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Jan 27 // robotbebop

Oh, hey, nothing much, just released an iOS game.

Hi! I'm RobotBebop, you might remember me from PAX or from when I actually posted cblogs. Just to remind any of you who I am visually. I'm not just some random weirdo. I've come to you today to let you know that I've rece...
Sep 25 // robotbebop

Help a dtoider get a game released!

Long time no blog, but here I am. What have I returned for? Simply put, to site whore. For the past few months I've been working with Drew and Matt from Notion Comics to develop our own video games. Our current project is c...
Sep 11 // robotbebop

A Chronicle Of Beyamor : PAX Prime 2010

Turns out the iPhone was a crappy idea. So I've carefully (not really) photoshopped Beyamor into all the pics that required it. I also didn't end up taking nearly as many pics of Beyamor's avatar as I would've liked. Sorry! ...
Sep 07 // robotbebop

List of my favorite dtoiders I met at PAX....

it was ALL OF YOU MOTHERFUCKERS! (come on you knew this was coming.)
Sep 06 // robotbebop

PAX 2010 Pictures that I took with a camera (NOW WITH PROTOMEN)

[UPDATE: Scroll to the bottom for a video that I recorded from the Protomen concert!] I have to say it was an honour and a blast to meet and even hang out with so many dtoid members and staff. I can't really express in words...
Aug 25 // robotbebop

Adoptimus Prime ZOMG 8 DAYS EDITION

NNNNGGGHHHH!!! WHY ISN'T IT NEXT WEEK!!! Funktastic - Wry Guy Elsa - Winged Kraby, Handy, Nihil (holy crap Elsa = awesome) Ali D - Stevil RobotBebop - Beyamor Kraid - Occam's Electric Toothbrush Sean Carey - mrandydixon...
Aug 10 // robotbebop

Adoptimus Prime Update

Good Evening Destructoid, I'm just going to pop up my head and update you all on the current list of adoptees/adopters. Funktastic - Wry Guy Elsa - Winged Kraby, Handy, Nihil (holy crap Elsa = awesome) Ali D - Stevil Rob...
Jul 31 // robotbebop

Adoptimus Prime Status

Happy Long Weekend Canadian Destructoid! Everybody else have fun having your soul sucked out for an extra day on Monday. Here is the current list of Adopt an Avatar match ups - Adopter - Adoptee(s) Funktastic - Wry Guy El...
Jul 28 // robotbebop

Adoptimus Prime [Adopt An Avatar]

PAAAAAXPAXPAXPAXPAXPAXPAXPAX You should know what this is about. If you don't, well... fine. Here and especially this here The jist of it is this: There are an unfortunate amount of awesome people who simply can't make it...
Jun 15 // robotbebop

E3, An Insightful Analysis

What follows is my edgy, totally legitimate and well-thought out analysis of E3: 2010. Before E3 2010: RAWR NINTENDO HAS ABANDONED REAL GAMERS FOR KIDDIES AND OLD FARTS! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! A TRAVESTY! After E3 2010: O...
Jun 05 // robotbebop

These Infernal Machines of Hyperbole

EDITOR: I am drinking. Also, I fucking LOVE hyperbole. Enjoy. Please don't stab me. NATAL and Move, the upcoming motion sensing technologies both disgustingly rich with waggle will soon be hoisted upon us. It's pretty clea...
May 31 // robotbebop

Remember how I'm making a game? That's still a thing.

As anybody who has read my handful of posts may know, I have been working on a game. Yes, I can confirm, this is EXACTLY what this is like. Up until the last few months I've sort of been slacking off on it / sort of getti...
Apr 17 // robotbebop

List of dtoid users I want to meet at PAX

Mar 17 // robotbebop


So PAX east is almost here, and the ratio of adopters to adoptees is still woefully low. (somebody still has to take ME too!) I'd like to thank all those who have contacted me or shown enthusiasm for this program. With tha...
Feb 24 // robotbebop

Post Salad, of things relating to adoption and development.

So I've got a couple things to put up here, first and foremost: PAX East! And by that I mean: Adopt an Avatar - The current list is here (google spreadsheet.) There is still a glaring lack of adopters! Come on guys, don't...
Jan 11 // robotbebop

Adopt An Avatar Update

Hey guys, Here is the current list of pairings and people waiting to be adopted. As I seem to have a far larger number of adoptees I just want to make sure that I haven't confused anybody; so here's some clarification on th...
Jan 09 // robotbebop

Adopt-An-Avatar for PAX East!

Please see this article for reference. Hello All, Each year, a tragic thing happens. Hundreds of unfortunate gamers cannot make it to PAX. These poor souls miss out on a fantastic opportunity to connect with their friends f...
Dec 02 // robotbebop

Short-blog in which Progress has been made.

So my little game is coming along nicely in the tech department, see video below for more info. It doesn't look like much on the surface; but under the hood I've basically got everything I need ready. I'm hoping to have so...
Nov 04 // robotbebop

Call for Artists

In my spare time I have been slowly chipping away at an XNA game that I hope to release for Xbox Live Indie Games. I'm now at a point where I can focus on real game content and design. Basically, I can do almost everything ex...
Oct 14 // robotbebop

Nothing is sacred: A Serious Threat, but first!

Thank god you're here, Commander Shep- I mean, uh, Locke.. no, no let me think, I'll get it don't worry. Link? Gah, there's so many of you Hero types that I can hardly keep track. You know what? Forget it, there's a line fo...
Sep 13 // robotbebop

Why Jim is Blatantly INFERIOR to JOURNALISM

We, the mainstream, cannot - nay will not tolerate Jim Sterling any longer. He is, at best, a smart-aleck buffoon. It's time he cleans up your act or hits the road. We will no longer allow him to weaken our stance with our ...
Aug 14 // robotbebop

[short blog] - Canada: Want a TE Fightstick? NCIX!

So, I'm not sure if I've been living under a rock or what not. But it just seems that the MadCatz SFIV Fightsticks are impossible to find in Canada. Well, if that's still the case then NEVER FEAR - NCIX has MadCatz TE Fightst...
Jun 25 // robotbebop

No Country For Old Fanboys

I think a lot of people will agree with me that this is one of the greatest websites in general. It's a list of people who digest their hilariously depressing lives into short messages. Sort of like Twitter, except these peop...
Jan 24 // robotbebop

Why Sakura Will Kick Your Ass

This is why I'm excited for Street Fighter IV, because Sakura will be in it. I probably do the best with Sakura in Street Fighter Alpha 3, not that I'm a pro or anything. She has the best combination of reach and speed in...
May 20 // robotbebop

If you love it, change it: Chrono Trigger.

Who doesn't love Chrono Trigger? Really, who doesn't? I'm serious, I want to see somebody say something bad about it. I promise I won't be mad if you do, I'm not a fanboy. That being said, I don't want anything that already...

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