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Mar 21 // gennhaver


That sounds gross. Now I'm imagining some sort of disgusting feces-only adoption agency where the babys are just giant poo sculptures and I now need to scrub my brain. Sometimes I hate myself. Ahem. I'll be attending P...
Jan 10 // maxbraff

Freedoms End: NDAA, PIPA, and SOPA

The internet is a vast frontier and still very young industry. It has allowed us to communicate with people in ways we never thought possible. Allowing products and services to exist such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Stumbl...
Aug 18 // gennhaver

Dear Destructoid: Pika-Jenn needs a good avatar parent

I am filled with bubbling green jealousy towards all of you who are attending PAX. While you're all galavanting about, making blurry memories, I'll be here - looking at graphic photos of horrifying things like oral cancer an...
Jul 20 // gennhaver

getting crafty

I've been dying to post this ever since I finished it but had to wait until it arrived at Mr. Andy Dixon's doorstep so I wouldn't ruin the surprise. He was one of the first people who popped into my mind when I began my good...
Jun 24 // gennhaver

Today is my birthday and I am a lucky panda.

Oh hey. I didn't see you come in there. Have a seat, watch the candles. Wouldn't want you to burn yourself. I know, it's been a while. I can't keep making excuses to you. I keep making these promises and I know it hurts. ...
May 18 // DJKirsch

Chit Chat: My Outer Heaven Experience

Everybody has a unique Destructoid story to tell. Some have been here since the beginning. Others migrated from different gaming blogs throughout the years. Some have even lurking in the shadows for many, many moons, waiting ...
May 15 // gennhaver

Jenn's mystery goodie giveaway: Round one

I know that clogging up the cblog stream is a big no-no but I completely forgot to post a few days ago and I wanted to get it up before THE PACKAGE arrives. After I wrote about being a dental student a few posts ago, Occam's ...
May 14 // gennhaver

Nintendo gives me blue balls, once again.

In my mind, there are two reasons you never listened when that glowing twat demanded, "HEY, LISTEN." First of all, what kind of self respecting fairy DOESN'T look like a tiny version of someone I want to fuck? Secondly, I m...
Apr 05 // gennhaver

Hamza fixed my blog!

For those that care, my blog was a glitchy mess for a while there. Since its inception it wouldn't show up unless you had a direct link to each of the posts but now it's here and I am a happy panda. kind of like this pan...
Mar 06 // gennhaver

pokemon aka the reason I won't be getting a degree

I'm totally that guy. You know. The one that starts a blog, gets all excited about it and abandons it when life gets a little busy. To be fair, since I last wrote I've: removed man's brain, attended a lame school dance, an...
Jan 23 // gennhaver

A proper introduction, at least 3 times that size.

Apologies for my last, very brief post. I was wrestling with the blog system and it beat me into submission. Rather than upload my avatar for the 16th time, I went out with friends and forgot my html sorrows in a sea of tap...
Jan 22 // gennhaver

Oh hey

I'm Jenn, I think we'll get along. *photo by Avery Wong
Dec 09 // maxbraff

TEAMWORK means TEAMWORK: A Left 4 Dead Campaign Survival Guide

So Left 4 Dead has been out for a few weeks and is just so much fun. However, there are many problems that can be had with the community as with dumb players in general to bad teniques. I decided to write a little blurb on ...
Nov 01 // maxbraff

Nice Things: Banjo-Kazooie Demo Impressions

I really am getting a better hold on what the new Banjo-Kazooie game has to offer. While at first I was mad that the new game would rely on vehicle creation, I have come to embrace it as a great idea. The game will appear t...
Oct 31 // maxbraff

Refrickendiculous: Video Game Website Reviews

Today out of boredom, I have decided to review gaming websites. While most of these websites do stand to provide the basic function of news+community=legitamate. There are few that stand out against the bunch. While the ot...
Oct 23 // maxbraff

The FEAR: The George Lucas Effect

Pictured above: Money Grubbing Whore When I first saw the "Monthly Musing" for October, I thought long and hard what possibly could scare me. With such good topics appearing such as The FEAR: Ravenholm and The FEAR: Add...
Oct 17 // maxbraff

Microcessory: What Microsoft Needs to Do for its Accessories

We all have considered purchasing or have already purchased the camera, the chatpad, and the wireless headset. However, with the current prices and separate packaging these things can be a hassle to buy for our Xbox 360. Ho...
Oct 16 // maxbraff

Nice Things: Tom Clancy's End War Demo Impressions

I really wanted to add another topic I was worried about for blogging. I was first going to say that I was disapointed that they had neglected their Xbox Community with no Orange Box updates in sight. However, I found today...
Oct 15 // maxbraff

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts Pre-game Preview and the One Trick Pony

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts is a game that I have been waiting to see. With numerous previews coming out and first impressions. Here is my pre-game verdict on this new title. When I first heard that the game is more oriente...

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