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[Short Blog] Elsa's on Reddit!

Not sure if anyone has seen this yet, but there isn't a blog about it on the community front page. I just thought I'd get this in there while it was still on the front page of reddit. Sorry for ...   more

C-Blog CRPG Update: Perlenspiel

For a while now I've been talking about making a game for you guys to play. I struggled a lot to keep my motivation for this project and it was going pretty well actually – until I sort of ju...   more

C-Blog Fan Fiction: Dangerous Path

Close to the horizon line I still saw the farm. The sun was setting and I still probably had a long walk ahead of me. In front of me was a long road, traveling to a mountain in the distance....   more

Fame Designer C-Blog RPG Update

Been a long time Destructoid. As you know, it is PAX prime time. I look forward to seeing some of you there. In fact I look forward to seeing some of you tonight at 9:00pm. I'm going to try to ...   more

The answers to the Destructoid Retrolympics!

Hey, everyone! If you haven’t taken the Retrolympics quiz on the front page of Destructoid, stop reading this right now. I mean, you can read a further ... but stop before you get to the part ...   more

C-Blog RPG Player Movement 2

Hello again everyone. This blog should be short, but we have a lot of progress this week. My buddy Chris and I have been working on our separate parts of the character movement. I’ve taken on s...   more

C-Blog RPG Player Movement 2

C-Blog RPG Player Movement

Hello Destructoid. It’s Friday and I have another update for your consideration. This week, I found that it only took a few hours to get something going in Unity3D (our development tool). Thank...   more

C-Blog RPG Player Movement

C-Blog RPG Introduction

Hello Destructoid. A while back I started to tell people that I was going to start working on an RPG game. I said that I would update all of you, so here I am. I wish I could say that I had don...   more

10 Things I’m Not Famous For

I've had some very personal blogs. So a lot of the things I could have put on this list are all gone. You guys already know a lot about me. I lost one of my brothers in a tragic accident when I...   more

Why do we fall sir?

Andy Dixon recently blogged a 'state of the c-blogs' . And I realized that I've wanted to see some improvements here as well. There are actually plenty of people here that I enjoy. Elsa still s...   more

Happy Mass Effect Endings

I was actually writing this in response to an earlier post, and it got a little too long so I decided it was a blog. There are a lot of people up in arms about the Mass Effect 3 endings, and...   more

Happy Mass Effect Endings

Home dude be dissin' my Role Playing Games

I am a fan of Role-Playing Games and will probably doing design work on them until I die. I spend most of my time thinking about them. I try to see the potential in them. Ever since I knew abo...   more

Talking to women about TtWaV

Jonathan Holmes has a video coming out about once a week called Talking to Women about Videogames (TtWaV). I love it. The videos have this quirky/friendly quality right out of the box. They hav...   more

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 24: Beyond

Anthony pulled out a pistol he got from Handsome Beast and aimed it at Kraid. Kraid didn’t move. He stood there focusing on Anthony, waiting for the end. Fame Designer crossed his arms and ...   more

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 23: Death

James didn’t have a moment to lose. Alice had run away from the fight, and perhaps that was for the best. Corduroy and Wolf were down. Anthony and his girl were steadily approaching and Elsa wa...   more

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 23: Death

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 22: Crossroads

James thought of strategy. He had a very bad feeling about the meeting in Silent Hill. It was only a matter of time until they found out once and for all what the answer to the mystery of the G...   more

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 22: Crossroads

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 21: Scheduled Meeting

In the morning, Ravensdale was brightly lit without a cloud in the sky. James walked with his group walking into a deserted set of buildings that, despite the well lit area, seemed shady and ev...   more

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 21: Scheduled Meeting

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 20: Looks

Handsome Beast stood there unassuming in his suit and tie. He waited there patiently for Virgilio who was just a bit late for his appointment with him. In an alleyway he sat against a wall and ...   more

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 19: Found

It had been a while since Crime had started looking, but he found the designer’s lair. For the amount of area he covered trying to find it, it seemed as if it was a little too easy to find. It ...   more

Chapters 19 and 20 are written.

It's been a while Destructoid. PAX is coming up. I'm going to be there and I hope to see all of you. My girlfriend is a member of the PMS clan (Pandora's Mighty Soldiers), and she is hoping to...   more

COMMUNITY HELP NEEDED! E3 2011 Predictions!

In the past two years, I have asked for your help in providing some yes/no questions to help with our annual E3 predictions post. And, boy, you never disappoint. (THAT’S BECAUSE YOU ARE ALL AMA...   more

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 18: Scars

“Epic, my friend” Crime said after resting. “We will look for the Designer in Ravensdale because that is obviously the most dangerous place to be. The final boss must be somewhere around there....   more

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 17: Sympathy

“Unfortunately you don’t know what you’re asking right now.” Anthony said. Anthony, upon healing himself, now looked as if he was in his fifties. He had streaks of grey hair and his skin was s...   more

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 17: Sympathy

Afford What Has Value To You

I watched Jim Sterling’s video about piracy too. Something had been bugging me though, well before Jim’s video. I’ve been reading plenty of articles and watching plenty of videos about it. I...   more

Afford What Has Value To You

Podsumaki Ep10: MvC3 with DarkSydeGeoff & Royal Flush

Sup fellas. Podsumaki and the musings of yours truly have found a new home on Freezecracker.com... I'll always love Dtoid, but frontpage access kinda trumps community blogs ;) I might still mir...   more

Podsumaki Ep10: MvC3 with DarkSydeGeoff & Royal Flush

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 16: Beyamourning

“It can’t be…” Beyamor’s heart sank into his stomach. “Oh yes.” Anthony explained. “Did none of you realize?” “You were supposed to be on our side.” Beyamor grew tense. “You killed her! Ho...   more

A Game Designer No One Knows About.

I've never really had writer’s block. I have too much to say – too much to write about to have writers block. But I haven’t written anything in a while. And I’m not focused enough to do another...   more

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 15: Crime

In Ravensdale, Crime Minister sat by a corner that had plenty of foot traffic. People passed him by. They knew nothing of what was to become of them. But he knew. Yes, this was all a dream worl...   more

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 14: No Mercy

Little Ashley Davis, a girl no more than seven years old, walked into the forest looking for Lenigod – her pet puppy dog. She was normally afraid of the forest at night, so it was a good thing ...   more

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 14: No Mercy

To SephirothX [shortblog] [bad singing]

I am not Andy Williams. This is in response to a SephirothX post. Regarding: Yes it is bad. But it had to be done. I really have nothing to write. Go ahead. Download it. Keep it for your...   more

To SephirothX [shortblog] [bad singing]

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