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May 27 // topcatyo

My Review of Terraria

That's a really interesting new game mechanic they've invented where you spend the majority of your time getting gang-raped to death by monsters.
Jul 23 // topcatyo

REVIEW: The Silver Lining Episode 1: What Is Decreed Must Be

You fine folks may have heard about a video game called The Silver Lining. The Silver Lining is a fan-made sequel to King's Quest as a sort of tribute to a series that is no longer being made, and as a means to finally concl...
Mar 11 // topcatyo

Something About Sex: If You Build It, They Will Make A Nude Mod

Oh hey this one got featured on the frontpage too! Here's the link.
Feb 22 // 007

Destructoid=Epic Fail-toid (V 2.0)

<p> Milk was a bad choice...</p>
Jan 04 // topcatyo

Dragons With Pom Poms, my sorta webcomic, is starting up again

I'm really mostly posting this here because it features Mega Man in it. I guess. That whole "comic" thing.
Dec 28 // topcatyo

Love/Hate: Sequels

Sequels. Sometimes they're good, sometimes they're bad. What's the deal?
Oct 01 // topcatyo

Nothing Is Sacred: Quick Time Events

Destructoid promoted this article (hoorays!) You can see it here!
Sep 06 // topcatyo

Fantasy Games: "Contact Lost"

I figure because I am such a creative (not really) guy, I'll occasionally talk about a game I'd love to see made sometime. Chances are these games will never be made because dreams don't come, unicorns do not exist, and pe...
Sep 03 // topcatyo

Was Deja Vu One of the Fertile Grounds?

When I heard about the new Prince of Persia game mid 2008 and, later on, saw how pretty it looked, I was so giddy I had to get a change of pants. The new pants weren't quite as comfortable as the pair I had been wearing se...
Mar 12 // 007

Sessler From X-Play Beats Down On RE5.

No, YOUUUUUU're game sucks! Adam Sessler, one of the last few respectable people left on G4 (next to his on-stage partner, Horseface)...
Jan 18 // 007

Free XBLA game announced

The free XBLA game has just been announced. The 800 points ($10) game, Undertow, will be free from this upcoming Wednesday to Sunday. I don't know about you [nubs], but this is pretty nice. I was expecting to get some c...
Dec 24 // 007

Huge deal at Best Buy

I'm sorry if this blog belongs in the forums, but I just had to tell everyone. Best Buy is running a huge deal on a few of their games. For a limited time, you can buy Call of Duty 4, Assassin's Creed, or Madden 08 (...) for ...
Dec 01 // 007

Hillary C. is one helluva woman

This is the first thing to come out of her that ACTUALLY makes sense to me.
Sep 06 // 007

Halo 3 a few weeks early

i don't really understand why people are beating on the kids who were banned because they played H3 early AND signed on to XBL.. at the same time... I just DL the torrent of this game last night and have been playing it nonst...

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