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Mar 09 // Butterflies and Hurricanes

Manic Gamer

This is the Manic Gamer episode 4! The Manic Gamer Vs. Any Semblance of Structure? Question mark is a part of the title not my creation! I posted another episode a bit ago, but thought I would share this one with you all aga...
Mar 09 // Butterflies and Hurricanes

The PSP is My Hot Hot Sex

About 2 weeks ago I finally cracked and bought myself a PSP. Iím a little slow on the informing because, well for one Iíve been playing the crap out of Patapon and two Iíve been a bit bogged down with school work. But that...
Feb 20 // Butterflies and Hurricanes

Dreaded video games menace to our young men

BS I say! As if I didn't hate my school enough the school newspaper prints an article which just further proves they are a bunch of misinformed idiots my peers are. First the article makes gaming sound like a bad thing, and ...
Feb 08 // Butterflies and Hurricanes

Poor Gamecube

I love my Gamecube oh so much but I just have to accept that it is a dead system. There will be no more games made for it and when the used ones dissipate it will be just like with the Dreamcast where every once in a while I ...
Feb 03 // Butterflies and Hurricanes

Manic Gamer: Episode II

Manic Gamer Vs. Under Defeat "The Manic Gamer hits you upside the head weekly with his personal take on videogames and the industry" And does he ever. I'm sharing this with you in case you for one haven't already seen the Man...
Feb 03 // Butterflies and Hurricanes

I Loves A Good RPG

Today I started playing Final Fantasy III, by which I mean Final Fantasy VI and don't even get me started on how confusing that whole skipping of episodes and renaming them gets. But I did get it right in this case... I hope...
Jan 28 // Butterflies and Hurricanes

Odd World

My post alas is not about Oddworld mwahahaha, but rather, about the oddities involved in my day and how gaming made it better. Although I did see Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee for sale today... Anyways, my day started out real...
Jan 27 // Butterflies and Hurricanes

The PSP Does For Me What The DS Won't

A new phenomenon has happened to me that has never happened before. I've bought a game and am going to continue to buy games for a system I don't own, let alone have access to. I can get away with buying PS2 games because I...
Jan 20 // Butterflies and Hurricanes


I would just like to announce that I might have to take a blogging hiatus outside of my weekends only blogging since it appears the motherboard in my laptop is going to die at any point in time... I'm actually really upset, but there's nothing I can do about it but curse and swear... And that is what I intend to do. I just hope it's still under warranty....
Jan 20 // Butterflies and Hurricanes

A Week In Review

On the agenda: what I played, what I set aside and what I shook my fist at! First on the list what I've just picked up. I only have a bootleg of Chu Chu Rocket(DC) and since a legit copy is entering the collection soon I fig...
Jan 19 // Butterflies and Hurricanes

The Funk Will Set You Free

I understand that most of my posts have been predominantly about Sega games, mainly in things relating to the Dreamcast. The conclusion Iíve come to is that the Dreamcast and my DS are the only systems that I have here at my...
Jan 14 // Butterflies and Hurricanes

Don't Call me Rover

I've been a little caught up with school work lately and haven't really been finding the time needed to produce my award winning blogs... *cough* Although I have been thinking a lot about the music and artwork in games, I'll ...
Jan 11 // Butterflies and Hurricanes

A Gamer's Moment With 'Insert Name Here'

Iím sure everyone has had a similar experience to the one I had this morning. This morning during my shower, I was listening to the shower radio when the song Lay Down by Priestess came on. So I think Ďoh man I love this so...
Jan 10 // Butterflies and Hurricanes

Brita Champion

So every once in a while I find a picture that makes me scratch my head, or laugh hysterically, kind of like the cats wearing wigs (seriously what's with that). This particular selection first made me laugh hysterically, then...
Jan 10 // Butterflies and Hurricanes

You Complete Me

I donít know if Iíd say Iím a collector. My joint collection consists of what we like to consider the best of the best of our tastes, almost hitting game number 400, I think that day will need a celebration. It is on its way...
Jan 09 // Butterflies and Hurricanes

Cosplay On A Whole New Level!

Ok so I just want to tell everyone this is for real... weird!
Jan 08 // Butterflies and Hurricanes

Gaming Partner(s)

Everyone is their own type of gamer. Some people like to sit in a living room with friends and family, alone in a bed room or officeÖ or really I guess the combinations are limitless. Iíve had many a gaming partner, but I w...
Jan 08 // Butterflies and Hurricanes

Double Take?

I just want to say that I will go out of my way to play a game where I get to play as a hot chick. And I donít mean Rumble Roses Hot Chick, or Dead or Alive Xtreme V-Ball girls. I mean classy, funky, sexy, cute girls. Well...
Jan 07 // Butterflies and Hurricanes

Sega Girl at Heart

I canít really explain if it all started because a Genesis was my first system and not the other available Nintendo systems, but Iím a Sega girl through and through. When I see a Sega logo, it makes my heart smile. When I hea...
Jan 07 // Butterflies and Hurricanes

The Life And Times

I began gaming at a young age, around 4 or 5, my family and I lived in Austria at the time. My dad had always been big into games and one Xmas decided to introduce his girls to the wonderful world of gaming. The three of u...
Jan 07 // Butterflies and Hurricanes

If Life Was Like That...

So I was watching Futurama the other day with my bf and they addressed the idea of life as a video gameÖ and now with the mention of eXistenz in response to my other postÖ What WOULD life be like if it were more like a videog...
Jan 07 // Butterflies and Hurricanes

Never Play Nintendogs On A Bus!

As it was the holidays I can usually hope to pull in a game or two, a number which is very small much to my dismay. I donít know if it has to do with the fact that Iím a girl, or that Iíve never really found interest in th...
Jan 06 // Butterflies and Hurricanes

Games are to film, as film needs inspiration?

Where to begin? Being new to this whole idea of blogging and trying to find something to talk about and I found myself on my usual thought process of "what game am I currently indulging myself in?" Tonight it's my newest addi...

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