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Nov 30 // Monodi

Hey look I drew Bowser. (Missed me, btw?)

Wow dang, long time no see Dtoid C-Blogs. Not much has been up with me if you have been following me on Twitter. I joined Arizona State University this summer and so far I have been busy, but also liking my stay here in Me...
Nov 28 // Wodashin

Tales from Skyrim: A Step Ahead

Now, as a disclaimer, this story centers around the final mission of the Dark Brotherhood questline. I will be as vague as possible, but I really recommend you play through the questline. So, with that out of the way, this st...
Aug 11 // TheNephilym

Hey, Dummy. Why You Play Such Sh*tty Games?

Serious question. You play stupid games and I want to know why. Is it because you enjoy getting your ass kicked by cheap bastards who don’t know that ninja swords are supposed to kill them? Is it all the bright seizure–i...
Jul 21 // Monodi

To the Podtoid members:

You are awesome. - <3 Monodi
Jun 28 // Wodashin

Game Progression: Why RE Mercs is Troubling

It seems that a lot of people are arguing over whether or not Capcom's plan to make the single save file in RE: The Mercenaries matters or not. From one point of view, you can see that it would affect the game for used game b...
Apr 25 // Monodi

BREAKING NEWS: Nintendo WILL reveal their new console for THIS E3, WITH DEMO.

Nintendo's official Japanese website attached a .pdf file that removes all the doubt that June could be a bombshell, all typed in traditional Times New Roman.. http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/pdf/2011/110425_4e.pdf Even Masahiro Sakurai confirms it. June. Come here already.
Mar 30 // Monodi

Ok so I just got some stuff today, and... oh holy fuck

I was expecting one package to arrive some time ago because the guys from Dualshockers were making a little contest giving away a couple of those Pixel Junk tshirts to the best commenters. All is cool and nice, but suddenly....
Mar 30 // Monodi

Review: Frog Minutes

If you are a big fan of Grasshopper, you might know that you NEVER know what to expect from their games. This is exactly what happened here. Frog Minutes is absolutely different from anything you would expect from them. Th...
Mar 12 // Monodi

The Invisible Statue: Will the future get to know about us?

Art is the language of the soul as while not required to use words, it is fully understandable, even though, subjective to the beholder like everything beautiful. When we are taught about art history, we commonly get to se...
Oct 03 // Monodi

A soap box regarding scoring scale reactions. [quickblog]

Hey guys, I am not going to get much on detail on this thought simply because many of you might already know about the deal that is the reaction about scorings. This is simply something I want to get off my chest. Many, if...
Sep 30 // Monodi

More Than Just Noise: It Simply is My Jam.

I have a big flaw, I am very easy to please or amuse. I can give my attention to many things easily, or more precisely, get distracted with them. If you want to show me something or tell me a joke, most cases will be that I...
Sep 21 // Monodi


Well well well what do we have here, some freaking DOUCHEBRAH sent me a package a while ago by certain contest dealio. SERIOUSLY PRIORITY MAIL YEAH OK WHATEVER PFFFFT! Let's open this bitch up. AWW YEE here it is the...
Aug 17 // Monodi

You cannot get more hardqore than Qix.

Hey kids, so you think you have shown every badass motherfucker of a video game who is the REAL boss? You are the zombie overlord? No terrorist organization can outsmart you? Well now is the time to show who will rely in t...
Aug 04 // Monodi

Revisiting Donkey Kong 64

I have been raving about Donkey Kong lately, and doing so has invited me to go back to one of my favorite games as a child. The very extensive Donkey Kong 64. It has been a while since I played this game. It has been collec...
Jul 26 // Monodi

It's for EVERYONE.

Excuse me, come again? I was leveling up my Tauros. Oh, what? Why am I playing a game for kids? I am sorry, no, this is a game for me too. Yeah I am sure of that, it says that on the rating. E for Everyone. That means kid...
Jul 25 // Monodi

There is something odd about Donkey Kong...

The Donkey Kong franchise stands as one of my favorites for the longevity and evolution it got through the years. The way a group of still then underdog british guys expanded the gameplay and family tree is to be appreciate...
Jul 12 // Monodi

PLAYPOWER is something you guys should know about.

Just today on Twitter, I stumbled upon this magnificent volunteer based project to make very cheap educational game systems using 8-bit graphics to help on developing countries like India or Pakistan. The price of these sy...
Jul 02 // Wodashin

Alternate Reality: The Red Menace

Despite what non-conspiracy theorists may say (let's call these people 'crazy'), Russia is waiting to attack America whenever we least expect it. The Soviet Union may have collapsed, and Russia may be an 'ally' of the United ...
May 27 // Monodi

[RUMOR] Michel Ancel leaving Ubisoft, BG&E2 Most Logically Cancelled

UGHHHHHH http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=396533 Even though there is no clearer evidence to prove this, Michel hasn't been given the respect he deserves lately. Ubisoft has completely gotten up their heads wi...
May 04 // Monodi

Google Search Story Maker is awesome, and I made something [Video]

So I just discovered about this new feature to make our own Search Stories like the Super Bowl ads about getting married with a French girl or going to the office to become a mayor. So I decided to resume my life in college as game design student. Hope it's understandable. If you want to make your own, go here.
Apr 24 // Monodi

Hey remember when I said that I draw? [NVGR at all]

Because, well, I can. I just haven't done much in the past year. So I thought it was a good idea to whore out some of my old and current stuff. Life in college has made me discover something, I don't only procrastinate home...
Apr 22 // Monodi

Official Left 4 Dead 2 The Passing Promo Video [quickblog]

Oh my God, I hope there are more like this one on the way, this was amazing. Don't worry Francis, there.... MIGHT be more fish on the sea. Also one more thing. I am misinformed, is The Passing ever getting a version for L4D1 or not? Ok that was it.
Apr 19 // Monodi

Ebert... something... and video games... yeah [failblog]

Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert were known for being in disagreement several times in their careers on the 80 and 90s, but this is ridiculous. It's almost as if their positions were opposed by natal nature.~ So uhh yeah. That happened. In 1993.
Apr 10 // Monodi

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and why it's awesome.

I am a huge fan of Nintendo, of course I do love me some Mario and Zelda games, and unlike many old school fans that grew up with the NES, I first met the SNES. Those pretty 16-bits enchanted me on the realization that I ha...
Mar 28 // Monodi

Drill Dozer Mini-Comic Scans! [Contribution]

Oh hello. Well you see, I am a huge fan of Game Freak's works, especially their original action games like Pulseman, and their underdog: Drill Dozer. So the purpose of this entry is simply because the other day I was lookin...
Mar 20 // Monodi

Impressions of my Freshly-Picked Nintendo Wii: A Whole Review

Well, after years of overview, previous experiences, reading endless reviews, and finally gathering enough money, I managed to buy a Ninetndo Wii last week. I was afraid as for the past of the time I was too late to buy on...
Mar 18 // Monodi

The Future Needs to be Awesome Again

Ok, straight to the point. You know what really grinds my gears? Our now tiring perspective of how the future looks like. Seriously, remember when we were anticipating the year 2000 for having flying cars, holographic com...
Mar 16 // Monodi


You bastards are the best game blog I have managed to stumble upon for having the great image of not looking like serious and boring journ-- sorry I mean, JOURNALISTS. Thank you for your amazing reviewers (Yes I am also inc...
Mar 10 // Monodi


NGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!! http://twitter.com/lucasartsgames/status/10302747106 Oh and also, Secret of Monkey Island SE is coming to Mac and PSN. So umm that is all so far. YAY!
Mar 07 // Monodi

CiNG files for bankruptcy [shortblog]

http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?p=20146899 Fuck. Fucking fuck. Shit fuck fuck dammit. This is so sad. I became a huge fan of Cing the moment I played Trace Memory and Hotel Dusk Room 215 for the first time. Th...

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