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Nov 25 // godkow

TF2 - Mass A.I. [Video + Quickblog]

Before we begin, I'd like to make a few things clear. This is not a frag video and this is not machinima. It is, however, strangely awesome and I think you should watch it. There are plenty of moments to watch for includin...
Sep 25 // godkow

Left4Dead System Requirements: Revealed

Le source. In classic Valve tradition, the system requirements are quite low. My computer is definitely ready to kill some zombies, is yours? /quickblog *note: The right side of the picture is cut off for me. If it shows that way for you, it says: "Video card must be 256 MB or more and should be a DirectX 9-compatible with support for pixel shader 2.0"
Aug 19 // godkow

Tyranids Confirmed For Br..I mean DoW2!

Looks like the speculation about the ending of the above trailer was true. Tyranids will indeed become the next playable race in DoW2. Wondering what this new race will bring to the table? "Philippe Boulle: The Tyranid s...
Jul 05 // godkow

The Internet Hates Diablo III

I'm sure you've all heard of the complaints of disgruntled Diablo fans everywhere when they saw the art direction of Diablo 3. They've gone as far as comparing it to WoW and even creating an online petition against it (which...
Jun 29 // godkow

TF2 - Meet the Spy + Meet the Pyro (both fan-made)

So I was perusing the internets today when I came across this little gem. As it says in the title, this is only a fan-made video but I think it's pretty good. It seems to have some of that humor that makes the real "Meet th...
Jun 26 // godkow

20 Minutes of Far Cry 2 Gameplay

Actually, more like 23 minutes and 37 seconds of gameplay. Also, a note about the below list. I didn't write it as I was watching like a smart person would so I could have missed some stuff. Still, you get the idea. Thing...
Jun 25 // godkow

UK Gets Late(r) Left 4 Dead Release

Since my previous title was causing some unnecessary commotion, I changed it to something less zealous. For the archives, my previous title was "The UK Gets Screwed Again: Left 4 Dead Edition". Was that a bad title? Possibl...
Jun 24 // godkow

3 More (New) Left 4 Dead Videos

Gamevideos has posted three new Left 4 Dead videos today showing off a variety of effects. I've summarized the main things under each video. GO! Revive: Good display of the new vomit effects. It looks crazy when you're b...
Jun 23 // godkow

Split-Screen Confirmed for Left 4 Dead 360

Artist's rendering of L4D on the 360. The official Xbox website,, has just revealed that Valve's upcoming game Left 4 Dead will in fact have split-screen multiplayer. Last I heard, Valve was trying to make split-s...
Jun 21 // godkow

Limbo of the Lost ending. Enter at your own risk.

Yes, it seems the internet phenomenon's ending has finally reached the youtubes. I'm not really sure if that's a good thing for the following reason: there is singing. At least we can see the awesome lipsyncing at work. Th...
Jun 20 // godkow

Awesome Gaiden (video)

Egoraptor recently released another video of his "Awesome" series. If you couldn't guess by the title, this one is about Ninja Gaiden. If you want to see more of his work check out his site or his Newgrounds page. You ca...
Jun 11 // godkow

Game steals levels from Oblivion

Well isn't this quality game developing at work? According to a recent CVG article, the game company G2 Games's recent title, Limbo of the Lost (don't worry, I haven't heard of it either), has copied exact structures and tex...
Jun 07 // godkow

New Pyro weapon revealed in Steam Udate News

"We've almost completely wrapped up the next big release for Team Fortress 2, which will focus on the Pyro class, along with the Meet the Sniper movie. We've spent time looking at how the recent Medic release went, and have r...
Jun 04 // godkow

And the next TF2 class to receive updates is...

Via CVG It seems that the next TF2 update will bring along some Pyro love. Following the Medic, the Pyro will be the second class to receive achievements and new weapons. When they come out and what they are have not yet b...
May 16 // godkow

No Left 4 Dead Demo

In a recent interview with Doug Lombardi it has been revealed that Valve has no plans for making a demo pre-release. However: "In Valve tradition, there will probably be a demo after release. We tend to focus on getting the...
May 15 // godkow

Cornucopia of New Left 4 Dead Videos (+ Info)

Do I sound smart because I said cornucopia? Anyway, Valve has gone crazy with new media over the past few days, which has decidedly ended the media drought. These videos show a variety of new features which I will try to hi...
Apr 22 // godkow

Mysterious Countdown on Details

I'm sure you've noticed the post on the front page regarding the countdown that appeared on a few days ago. Well it seems that more light has been shed on the subject, and it seems that it was something none of u...
Apr 12 // godkow

Good News for Russian L4D Fans + Updated Release Date

"Akella is thrilled to be able to bring this unique game to Russian speaking territories. We are very excited by all Valve's games and pretty sure of huge success of this new cooperative shooter hit in Russia and CIS countrie...
Mar 28 // godkow

Dawn Of War 2 High-Quality Scans

This post makes me nervous because I don't know if anyone has posted these yet (believe me, I've done multiple searches). If someone has already done this, give me the link so I can scrawl it on a bullet and shoot myself wit...
Mar 27 // godkow

Massive TF2 Update

Sources: Shacknews IGN Yes, the huge update we've been waiting for/dreading has finally come! Well, actually it's coming on April 20th (at least according to Valve). This update will contain a magnitude of things. First a...
Mar 04 // godkow

101 Ways to Kill G-Man (Video)

I don't even know what more to add to the title. The video below shows 101 ways to kill G-man. They range from standard shooting to more...interesting methods. Just watch the video.
Mar 01 // godkow

GT Visited Valve: Left4Dead, TF2, Counterstrike 2, Portal 2, Lego Batman News and More

Episode Contents: Left4Dead TF2 Counterstrike 2 Portal 2 Lego Batman HL: Ep 3 Gran Turismo 5 There's a lot of video here. So much that I actually don't have time to watch it all. What I can say is that Valve talked about ...
Mar 01 // godkow

IGN Preview of Left 4 Dead

Clicky for article. This is a pretty good read if you're excited about L4D. Major news includes some surprising changes made to the boss infected. The Hunter can no longer cloak when not moving. Now, his special move, p...
Feb 27 // godkow

GT TV to go to Valve: Promises of New Left4Dead/Team Fortess 2/Counter Strike 2 (?!?)/Lego Batman Information

---------------------------------------- Haha, sorry. Long title is long. ---------------------------------------- The above trailer promises many things. To start out with, we're going to get an 'exclusive behind the sc...
Feb 24 // godkow

Most Destructive Weapon In FPS History

The BFRAG, also known as the RR9001 (yes, it's over 9000), is without a doubt the most relentless of any gun in any FPS. Period. It's never going to let you down. It's just that good. Not much more can, or should, be said about this gun. So without further ado, I present to you...THE BFRAG!
Feb 12 // godkow

TF2: Heavy & Medic- Happy Together

A simple fan-made tribute to TF2. Basically, it just shows the relationship between the Medic and Heavy. I found it funny and decided to share it with y'all (because saying 'you all' is overrated). Anyway, I'm off to play some TF2. Feel free to share your thoughts on the movie or just say how much I suck. Orignal Flash Version Stolen But Easily Embeddable Version:
Feb 03 // godkow

Lol Wut? Loch Ness Monster Spotted in Tokyo!

It even comes with dramatic music! Yes, I know it's not really there and that its just a hologram, but you can't say that isn't awesome. With all the advancements in technology we have had, just imagine some of the possibilities. I want to somehow see a giant Strider rampaging through a town. Is there anything you guys would like to see?
Jan 29 // godkow

Canadians Vs. Americans

An American is having breakfast one morning; coffee, croissants, bread, butter & jam when a Canadian man, chewing gum, sits down next to him. The American ignores the Canadian who, nevertheless, starts a conversation: Canad...
Jan 16 // godkow

New Left 4 Dead Footage For Those Who Still Care (first actual footage of cornfield map)

Yes, the release time was pretty disappointing, but now that I'm over the initial shock, I understand. I mean, it IS Valve we're talking about here. At least we have this awesome new footage that will tide us over for the ...
Jan 11 // godkow

Left 4 Dead Release Date Revealed!

Yes, the most amazing co-op zombie slaying experience of the year finally has a release date! From Shacknews: The forthcoming co-op zombie shooter Left 4 Dead (PC, X360) will hit in the late summer, Valve has revealed t...

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