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Ever since I was in diapers, I've been playing video games. My family got my sister an NES in 1988, I apparently took over on that and started playing it at the tender age of 2 and a half. And here were are, some twenty years later, and although I am first and foremost a sports guy (check out my sports blog, if you're a two-way player like myself), I'm a gamer at heart. I've been through several systems, owning some of them more than once at different times, and can't wait to see what the developers have in store for us in the future.

Currently Playing:
-Dynasty Warriors 5 [PS2]
-Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock [PS3]
-Major League Baseball 2K7 [PS3]
-Rock Band [PS3]

I excel in the Guitar Hero games, and am always looking for someone to compete with and have some fun, online Pro-Faceoff battles, so don't be shy, make a friend, and let's play a match. Other than that, I hope that my rantings and contributions are enjoyable. Happy Destructoiding!

Systems Owned (Italicized denotes one that I still own currently)
-Nintendo Entertainment System
-Sega Genesis
-Super Nintendo Entertainment System
-Nintendo Game Boy (Original, Pocket, and Color)
-Sony Playstation
-Nintendo 64
-Sega Dreamcast
-Sony Playstation 2
-Nintendo Game Cube
-Sony Playstation 3
-Nintendo Wii
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