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Jan 08 // Plombo

Plombo's 2014 game log: part 2

The time has come for me to write about five more games I enjoyed playing in 2014. This is the second of four parts; parts 3 and 4 are where I will write about my top picks for the year. Here's part 1 if you missed it. &...
Jan 07 // Plombo

Plombo's 2014 game log: part 1

The year 2014 has come to an end. Like many others, I've chosen to commemorate the new year by blogging about games that I played over the course of the previous year. In 2013, I made a top 10 list using games ...
Sep 29 // Bling Pringles

Duck Hunting dog...DUCK HUNT DOG

Do I even have to explaneto you why Duck Hunt Dog is the best? Look at him! Still not getting it? Look again. AGAIN!   Still nothing? Look hard, real hard. MORE! MORE LOOKING! Almost there, just a litte more. ...
Sep 22 // Salvador Sandoval

I'm pretty sure you'll be PK Sad, because I just called DIBS on Ness in Sm4sh!

  PK Rockin' Motherfuckers! As always, ShadeofLight catched everyone with their pants down and went ahead and called DIBS on the Green Man Weegee, rendering the rest of the Dtoid community devastated...
Sep 01 // Salvador Sandoval

Print Screen Abu2e! Let's talk Hoffmann's Ass. Capitulo Dos.

Hellos again to Print Screen Abuse in its second edition, the sequel to the highly acclaimed and 3 times Bloggers Award nominated blog where we closely examine my favorite comments of the week and expose for what they are. LI...
Aug 24 // Salvador Sandoval

Print Screen Abuse! My favorite Dtoid comments of the week. Primera Edicion~

Hello there! I don't know about you, but my favorite part of Destructoid, besides Holmes articles, are the community and what do they have to say. The articles are fine and enjoyable, and the videogame news and oddities are a...
Jul 29 // Salvador Sandoval

Kumatora from Mother 3 is going to be playable in Smash4 and I can prove it.

My uncle may not work at Nintendo but I'm known for my PSI Powers and irrefutable arguments. I have been sending telepathic messages to Sakurai every night and I finally got the response I wanted. But just so you non-believer...
Jun 15 // Salvador Sandoval

10 things about me, yours truly, Salvador Sandoval

Maybe a little bit late to the party, but I didn't wanted to waste a chance to share a little bit about myself. I have been lurking this website for around 7 years now, but only recently I have taken a more active role, at le...
Jun 15 // Jonathan Holmes

(NVGR) Why I quit The Dismal Jesters

As some of you may know, I was doing a Podcast with former Dtoid writers Conrad Zimmerman and Jim Sterling called The Dismal Jesters. It was more-or-less a continuation of the version of Podtoid that Jim put together in 201...
Jun 07 // Bling Pringles

Review: Bible Black

It's hard out there for a visual novel. It seems like everyday more and more just keep popping up, flooding the market with competition. In today's fast paced world a visual novel  needs to do something really spectacular to ...
Jun 01 // Jonathan Holmes

Sup Holmes returns today at 4pm with Mike K from Ludum Dare

Hello! Thanks again to everyone that supported the Sup Holmes Kickstarter! We made almost 3 times our initial goal. We totally won.  The show is coming back today with Mike Kasprzak, one of the organizers of the Ludum Dare ...
May 13 // Salvador Sandoval

Why the Yoshi T-Shirt is the best thing ever.

If you didn't notice, Club Nintendo just renew their rewards. So let's see here: Game I already have Game I just bought (Goddammit) The Kirby patches that I can never justify to myself to get (But they are so cute!) The Mari...
May 09 // Salvador Sandoval

First Mario Kart 8 review! Let the hype train begin!

If you don't care about me freaking out in excitement about the game (I don't mind xD), here is the link for the story:
Apr 18 // Bling Pringles

Pringles Radview: Books: The SWord OF the STorm

It's like the last one that I did but slightly les funny. Just like life.
Apr 16 // Bling Pringles

Pringles Radview: Books: The Enclipeodie of the CElts

You ever get so high that you look at a book and be like "Video GAmes?"
Mar 03 // Jonathan Holmes

Why I love videogame magazines

As some of you may know, Dtoid Reviews editor Chris Carter, former Dtoid powerhouse Tony Ponce, and myself have been working with a conclave of nerds and videogame experts on making a print magazine called Nintendo Force. We ...
Dec 30 // Plombo

The top 10 games I played in 2013 (not of 2013)

It's the end of the year and everyone is making GOTY lists. I decided to do something a bit different and talk about the best games I played this year without regard to when they came out. After all, most of the great games I...
Dec 15 // Jonathan Holmes

New Podtoid animation

Classic Jim stuff. It's goooood. 
Dec 02 // Plombo

Why there are no Game Boy Advance games on 3DS Virtual Console

I picked up a 3DS XL on Black Friday this year, and upon looking through the eShop, I found myself attracted to the Virtual Console section.  I soon purchased Super Mario Land 2 on sale, and then the original Shantae at its f...
Nov 20 // Plombo

Blog series idea: explaining cross-platform game development (feedback wanted)

Hi, Plombo the software developer here. I share a brain, body, and Dtoid account with Plombo the gamer, who you might know from a couple of previous blog posts here. I'm considering writing a series of posts in which I do my ...
Nov 14 // Plombo

More than nostalgia: what we lost in the seventh generation

It bugs me when people who voice their preference for past generations of video games are accused of being simply nostalgic, of looking at the past through rose-tinted glasses, of only remembering the good games from past gen...
Nov 11 // Plombo

Why the DualShock 4 won't be the next big PC controller (yet)

One of the most important decisions made by a console manufacturer in the last console generation was Microsoft's choice to make the wired version of the Xbox 360 controller work out of the box with Windows, and to introduce ...
Nov 09 // Jonathan Holmes

New Jim Sterling Podcast, Teenage Pokemon, other stuff

Hi everybody! I've been working on a lot of stuff. Here is some of it! Jim Sterling, Conrad Zimmerman and I used to host Podtoid. Now we host a show called The Dismal Jesters. It's almost exactly like how Podtoid used to b...
Oct 27 // Bling Pringles

Pringles RAdviews REviews: The Stanely Parable

Oct 21 // Jonathan Holmes

Top Ten things I like Pokemon X/Y

10)  New trainer 2D art. It's a little sterile, and doesn't fit with the rest of the game, but as stand alone art its pretty charming. 9) Some of those Mega Evolutions. They look pretty neat.  8) Pokemon Amie. It gets borin...
Aug 25 // Salvador Sandoval

The war on Wii U

Go check this comment section or any comment section about the Wii U or Nintendo. Check it real good and scroll down to check the heated debate, if you have the time. Sorry you had to see that. Oh! Also, the title is a play ...
Aug 03 // Jonathan Holmes

Pikmin 3 audio review, Teen PKMN merch, essay and free underwear

Hello! First, here is a audio review of Pikmin 3. It was going to be used for a video review of the game, but in the end, it wasn't. Some people like it.  Is this a thing you'd like to hear more of? Also, feel free to make ...

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