oh well, that doesn't mean you guys can't have fun. Anyway we have three hosts tonight as...
Jan 15 // aborto thefetus

360 FNF: I have a new goal in life Edition

Aaaah, remember the good ol' days when Blehman would make FNF posts with disturbing images in them? Good times, Good times. Well, after a couple of weeks of half assing these posts I have come to the decision to from now on...
Jan 08 // aborto thefetus

360 FNF: Januaury 8th

Hello there cockbags, and welcome to another Friday Night Fights, we have a good line up of hosts and stuff for this Friday so if you want to join in us make sure to send a message to one of the hosts to get in on it and ...
Jan 01 // aborto thefetus

360 FNF: 2010 Edition

Alright, it's now an entirely new year folks. Did you have fun last night? Did you get drunk of your ass? Do you know have a tremendous hangover? Well tough shit! Get ready for some ass kicking tonight. aborto Modern Warfa...
Dec 18 // aborto thefetus

360 FNF: It's amazing what you will find on the internet Edition

Alright bitches, ready to get your ass kicked before christmas? Because I'm ready to dole out some ass kicking. My christmas present to all you bitches. Tonight, I will be hosting some Left for Dead 2 so to get in the mood ...
Dec 11 // aborto thefetus

360 FNF: Blehman Doesn't Love You

Hello everybody. Your old pal Aborto is going to be taking control of the FNF posts in the Cblogs now. Why? Because fuck that Blehman guy that's why! For those of you who are new or have been living in a hole FNF is where ...
Dec 04 // aborto thefetus


Dec 04 // aborto thefetus

10 Things I learned this week: It's Back Edition

Hi eveybody I am finally back after, what, 4 weeks? I haven't been doing this for a mixture of reasons which I won't go into but yes, I am finally back which means I haven't abandoned you. The good thing is I am now on wint...
Nov 12 // aborto thefetus

Aborto Rants: or how the problem with game reviews doesn't actually exist.

Why hello there fellow Dtoiders. Why don't you sit down right there. Yes, next to the fireplace should be fine. Now, are you comfortable? Good. I have invited you hear to discuss something that has been discussed quite a bi...
Nov 06 // aborto thefetus

10 Things I learned this Week: Communism was just a Red Herring Edition

read number nine Hello everybody. How are all you dickbags doing this glorious day? I was going to do one last week but the only really notable thing that happened on Destructoid was so full of fail that I didn't want to b...
Oct 29 // DtoidUK

Final Call! DtoidUK @ Eurogamer this weekend.

Well for those Brits who missed it, Eurogamer is this weekend in London. Besides Eurogamer you get the opportunity to hang out with a pretty large portion of DtoidUK with 15 of us coming from all over the UK to stay together ...
Oct 24 // CaseyJones77

Review - Xbox Preview Program

I awoke this morning to find an email saying "Congratulations!" For once, I hadn't won the Nigerian lottery, and no, I didn't have some free penis enlargement pills to collect. That was last week. No, I'd been chosen as one ...
Oct 23 // aborto thefetus

10 things I learned this week: So tired Edition

Hello folks I'm back. Unfortunately. The reason for the lack of posts is, well, I was tired. I have been doing these posts for almost 2 years straight and I have to admit I have grown a little tired of it. Usually I would j...
Oct 21 // aborto thefetus

Let's see you top this douchebags (doubling down)

Fried Fish patty + Cheeseburger + Another Cheeseburger = Now you will have to excuse me, I am going to go crawl into bed and die.
Oct 13 // DtoidUK

Britfags @ Eurogamer.

On Friday 30th and Saturday 31st Eurogamer will be taking place in London. Okay, okay it isn't PAX or TGS but it is British and no transatlantic flights are required. HAZAR! So naturally Dtoid ...
Oct 02 // aborto thefetus

Aborto rants or how how Capcom is screwing up a golden opportunity

I am a big fan of Capcom. Some of my favorite characters, series, and games have come out of their work. I have always liked what they have done and I have always appreciated all the stuff they have done for their fans. Hell,...
Oct 02 // aborto thefetus

10 Things I learned this week: Done at the last minute Edition

1. I am really excited for Super Street Fighter 4. I would have prefered Darkstalkers 4 but I am pretty sure people are tired of hearing me bitch about it by now. Anything that brings me back to Street Fighter 4 after abond...
Sep 25 // aborto thefetus

10 Things I learned this week: the Goddamn Batman Edition

I'm back bitches. I didn't make a post last week because of a lack of things I learned. Which is Ironic seeing as last week was my first week of classes. I guess I could have pulled something together but I was too busy pla...
Sep 24 // aborto thefetus

Aborto's sketchbook Part 2: Yojimbo, Blehman, and other stuff

Alright, it has been awhile since I have done this, mainly because I didn't have access to a good scanner and I was doing other stuff over the summer that was preventing me from putting up more of my artwork. Well finally, he...
Sep 19 // CaseyJones77

Review - Colin McRae: Dirt 2

Whether you're a veteran rally game racer or just a casual Sunday driver, Dirt 2 takes you on a whirlwind, worldwide tour amongst some of the best created tracks ever seen. The Colin McRae series has long been the king of of...
Sep 16 // Benjoman

L4D2 banned in Australia :(

Well this morning L4D2 just got banned in Australia, It has been refused classification, No details have been released yet, but you can see it for yourself here!OpenDocument This makes me sad... That is all
Sep 10 // aborto thefetus

10 Things I learned this week: PAX Edition

This is going up a little early since I will not be available to put this up tomorrow. I was right to the left of Dyganth when he filmed this. You can see my hands in the corner of the screen and you can hear me singing of...
Aug 28 // aborto thefetus

10 Things I learned this week: Butt is going to kick your ass Edition

Before I get down to it there are some things I want to get out of the way. One, I am making a talking Drunkcast Coonskin plushie and I was wondering what Coonskin quote people wanted him to say. And two, I will not be maki...
Aug 24 // Suff0cat

Why I love Destructoid...

Without DToid we would have never been exposed to the amazingness of Droobies' "artwork":
Aug 21 // aborto thefetus

10 Things I learned this week: I'm bringing it back Edition

That's right I am bringing RFG back. I know Blehman was considering doing it this FNF but fuck that shit. They will probably just end up playing L4D like a bunch of hippies and I am not going to be available to kickass on F...
Aug 14 // aborto thefetus

10 Things I learned this week: Needs moar tentacles Edition

My brother loves this movie. God knows why. It has gotten kind of creepy really No interesting rant before this installment of 10 things. Mainly because I put off doing this until the last minute. I've been too busy kicking...
Aug 11 // aborto thefetus

Aborto's Ultimate Tag Team: Winner announced.

BOO YEAH! Well the ballot is in and the winner of Aborto's Ultimate Tag Team competition is none other then Naim Master. He wrote a very interesting blog and was the first to guess my Tag Team of the Nemesis, Spawn, and ...

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