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Jun 14 // nilcam

E3 2013 thoughts

In a word: disappointed. I went into this E3 rather interested. Please notice that I specifically did not say excited. I watched the conferences by Microsoft, Ubisoft and Sony as well as Nintendo's Direct and Destructoid's v...
Jun 07 // nilcam

Why I'm just saying no to Xbone

Short and sweet:  Microsoft clarified the details regarding the Xbox One's policies regarding used games, DRM, etc. I have to say, it's even worse than I expected. I admit that I'm not a MS fan but I was still interested in t...
May 10 // nilcam

Revisiting GameCube: Four Swords Adventures

The stars aligned last week! I had a house full of friends, a GameCube, 4 GBA SPs, 4 gamelink cables and a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. I bought this game when it originally released but never reall...
Apr 09 // nilcam

Final Skyward Sword thoughts

So, I finally finished Skyward Sword. To be honest, I cannot recall any other game leading me to such disparate feelings. In fact, Skyward Sword is both the best and worst game in The Legend of Zelda series. Controls At th...
Mar 25 // nilcam

Skyward Sword and the complex feelings it evokes

So, I'm late to the party on Skyward Sword. I traded my Wii in shortly after the release of Warioland: Shake it! due to the lack of interest I had in any upcoming games. I recently purchased a Wii U for a nice price and wan...
Feb 21 // nilcam

The PS4 announcement: One week later

One week ago Sony announced the PS4. I've given myself a week to digest and contemplate all of the information. Here are my thoughts broken down by topics. First off, RIP XMB. I really love the PS3/PSP UI. It was nice that b...
Feb 10 // nilcam

Learning from the past: Handheld games

There's a lot of talk about the handheld video gaming market. Nintendo and Sony seem to be struggling in the U.S. and the Vita is dying in both Japan and the U.S. Luckily for Sony, the PSP still seems to have a bit of life le...
Feb 05 // nilcam

Revisiting GameCube: Twilight Princess

I'm skipping information on characters and story to avoid spoilers. Spoiler: I love the characters and the ending gave me goosebumps and made me feel sad to leave this world behind. Controversy. If there's one thing video ga...
Jan 25 // nilcam

GameCube component cable review

With my recent decision to revisit the last generation of consoles, I started to read about the mythical GameCube component cables. These cables are expensive, fairly hard to find and only work with pre-2004 systems. Luckil...
Jan 21 // nilcam

Moving forward by going back

As usual, I looked at the upcoming games list at Gamefaqs and found a total of 3 upcoming games I'm interested in - Fire Emblem: Awakening, Etrian IV and Naruto Powerful Shippuden. In the past, such revelations forced me to l...
Jan 12 // nilcam

Neo Geo X final impressions

I've had the Neo Geo X for just under a month. After a lot of experimentation and comparison, I returned the console tonight. Basically, the handheld system is nice but the emulation is a bit sloppy and the video output is la...
Jan 05 // nilcam

Genre Breakers #1: Chrono Trigger

I often find myself thinking about the games that were such a great entry in its genre, that it effectively killed the genre for me. This series will examine these games as well as how and why they were so incredible to me. N...
Dec 27 // nilcam

2012: In review

2012 was an odd year in gaming for me. None of the big releases appealed to me and the one that did, Need for Speed, was a major letdown. On the other hand, I did pick up a ton of older games, bought an import 3DS XL, a domes...
Dec 18 // nilcam

The Future is Now: What the Neo Geo X needs to thrive

So, Tommo and SNKPlaymore have delivered a great device. The Neo Geo X is a wonderful piece of kit. The handheld is a nice size, the screen is impressive and the stick and buttons feel great. The dock is a stroke of brillianc...
Dec 17 // nilcam

Neo Geo X first impressions

So, this just happened... The Neo Geo X has landed. I'm far from the first to get the system but no has really shared any info. I had a lot of questions so I'll post my findings here. Packaging The system arrived in a ...
Dec 04 // nilcam

Decision: Neo Geo X vs Wii

A little over 2 years ago, I left Destructoid to focus on DC seriously exceeded my expectations. As my time became more restrictive and, since I had achieved my goals with the site, I decided to pa...
Nov 09 // nilcam

Turning out the lights

I started visiting Dtoid when RetroForce Go! started. I signed up in July 2007 and found a new place for blogging about one of my favorite hobbies: gaming. Since then, Dtoid has been at the center of my gaming life, whether...
Jul 31 // nilcam

PS3 Fight Club Season 1.1 Current Rankings

Here are the current rankings. Scores shown reflect the Super Street Fighter IV and King of Fighters XII ranbats. Name | Score Zoel | 73 nilcam | 70 kirbilot | 57 s0lesurviv0r | 56 Wedge | 40 Senisan | 39 azninvasion2000 | 3...
Jul 26 // nilcam

Unveiling my new project - Dream Cancel

I've done a fair amount of promoting the fighting game genre here at Dtoid. I held the KoFXII contest, blogged about the genre a lot and started the PS3 Fight Club. All of that has been very rewarding. The part that was alway...
Jul 24 // nilcam

PS3 Fight Club - Let's talk about the future

The SSFIV ranbat has ended. We're halfway through the KoF XII ranbat and the Puzzle Fighter ranbat is getting started later than planned due to the forum situation. I must admit that running this has been a bit more difficult...
Jul 22 // nilcam

PS3 Fight Club - SSFIV Ends, Rankings posted

The Super Street Fighter IV Ranbat is over! Wedge battles to the top. bracket:¤t=BracketCurrent.gif&newest=1 Here are the rankings by points after the new...
Jul 17 // nilcam

PS3 Fight Club Ranbat Updates

With the forums down, I'm having to post this update to my cblog. SSFIV Grand finals will be Wedge vs Senisan. Wedge is coming from losers so he'll need to beat Senisan best 2 out of 3 games in order to reset the match. Seni...
Jul 09 // nilcam

PS3 Fight Club Season 1.1 Bonus Round - Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

The SSFIV and KoF XII ranbats will wrap up soon and BlazBlue CS will not be out for a few weeks so it's time for the bonus round! Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Rules 1. All matches will be best 2 of 3 games using...
Jun 26 // nilcam

PS3 Fight Club - SSFIV Ranbat Week 6 update

We inch ever-so-slowly to the finale of this ranbat. Again, there are only 4 matches this week, so, please try to get them done as soon as possible. I'm itching for my next fight! Required matches, must be completed before S...
Jun 20 // nilcam

PS3 Fight Club - SSFIV Ranbat Week 5 update

We're moving along by the hardest, for some reason. It seems that we've had a lot of players not understanding double elimination and also not visiting the forums or my cblog to keep up-to-date. It's important to actually be ...
Jun 16 // nilcam

PS3 Fight Club SSFIV Ranbat update; KoF XII sign up now

SSFIV Ranbat This week's games Shinryu vs Palidi Gen Eric Gui vs kirbilot Tha Meat vs lyfeforce Y0j1mb0 vs Blorp Let's get on with these games! Current Standings Players (Current as of June 16) Name - PSN ID Senisan82 -...
Jun 13 // nilcam

PS3 Fight Club - Week 4 Update

Things are running quite smooth, though we've lost a few more players. This week's games Shinryu vs Palidi Gen Eric Gui vs kirbilot Tha Meat vs lyfeforce Y0j1mb0 vs Blorp As always, feel free to play your opponent as soon ...
Jun 05 // nilcam

PS3 Fight Club - Week 3 match list

Required matches, must be completed before Saturday, June 12 at 8 pm Central AdamT vs Palidi lyfeforce vs Tray Ben Optional games As I've stated before, players can play a game as soon as it's on the bracket. Get your game o...
May 31 // nilcam

PS3 Fight Club - Week 2 update

Here's the current situation: Round 3 Matches (must be completed before 8 pm CST on Saturday, June 5) Nightsama vs s0lesurviv0r Bracket:¤t=BracketCurrent.gif&newest=1 Forum thread:
May 31 // nilcam

My take on fighting game philosophy

I'm pretty sure I've posted something on this before but I think this is a good topic to revisit, both for myself and the new players taking part in the PS3 Fight Club. I had 3 great ranked matches with an online player toda...

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