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Feb 07 // mrplow8

10 Bad Arguments from Pop Culture Critic apologists

The reason I titled this "10 Bad Arguments from Pop Culture Critic APOLOGISTS" instead of "10 Bad Arguments from Pop Culture CRITICS" is that, from my experience, pop culture critics don't actually make arguments. They c...
Sep 05 // mrplow8

In defense of "the hate" Part 2: Hyperbole

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about "the hate" in the video game community. Gamers are portrayed as being hateful, mean, sadistic bullies who wish death on those who don't share their opinions. Those who make th...
Sep 03 // mrplow8

In defense of "the hate."

Recently, a bunch of developers supposedly signed some petition urging gamers to stop "hating." We've also been hearing a similar rhetoric from journalists for a while now. It is my belief that there is very little, if any, a...
Jul 30 // mrplow8

My Crazy 'Batman: Arkham Knight' Prediction That's Probably Wrong

This could potentially be a huge spoiler on the off chance that I'm right. I'm probably wrong, though. So you should read on anyway. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
Nov 19 // mrplow8

Latest Tropes Vs. Cow Dumping is very reasonable

Cow dumps are not very comfortable to look at. Really, smelling them isn't either. I've always preferred to taste them. Just kidding. That's my idea of opening with humorous banter. Anyway, the newest(mooest?) cow taking a...
Jun 11 // mrplow8

Nintendo's Smash Bros. 'joke' causes trouble

Nintendo caused a bit of a storm during its new Smash Bros. character reveal. The problem arose when Wii Fit Trainer, A WOMAN, said in her character introduction trailer, "Feel the burn!" This blew up on Twitter and other ...
May 18 // mrplow8

Another Blog About Gender Stuff In Games

This originally started as a reply to someone else's blog, but it started getting pretty long. So I decided to just make it into my own blog. Game companies don't have an agenda other than that they want to make money. They ...
Apr 01 // Jim Sterling

Bring us Merlenderl, and wipe away the debt!

(Made with loving juiciness by Michael Towns)
Mar 14 // mrplow8

Siblings Before Prostitutes

In light of the whole controversy surrounding the "Bros Before Hos" trophy in the recently released God of War: Ascension, I thought that I would share my thoughts on the whole situation. First of all, let me start by saying...
Jun 15 // mrplow8

Words I Typed About Tomb Raider

I've never been a big Tomb Raider fan. In fact, I don't think that I've played Tomb Raider since the PS1 games, and, even then, it was never for more than a few minutes. So it should come as no surprise that I haven't really ...
May 11 // Regnier

Im back, or at least trying to find time to be back (IV_Backstab_MC)

Hey Dtoid! Its been a while since I tried to get involved in the community here. I tried writing some blog post before with some moderate reception on my Duke Nukem demo review which shows how longs its been since I tried blo...
Feb 03 // mrplow8

Plight of the Mega Man Fan

Ever since Capcom's recent announcement that Mega Man and Pac-Man would be joining the already impressive roster of characters in Street Fighter X Tekken, Mega Man fans have been irate. You might think that they'd be happy, a...
Jan 30 // mrplow8

Feel Free To Pirate This

I just got through watching the latest Jimquisition about piracy, where Jim Sterling argues that the problem is publishers not making their content available in a way that is convenient for consumers. While I agree that this ...
Jan 19 // mrplow8

SOPAking retarded

I'm bored; so I figured I'd write a blog about my thoughts on how SOPA will turn out. Warning, possible spoilers lie ahead. SOPA won't pass, because too many people are against it since it allows the government to do X, Y, a...
Nov 20 // meteorscrap

Zelda Week: The Unholy Triforce

Given the Zelda series' proven quality, time and again, it's hard for anyone to say anything bad about it as a whole. Even if you disagree with the aesthetics of a certain title, such as the cel-shading of Wind Waker or the...
Nov 07 // meteorscrap

Contestoid: Since I've given out my 20 Sequence codes, have 10 more!

Full Disclaimer: I have pimped Sequence a lot. I've done this entirely because it's a fantastic title and I fully believe in supporting studios which do good, especially indies. My first contact with Jason Wishnov was conta...
Nov 02 // meteorscrap

Contestoid: Who wants Sequence on Steam?

Full Disclaimer: I have pimped Sequence a lot. I've done this entirely because it's a fantastic title and I fully believe in supporting studios which do good, especially indies. My first contact with Jason Wishnov was conta...
Oct 26 // meteorscrap

Me versus Revuhlooshun, I guess. Also, where's Debatoid been?

Alright, so the "discussion" I got into with Revuhlooshun about Online Passes got a little bit personal. I accused him of touching himself at night, and as far as I can see from his response, he accused me of dogging his ot...
Oct 18 // meteorscrap

Online Passes: An Explanation & Solution

Let's face it: Online Passes or practically any other scheme publishers come up with to try to curtail the used market are never going to be popular with gamers. No matter how small the incentive is or how miniscule the has...
Oct 08 // meteorscrap

Bringing Castlevania into the Third Dimension

This was just a quick idea I had. I wanted to get it down in text before it slipped away from me. Alright, let's not mince words here. While Lord of Shadows was a good game, it had its own share of problems... Not the least ...
Oct 03 // meteorscrap

Improvements, Part 2

Okay, Destructoid. I know that this isn't the weekly topic, and I already made some suggestions a while back. Now that I've had a few weeks to think about the subject, I've got a few new suggestions, ones I don't think I saw ...
Sep 24 // meteorscrap

Luckiest Studio Ever: Ninja Theory

Ninja Theory is the luckiest studio alive. The fact that Tameem Antoniades had the balls to blame consumers for Ninja Theory's woes, woes meaning Ninja Theory is still working instead of expanding, basically says all that nee...
Sep 22 // meteorscrap

Contestoid: Gears of War 3 Epic Edition winners and an announcement

So... The final scores for the participants in the final task are as follows: Roager 1638000 Blasto 1023040 SuperMonk 691060 HammerShark 663620 JohnnyViral 621250 ScottyG 515570 Morty 263710 Congrats to everyo...
Sep 18 // meteorscrap

My apologies: Xbox 360 DOES sell far more exclusives.

First things first, a quick reminder: Contest closes tomorrow at 5pm. Get your asses moving if you want to compete. Moving on. So... I'm sure you all saw that rant about how stupid people are that they think PS3 exclusives d...
Sep 14 // meteorscrap

Relaxation: Docile Body, Active Mind

While I've got a warehouse job where I'm management, it's a far cry from simply sitting at a desk. The warehouse in which I work is massive, and my duties require me to traverse the length of the place multiple times a day ...
Sep 11 // meteorscrap

Contestoid: Gears of War 3: I'm waaay too fucking generous.

Look, at this point, it's spectacle. Unless you're one of the bastards on the leaderboards below, you're not going to win. But hey: You could still take first place for the final contest and totally fuck things up for the g...
Sep 09 // meteorscrap

The Future of Gaming

Alright, so I've discussed why retail bans of games won't work as a way of stopping digital distribution, as well as touching on the issue of how GameStop can prevent themselves from going the way of Blockbuster or HMV. That ...
Sep 08 // meteorscrap

How GameStop Can Stay Relevant Alongside Digital Distribution

In the previous article, I tackled the myth that the threat of a retail ban by GameStop or other retailers would prevent the rise of digital distribution. This article, I'll be tackling the simple question: How GameStop Can S...
Sep 07 // meteorscrap

The Threat of a Retail Ban Is Without Merit

Back in July, I wrote an article about Digital Distribution. And the thing is, I noticed a common theme in the comments for the article: The fact that retailers, specifically GameStop, could crush a revolution in digital di...
Sep 01 // meteorscrap

Contestoid: Gears of War 3, It's a-gettin' close!

Contest Information! Now, for this one, I've decided we'll do something a little bit different. Like always, I'm going to come up with a random, painful, or otherwise aggravating task for you, the contestant, to participat...

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