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Apr 17 // TheToiletDuck

You are no longer the consumer.

I see a lot of complaints about entitlement, how gamers think they are owed something. Disgruntled gamers being told to ďdeal with itĒ when a game is shitty. But you know what? Gamers shouldnít have to ďdeal with itĒ the r...
Mar 22 // TheToiletDuck

Thomas Was Alone - My closest thing to playing a pixar movie - Play It

Remember the old cliche that games will one day be like Pixar movies? Despite its simple appearance Thomas Was Alone is that game. Iím not talking about fancy graphics with individually rendered hair. I mean that Pixar can ...
Mar 15 // TheToiletDuck

Year Walk - iPad/iPhone - Play it!

Year Walk is the story of a man on a spirit journey in hope to see visions of the future. Except itís the 19th century, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night, pitch black, snowing, he hasnít eaten or drank an...
Sep 06 // TheToiletDuck

Shortblog PSA: The current destructoid theme is the Metal Arms theme

SHORTBLOG ALERT I'm putting this here for posterity as it seems this information is not easily accessible and quite a few people ask about it in comments. The current (Season 4, 2012) opening theme of Podtoid is the theme to Metal Arms. Yeah, i know forums are that-a-way.
Mar 08 // DtoidAustralia

DtoidAustralia's March Events

Now that I am in Sydney, and with Muzza running things in Brisbane, Iím hoping this will be an awesome year for DtoidAustralia! Our first event may be a bit later than I would have liked, but with the news that Iím expecting ...
Mar 07 // TheToiletDuck

The death of the brick and mortar: come for the rant, stay for gifs

In case you hadn't realised, video game brick and mortar stores in the UK are dying. Ah, i hear your reply "oh but we're all dying since the day we're born" and while that is true i'd like to add and that i mean dying soon an...
Jan 19 // TheToiletDuck

My retort to Randombullseye on Piracy and "stop giving a shit" +Animated Gifs

This blog is a response to Randombullseye's blog on piracy. It's very much a train of thought diatribe so please excuse the errors. It's too long for a comment i think so i made my own blog. Random did a great job of inciting...
Sep 30 // DtoidAustralia

October Events are here!

Hello again my spotted cuscus lovers! Your nerdy relief is here again with some awesome events for your attendance! For further information and updates on the following events please join our facebook, or follow us on twitt...
Aug 04 // TheToiletDuck

I put pixels in real photos (less words, more pics)

I felt like trying my hand at putting pixel art in some real photos. I'm certainly not the first person to do this, and this is my first attempt so is a little shoddy. I tried to get away from using the standards you always s...
May 01 // DtoidAustralia

May Events are here!

Hello again my winter wombats! Your nerdy relief is here again with some awesome events for your attendance! For further information and updates on the following events please join our facebook, or follow us on twitter! Dt...
Mar 22 // TheToiletDuck

Religion and Homosexuality

I think one of the most important things to consider when discussing video games, homosexuality and religion is the matter of choices and the freedom of speech. In other words sometimes video games really... Oh wait, what i meant to say was...
Mar 02 // TheCleaningGuy

A Package From Funktastic <3

I'm not gay. Now that we've got that straightened out, let me give you a little context! As you know, the always delightful Jonathan "Funktastic" Lee went on a little trip to Japan recently, and I gave him a bit of a hand wi...
Jan 28 // DtoidAustralia

DtoidAustralia: February Events!

Welcome to 2011 my little survivors! This hasnít been the most fantastic start to the year! With bushfires and floods across the country, you have all earned the title of survivor! Donít you just wish you had other nerdy surv...
Jan 20 // TheToiletDuck

'12yo boys living in Australia' perspective on video games

Not my nephew My nephew is 12yo, lives in Australia and was given an xbox 360 for Christmas. I gave him a call to wish him merry Xmas and talk about his new present. I learnt a few things about gaming from the perspective o...
Dec 05 // DtoidAustralia

Dtoid Australia's Final Events of 2010

Hello again my Christmas Koalas! OMG! LAST POST OF 2010! This year has been a huge year for DtoidAustralia. Our number of members has tripled in size and with the opening of our local haunt The Mana Bar, we are having regu...
Nov 18 // TheToiletDuck

Gaming medical conditions (serious business)

Every so often in the news you see stories that link serious human conditions with playing video games. Itís easy to see how playing a video game makes you obese, murderous (iím looking at YOU Korea) a little bit tarded. Conv...
Oct 25 // Puppy Licks

Hey it's that PuppyLicks guy... and he does art now?

Hey all, I've been absent off the Dtoids for a while now but it's about time I got reconnected with the community. I've been travelling all over the shop from December to about August like some smelly backpack...
Sep 27 // DtoidAustralia

Dtoid Australia: October is here!

Hello again my little tubby wombats! October has snuck up on us and with all the awesome new games getting ready to come out, we need to get our NARP on while weíre still willing to leave the house! For further information a...
Aug 24 // DtoidAustralia

Belated NARP Recap!

Hello again my little Tassie devils! It's finally recap time and there is a lot to tell! Our weekend began on Friday the 13th of August: As planned we met at Mana Bar for our kick off party, little did we know it was Friday...
Aug 06 // DtoidAustralia

Dtoid Australia: August is NARP Month!

Hello again my little rock wallabies! August is actually Golf Month, but after some thought I decided I really donít care about golf and so (sadly for some) there will be no trip to the greens. Instead itís NARP Month! For f...
Jul 05 // DtoidAustralia

DtoidAustralia: July is Anti-Boredom month!

Greetings to all my winter wombats! So apparently July is Anti-Boredom Month(seriously!) but with the lack of Independence Day and Canada Day we need to give ourselves some amazingly awesome events to keep us from getting bor...
Jun 04 // DtoidAustralia

DtoidAustralia: June's winter warm ups!

Hello again my little baby stealing dingoes! June has hit us with her cold hard slap in the face and if youíre like me youíve been knocked out with the flu and winter blues. Well I have the best medicine for such a thing! NA...
Apr 14 // TheToiletDuck

How i learned that if you bad mouth Destructoid, Xzyliac will stab you. (NVGR)

I woke at about 4am this morning feeling a combination of dread and "wow, that was pretty f'd up". So, the set up: I'm sitting at my desk at work browsing Destructoid cblogs and i notice an introductory post. Same old st...
Apr 10 // Puppy Licks

TravelToid: Puppy Licks and DanMazkin to invade LA.

Hey all, as you may all know already, I have been trekking across many countries along with my brother DanMazkin and my girlfriend Justine, and we plan on plodding through many more before we're done. We have already been run...
Apr 08 // DtoidAustralia

April in Australia: Destructoid Style

Hello again my little Easter Bilbys, Now that April is here it's time to give you an idea of the different Dtoid events happening in and around our sunburnt country. For further information and updates on the following event...
Apr 06 // Puppy Licks

TravelToid: A photo adventure of a Hong Kong arcade

Hey all, Hey guess what? I'm back in Hong Kong! Travelling around has been a great experience so far, and it is something I would recommend everybody do at least once in their life. But despite all the fun and excitement, th...
Mar 29 // Puppy Licks

TravelToid: If you love Shadow of the Colossus, go to Cambodia.

Hey all, I know it's been a while since my last blog but traveling around the place doesn't grant much time for internetting, only now do I look back and think to myself 'Shit, I should have brought a laptop along'. Oh well,...
Mar 24 // TheToiletDuck

Let's get Topher waffles

I was listening to Podtoid #1~ well, almost every single one really, when Topher mentioned that he likes waffles, and I know that in previous Podtoid's he's mentioned that he has ... well ... REALLY liked waffles. Seems lik...
Mar 22 // TheToiletDuck

The best pocket monster is..

Yeah!!! Awesome!! Bangorang!! Am i doing this right?......anyone? Ahhh, screw you guys. and I'm taking THIS with me
Mar 06 // DtoidAustralia

The time has come...

...To get drunk and play games! Yes my little rock wallabies, Mana Bar is finally opening in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley on Saturday the 20th of March and I want to see all of the beautiful people from Destructoid there! ...

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