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May 05 // Tragic Hero

My gripe with P3:FES

Many months ago when I saw/read about the Japanese getting a Persona 3 "expansion" game, I was green with envy. As great as Persona 3's ending was, it had one of those typical "Vague" Japanese endings where you have no clue w...
Apr 15 // Tragic Hero

Waste money on old SimCities to get Spore Creature Creator? SOLD!!

So you may wonder what would be so great about buying the SimCity Box that is coming out? I mean, it contains all the previous SimCity games you most likely played (or tried to play) and the less enjoyable SimCity Societie...
Apr 12 // Tragic Hero

YouTube Video of the Week (NVGR)

Hilarity ensues when little sister stays out late to meet a guy she met on MySpace and her brother is there to capture the drama. Note: Yes I know there is a lack of substance here but I couldn't help it?
Mar 31 // Tragic Hero

Online play taking away from the Single Player Experience?

This doesn't make a good game This thought came upon me when I just got done beating Advance Wars: Days of Ruin (which for some reason the last missions is 15x harder than any other mission in the game). I am sitting on ...
Mar 24 // Tragic Hero

ID Softwares business manager says Console FPS>PC FPS and Tragic Hero is Outraged

Command Keen is on my side on this one... It is hard for me to do so but even I will admit that console gaming is at this moment a much stronger platform than the PC. Many companies are switching from developing on PCs to ...
Mar 20 // Tragic Hero

Loss of Gaming Drive: Does it happen to everyone?

I remember a time when I was able to "play the hell out of a game". For example, not only did I get all the endings in Chrono Trigger but I played the game til I maxed out everyones Speed, Magic, and Power with the proper ta...
Mar 19 // Tragic Hero

A look back at Ultima 7: The Black Gate

There are many reasons to hate EA. They tend to destroy everything and anything that is good in the video game world and just leave it to die like some mule that has done its service and has no more work to do. During its f...
Mar 14 // Tragic Hero

Dawn of War Wednesdays? (And Kids in the Hall Videos)

I have noticed over time that there is a lack of RTS games being played as a community here on Destructoid. There of course is plenty of FPS action going on all platforms and of recent there is Brawl and DS games being enjoy...
Mar 13 // Tragic Hero

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008: A Goal of a Time or a Header of Fail?

Now before I start this review I am going to mention one thing. I refer to soccer as football. I do this not only out of respect for the sport but also it makes more sense to call a sport you play with your feet football ...
Mar 10 // Tragic Hero

Before there was Worms there was Scorched Earth

The year was 1991, I was a 9 year old Tragic Hero looking for a new computer game to play. I had already beaten Kings Quest 3 and 4 and I had just completed Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. So now I was without any games...
Mar 08 // Tragic Hero

Winner of the Tragic Hero Contest

So after looking over the entries many times over here at work I have decided on a winner. Before I reveal said winner though I would like to thank everyone who entered the Tragic Hero contest. I knew that the contest wou...
Mar 07 // Tragic Hero

*Repost* Final Day to Enter Tragic Hero Contest (Upright Citizens Brigade Video included)

Classic Upright Citizens Brigade Today is the last day to submit an entry for the Tragic Hero contest. Further in depth rules can be seen here but mainly the contest is to pick your favorite video game Tragic Hero and wri...
Mar 04 // Tragic Hero

Adventure Genre: Sierra versus Lucas Arts (and Kids in the Hall?)

Note: Here be a long post During the early days of PC gaming, two companies competed and dominated the compettion when it came to the adventure gaming genre. Both brought new, innovative ways to play PC games and both brou...
Mar 03 // Tragic Hero

"Tragic Contest" update/repost/reminder/Kids in the Hall Video?

As much fun as Oedipus sans the incest and stabbing of the eyes For those of you who might have missed it on Friday, there is the "Tragic Hero" contest going on where the winner gets a free game of their choosing from the s...
Feb 29 // Tragic Hero

The Tragic Contest *Win Free game*

In light of recent events, I have inherited a pretty decent sum of money in the form of a refund check from my college. This could not have come at a better time seeing as how I owe the state of IL $350 in tollway fines, hav...
Feb 26 // Tragic Hero

Morning LOL Cats...

This is in honor of the fact that because of the snow that hit I won't have to go to class this evening and give my half ass speech on the peloponesian war that I did not prepare for. HORRAY!
Feb 25 // Tragic Hero

"Champions online" or "The game that brings me back to playing MMORPGs"

Over my lifetime of gaming I have participated in many MMORPGS: Ultima Online, Everquest, City of Heroes, Lineage 2, and WoW. After playing all of these MMORPGs one tends to grind themselves out (if you're like me at least)...
Feb 22 // Tragic Hero

Dynasty Warriors 6: Hack N' Slash goodness

Over the years Dynasty Warriors 6 has somewhat earned a bad reputation for itself. After many years of the same hack and slash and sub par graphics, many gamers have dubbed this franchise as "boring" and "uninspiring". It...
Feb 21 // Tragic Hero

Why Fallout 3 will be a bad sequel...

I've tried my best from refraining from discussing my disdain and disappointment with the news of the upcoming game play features in Fallout 3. I've tried to overlook all the changes that Bethesda has implemented and the o...
Feb 20 // Tragic Hero

Am I an Audiosurf Noob?(with upright citizens brigade video)

So like most people I have been playing the hell out of Audiosurf. There is something strangely addicting about playing your own tracks over and over and trying to get the high score, unlike something like Guitar Hero where ...
Feb 18 // Tragic Hero

Moments of Disappointment in Gaming: Street Fighter 2 Turbo

I remember when I got my SNES in the early 90s my parents bought me Street Fighter 2 Turbo along with it (what was even cooler was that I didn't tell them to). As I played as the months went by I got bored of the simplicit...
Feb 16 // Tragic Hero

Saturday Morning Work Day Post: Audiosurf and how awesome it is (plus random videos)

So here I am again, with the handful of the rest of you who are unfortunate enough to have to work on wednesday. And why is it when your boss has a shitty memory and you do what he or she tells you to do you apparently don't...
Feb 15 // Tragic Hero

Great LAN games of the past

Itís unfortunate that with the advent of *sigh* online gaming that not a lot of these go on anymore. LAN parties were the ultimate way to play games with friends. Nothing beat bringing over your gaming PC and comparing your...
Feb 14 // Tragic Hero

What really happened to Abe at Ford's Theater (NVGR and NSFW)

History would like to tell us that John Wilkes Booth assassinated Abraham Lincoln on the Night of April 14th, 1865 but here is what really happened: I apoligize if this was too low brow for most of you but I thought it was funny.
Feb 14 // Tragic Hero

Kids in the Hall Videos + Happy Valentines Day (NVGR)

Just thought I would wish you all out there a Happy Valentines day. For those of you who have a significant other hopefully they had the common decency to skip out on the chalk flavored hearts and stuffed animals and went st...
Feb 13 // Tragic Hero

A "Bloody" PC Classic: Carmageddon

Carmageddon, it doesn't get a whole lot more violent than that. Hell even in No More Heroes you have a reason to kill and are pretty much killing "evil" people. In Carmageddon though, vehicular manslaughter is in the game...
Feb 12 // Tragic Hero

Vampires The Masquerade: Redemption's Storymode and how innovative it was

Not the greatest Diablo clone to be created, Vampires The Masquerade: Redemption was quite the enjoyable game when it came out. Despite early bugs, it has good gameplay, a better than average story, and some good graphics...
Feb 11 // Tragic Hero

When did people confuse Free-Roaming/Non-Linear with Sandbox Game?

I am not sure when it happened or how it happened but somewhere along the lines someone "goofed" up. When I grew up playing video games, Sandbox games basically contained one specific genre. The genre that defined Sandbox G...
Feb 09 // Tragic Hero

Working Saturday Boredom: Old people Fighting

Here I am stuck at work on another Saturday. *sigh* I really need a new job. You know it is a boring day when you search for old people fighting on Youtube: And why not add some Dwarven Cage Fighting: Anyone notice that the cage they are fighting in is the same kind you crate train your dog in?
Feb 08 // Tragic Hero

YTMNDer Summarizes Superbowl in 60 seconds (NVGR)

I was parusing YTMND like I usually do and I stumbled across this diddy. And of course I thought it was so comical that I would share it with all of you. Is there any better way to cure boredom at work than with YTMND? 60 Second Superbowl Note: You might need to refresh this one in order for it to sync properly. Also, John Stewart Rave

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