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The Past: No More Quarters

Ah, the modern age of gaming. The graphics, the online connectivity, the movie quality voice work and effects, the post-release content ... the complete soullessness of it all. How I loathe it....   more

The Past: No More Quarters

FGC & What (I think) I've learned: Structure

Back from MAGFest. Yay, MAGFest. First time there, enjoyed it overall. However, there is something that still lingers in my mind. I went to a panel on gaming communities, going with the intention...   more

FGC & What (I think) I've learned: Structure

Violence: The Gatekeepers

Before going any further into this site-wide discussion, let's take a moment to reaffirm what it is that we're talking about here. , ostensibly the topic at hand, like it or not, is absolutel...   more

Violence: The Gatekeepers

2013: BMís Year (So Far) In Weird

Hello everyone, or at least everyone who still remembers me. Itís certainly been awhile since I last had the time or inclination to submit a proper blog post here, hasnít it? Granted, what youí...   more

2013: BMís Year (So Far) In Weird

Namco vs. Atlus: Fate of BM's Self-Respect

So yeah, as the above implies Iím not exactly a legendary presence (if any at all, really) within the fighting game community, but that doesnít stop me from harboring a good deal of affection...   more

Namco vs. Atlus: Fate of BM's Self-Respect

Collaboration: IF Only...

Hm. It would appear that my fellow c-bloggers are currently writing about video game-related collaborations and crossovers that they wish would happen. Interesting. Most of the communityís fo...   more

Shortblog: The Real News of the Epic Mickey 2 Announcement

As youíve probably seen by now, a sequel to 2010ís Disney tribute/platformer has Ė not too surprisingly, a good amount of gamer chatter has bubbled forth in response, including a of covera...   more

Shortblog: The Real News of the Epic Mickey 2 Announcement

"Previously on (insert episodic game here)..."

Way back in the early 00ís, developers became enamoured with the idea of episodic content. It was a dream everybody could believe in. Well, believe in more than, say, the VR storage system in...   more

Resolutions: Fresh Flowers

As both a video gamer and a onetime student of the visual arts, Iíve never felt uncomfortable shining an occasional spotlight on the more ďsuperficialĒ aspects of my favored pastime, snorts of ...   more

Resolutions: Fresh Flowers

...And So I Watch You From Afar

For all its low budget faults, and lack of ambition, thereís a mesmeric quality to Grasshopper Manufactureís . Your role is strictly supportive, as the only true requirement is to keep filming...   more

Alan Wake's Hallowiener Special

Hi, Iím Alan Wake, the writer. As the spiritual successor to the king of horror, Dean Koontz, complete with his own videogame, I receive many requests from gaming websites, all asking for a ...   more

East vs. West: Where The Old Gods Dwell

Whenever humanity encounters something really big that it canít explain, it has a fascinating tendency to not only create its own explanations, but to grant them life. The sky, the sea, the pas...   more

East vs. West: Where The Old Gods Dwell

The Big Gumbo

While was an amazing Western videogame, narrative-wise, it paled in comparison to its cinematic influences. The main offender being too many sub-genres in one tale, enough to lose fo...   more

Unsung Heroes: The Rookie from Ghostbusters

ďActingĒ in any given videogame is a horrible experience. Everybody knows their lines, found their marks and expect you to do the same. Only you didnít bother showing up for the rehearsals ...   more

What Iíve Been Up To: Part 2

Hi again, all: as promised in the , Iíve got some more stuff to talk about regarding what Iíve been up to lately. Letís get right down to brass tacks: though I havenít written much here, there ...   more

What I've Been Up To: Part 1

Hello everyoneÖor at least everyone who remembers me! Hope youíve all been well Ė as you might be aware, I still pop in here regularly to look around and comment, itís been some time since I l...   more

Sydney Briar is Alive

In the excellent Canadian horror movie , three radio station workers are besieged by an mostly unseen infected horde. Simply put, itís a zombie film the zombies and seen from the viewpoint of...   more

Groundhog Day: One DeSoto, Two Carefree Owners

ďFriends?!! Weíve only been out together three times, and youíre already telling me you just want to be friends?!Ē And so began a crazy obsession of mine. One that featured a Bogart-esque do...   more

Gamer Obscura Valentine's Day Special: Ham-Ham Heartbreak

Out of all the irritations I deplore in life, one main offender has to be Valentineís Day. A pointless non-holiday designed to shift more cards on a seemingly regular low point during Hallmark...   more

Amateur Bedroom Critics

"God, internet videogame critics! Ooh, donít get me started on their brand of non-journalism and the lack of a benchmark that hasnít existed before after The Watergate Scandal. Now shut up wh...   more

Stevil's Irreverent & Irrelevant Awards Show 2010

Belated Happy New Year! Well, I think it might be New Year. Honestly, itís hard to remember since the Radio Times (TV Guide for non-Brits) stopped at December 31st. Now Iím just measuring t...   more

An interesting eBay listing I must share.

Didn't know whether I should share this or not, considering... ya know... it's just a link an' all. Still, I very rarely see an eBay listing with some humor thrown into it. You might get a chuckl...   more

When It Comes to Noir in Videogames, "It's Chinatown"

ďNothing says goodbye like a bullet.Ē No truer words are acted upon than in the finale of Roger Altmanís . Elliott Gouldís shambling and laconic take on Marlowe tracks down a conniving, murde...   more

Gamer Obscura: Toonstruck

Christopher Lloyd is a creepy sod when he wants to be. For years, he chose to be relatively bug-eyed and harmless, starring as ís lovable Doc Brown and burned out hippie Reverend Jim Ignatow...   more

Gamer Obscura: Toonstruck

Theme Hospital & The Embarrassing Operation of Old

Hospitals are horrible. You can be superfluous with the language all you want, but hospitals are horrible. You can add dentists too; especially when they expect you to floss like an OCD suffe...   more

My Unpopular Opinion: Silent Hill 4 Deserved Better

Next year will be the tenth anniversary of and while itís definitely a cause for celebration, itís sadly been an albatross to the franchise since then. None have had to deal with that bird ...   more

A Wild Sheep Chase

If youíve seen the recent trailers for Atlusí forthcoming and think youíre a cultured person, then youíve probably picked on the similarities it shares with the existential works of Haruki Mur...   more

Unsung Heroes: Jenny from The Darkness

As unsung heroes go, supporting characters end up being more important than the protagonists you play, usually because theyíre the ones that have to keep you immersed in the world beyond your p...   more

Gamer Obscura: Famicom Detective Club Part II

In everyoneís childhood, there are moments where you get an idea thatís both realistic and implausible; like starting up a detective agency or ghost-busting in your school overnight. Somewhere...   more

Gamer Obscura: Men in Black

Hey, do you ever remember that bit in where Agent J had to desperately survive the conditions of an Arctic research base? Or when Agent K beat a guy in an exoskeleton suit ? What about t...   more

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