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May 23 // Copyright 2008 Agent Chieftain

The Development Process of MGS4

Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Return to Step 1 Step 4:
May 18 // Copyright 2008 Agent Chieftain

I'm not fighting the gray man, darlin'

(Well, Destructoid sure looks... orange...)
Mar 28 // Copyright 2008 Agent Chieftain

LATE NIGHT RAGE™: Rez, Drugs, and You

You know, when you play a game a lot, and realize that you have a lot in common, and you want to take the game a step further? I do. That's me and Rez. Back in 2002, Rez and I had something special. I've always been a rhy...
Mar 23 // Copyright 2008 Agent Chieftain


So, the CBlogs suck today. Yeah. Thankfully, since this tipped off the Chieftain Counter-Fail System™, I'm automatically taking countermeasures. I have some gasoline, a flamethrower, and an endangered Yew tree (Which contains...
Mar 20 // Copyright 2008 Agent Chieftain


Just go away. You're a failure of a troll. You're underage, and think 'memes' are exclusive to 4chan (You must have been there for a week! HxC). You can't even insult us properly. You've also directly insulted four of th...
Mar 19 // Copyright 2008 Agent Chieftain


A couple of days ago, "Never Gonna Give You Up" turned 20. I'm sure there were blogs about it. CLICK RICK TO READ (Not a Rickroll, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you) Yeah, so a few British journalists aren't too pleased...
Mar 18 // Copyright 2008 Agent Chieftain

FAQ™: How To Skillfully Avoid Failure

[09:43:20 PM] AgentChieftain: braead [09:43:29 PM] Reaprar: baeaead [09:43:37 PM] vexed_alex: Fuck you, typos. [09:43:48 PM] Pangloss: !breaed++ [09:43:49 PM] AlsoCocks: Karma for breaed is now 1. [09:44:05 PM] Reaprar: I l...
Mar 10 // Copyright 2008 Agent Chieftain


Game over guys, go home. The Internet and I have tied the knot. And our child's name is Charles. Charles Barkley. SLAM. BAM. THANK YOU MA'AM. UPDATE™: I HAVE VIDEO FOOTAGE
Mar 10 // Copyright 2008 Agent Chieftain

I love the internet™ ROUND 4

It's ads are targeted to my interests.
Mar 10 // Copyright 2008 Agent Chieftain

I, too, love the internet.

It solves age-old video game mysteries.
Mar 09 // Copyright 2008 Agent Chieftain

What™: fl0w on the PSP

What. Oh hey, a chance to play the game without SIXAXIS controls. Am I the only one who had no idea that this was being made? Goddamn, I wouldn't have bought the PS3 version if I knew it would be portable. This game is a decent stress reliever, and I would rather bring it around with me than wait until I get home to waggle a SIXAXIS.
Mar 02 // Copyright 2008 Agent Chieftain

LATE NITE LULZ™ Cock Guillotine Edition

[11:28:17 PM] Aerox: I googled cock guillotine [11:28:19 PM] Aerox: Oh man, was that a good idea [11:28:55 PM] Aerox: 'Choice is yours. The police or your dangling cocks and balls. If you go to prison, those bits are not go...
Feb 17 // Copyright 2008 Agent Chieftain


You heard it here first, guys. Britney Spears is top tier. (Yeah, I know jokes like these are already old news, but goddamn, how could I resist?)
Jan 30 // Copyright 2008 Agent Chieftain

Bomberman for iPod: WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE?

So, I was looking on iTunes for something to waste a gift card on, and I find this. (Fasten your seat belt, link will open up iTunes) At first, it looks all fine and dandy. In theory, the controls could work, although the...
Jan 19 // Copyright 2008 Agent Chieftain

Franz Ferdinand: Shitty quality means good music

Not game related, but since Destructoid has generally good taste in music, I thought a lot of you guys would find this interesting. "For me, ...
Jan 05 // Copyright 2008 Agent Chieftain

While you're all waiting for Brawl...

I'll be playing a game exclusively on the Nintendo Wü™. Perhaps you've heard of DUKE NUKEM FOREVER? Eat it, bitches. Shark Gun™ controls are where true Next Gen gaming begins.
Dec 24 // Copyright 2008 Agent Chieftain


The Second Greatest Game Ever Made™ is only $13.49 at GameFly. Now you, too, can zipline with your fucking mouth. Just thought I'd point this out for everyone, just in case they haven't bought it already.
Nov 04 // Copyright 2008 Agent Chieftain


Since game publishers are Fucking Geniuses™, they've Fucking Ingeniously™ allowed for a drought in the summer and RELEASE EVERY FUCKING GAME EVER in October and November. This fills me with genuine nerd rage. "But Cheeftun, ...
Oct 09 // Copyright 2008 Agent Chieftain


Oct 01 // Copyright 2008 Agent Chieftain

Well Excuse Me, Princess!

Screw you, God. I don't suck. (Spoiler Alert™: Chieftain's pride was hurt) I have one of the most popular and imitated (And never surpassed) blog topics on the entire site under my belt, the Late Nite Lulz™. I've ended a...
Sep 25 // Copyright 2008 Agent Chieftain

New Release on the Xbox™: September 25th

CRASH OF THE TITANS DEMO!! I nearly cried when I saw this. I nearly came when I played it. Looks like Ratchet and Clank Future isn't the only platformer I have to look forward to this winter. PROTIP: Don't breathe the air in a Gamestop for the next few days. I went in to preorder PW3 and I nearly threw up all over the Zunes. Halo fanboys smell fucking disgusting.
Sep 20 // Copyright 2008 Agent Chieftain

LATE NITE LULZ™ Exploitable Edition

Well, TGS is here, and the blogs are pushed all the way to the lower end of the site. So, since they're destined to fail to superior TGS coverage, I think it's time I host a Photoshop contest of my own. I'l giving you a blank check, go crazy.
Sep 19 // Copyright 2008 Agent Chieftain

LATE NITE LULZ™ Next-Gen Butthurt Edition

I feel like I was just robbed of my beloved. We were together for 13 years, WipEout and I; we had a good time the whole way through. But then this happened. Studio Liverpool couldn't just add sweet textures or tighten up the...

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