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Mar 13 // taumpytears

Eff Yeah Farfetch'd

The one things ducks needed to become even more lovable is eye brows, and Joe Pokemon(the man who I imagine created Pokemon) gave a duck a pair. What we are left with is a Pokemon with more character than any of those other rubes. (fuck chimchar)
Aug 28 // taumpytears

How to make gaming communities suck less: WIISUCKS

You are all thinking it, I just said it.
Apr 28 // taumpytears

Dynasty Warriors Fan Fic

Apr 26 // taumpytears

Nintendo to enter computer market

Earlier today I was poking around the internet when I found this. If this is something Nintendo plans to go through with I would expect an announcement at e3. Some of the more interesting bits are the two screens (one landsca...
Feb 01 // taumpytears

10 thinks nobody cares to know about taumpytears

1.]/b] I own 19 video game systems. PS3, 360, Wii, gaming PC, DS, PSP, PS2,PSX, Neo Geo, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Atari 2600, NES, SNES, Genisis, Sega CD, 32X, Dreamcast, Game gear and a Virtual boy. 2. I want to be Conan O'B...
Jan 06 // taumpytears

Woah, its Tyra Tuesday

Be nice to your friends Tyra! They are not to eat. Watch out Tyra, your face may get stuck like that!
Jan 04 // taumpytears

I hugged Lemon...

...and now I have to go to jail and when I get out I need to tell everyone in the neighborhood.
Jul 03 // taumpytears

Taumpytears: Year One NVGR NSFW CAUTION 56K USERS

Well It has been one year since I created the Taumpytears account, I was a lurker before that, but I consider this my first anniversary. Well in my one year of being a member of Destructoid I have seen a lot of awesome stuff,...
Jul 02 // taumpytears

CBlogs Recap Recap 7.1.2008

Today we have a good amount of CBlog recaps. Tune in later for Taumpyisms. Taumpy's Picks Conrad Zimmerman does it again
Jun 09 // taumpytears

Attention all Slurpee/Hulk Fanatics!

If you are anything like me then every time you sit down to enjoy a Slurpee you thing, "the one thing this could use is a Hulk product tie in" and when you read Hulk comics you think" If a frozen treat themed super villain tu...
May 30 // taumpytears

Who wants to see some new Venture Bros?

Well the wait is finally over, screw that Sunday shit. Adult Swim provides and shamelessly I take all the credit for the first episode of the highly anticipated season 3 of the Venture bros. I would embed but they... I mean ...
May 22 // taumpytears


Every once in a while you see a movie, while not explicitly violent or sexual or whatever is still creepy as all Hell. A Czech version of Alice in wonderland, creativity titled Alice is one of those movies. Alice in wonder...
May 22 // taumpytears

If you love it change it:Pokemon

The first time I played Pokémon I was hooked. My best friend gave me a copy of Pokémon Blue and a red Gameboy Pocket for my birthday/ a get well gift. I started playing immediately. I had wanted Pokémon for a couple months...
May 13 // taumpytears

New MGS 4 Trailer

A new MGS 4 Trailer just went live and it actually made me less excited about the game. The trailer makes it look like some generic summer blockbuster. They even have that same announcer guy. Who ever made this trailer really dropped the ball imo. I realize I am setting ym self up for a disappointment with my hype for this game but I don't care.
May 12 // taumpytears

First MGS 4 Review (via Kotaku via OPM UK)

I was browsing Kotaku when I stumbled across their coverage of the UK version of OPM. Surprise surprise the completely unbiased magazine with no reason to be favorable to a major playstation game gave it a 10 out of 10. The "...
May 12 // taumpytears

NVGR: Plasmatics

I was looking through my old music collection when I saw a name that screamed epic videos, The Plasmatics. The lead singer for the plasmatics, Wendy O. Williams(R.I.P), has a well earned reputation for insane stage theatrics....
May 09 // taumpytears

Six String Samurai

The other day I subscribed to NetFlix because the DVD selection in my town is shit. I was looking in their instant section when I saw one of the most entertaining movies I had seen in a while, Six String Samurai. Basically ...
Mar 28 // taumpytears

$995 copy of Earthbound 1 on Ebay

Yes, you read that right. Ebay user dr_curtis is hawking what he claims to be one of three known English copies of the Japan only Fanicom classic Earthbound/Mother. The seller provides several pics of the physical game itsel...
Feb 27 // taumpytears

LateNightLulz: Pole Position.

Lately I have been building up my collection for the best sister ever the Super Nintendo (Wooo Wooo). The main role playing game classics I am missing are Chrono Trigger, Super Mario Role Playing Game, and Earthbound/Mother(tell yours I said to stop calling). I will probably get each game eventually, I just want to know which is the best so I know where to start.
Feb 16 // taumpytears

LATENIGHTLULZ 2000th comment edition

It's time for a celebration.
Feb 15 // taumpytears

Old Video Game Stuff and Addiction

Over the past few months my Retro Gaming collection has grown exponentially. This is a sign of my weak will and desire to validate myself through material possessions like some sort of whore. I picked up a R.O.B., a Power Glo...
Feb 13 // taumpytears

NVGR Singles Awareness Day

For all the lonely bastards out there. The loneliest day of the year is less than an hour away in singlesville- population me.
Jan 30 // taumpytears

Off-Road Velociraptor Safari

The most epic game off all time just launched. Screw that brawl shit! Fuck yo MGS4! Its all about the Off-Road Velociraptor Safari !1!!!!! I can has OICW position? Press Release P.S. I will make this hidden after the word is spread is the community thinks that is the best thing to do.
Jan 30 // taumpytears

360 for Tripplez?

Through a long, boring series of events I have found myself with two, count 'em two, Xbox 360's. I recently got number 1 back from being repaired and I was wondering if anyone Sarasota area robots would be interested or knew ...
Jan 09 // taumpytears

Bill Gates hates Vista too! NVGR

In a recent interview with Gizmodo an unusually energetic Bill Gates hints at his feelings towards everyone's least favorite OS. Between this and the recent Office style parody already featured on several C-Blogs Bill Gates is begging to seem like he may actually be a cool person. Farewell sweet prince.
Dec 26 // RoffleWaffle

The Week of Jul!

After two days of feasting over Jul/Christmas/insert random Holiday...I am tired, happy and surprisingly presented with some extra time: I have queries for the community here: A) Is it a fault to wander around town in a Sant...

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