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Hello, I'm a 22 years old Asian currently studying Architecture. Been lurking around DTOID for almost 2 years now, finally cave in and decided to post blogs here from time to time, although might not as frequent as you'd want.

Vitruvius came to mind when selecting a username, as at the time my lecturers drilled da Vinci into my mind.

Likes most RPGs and shooters, adventure games, fighting games and the occasional racing games. And the, um, more obscure Japanese games.

As for the games themselves, I value idea and thought put into it rather than the overall creation and execution, that's why bad games with great ideas appeal to me more than some of the more popular ones, such as Winter Voices and NIER. Or maybe just has something to do with my masochistic taste in games.

Dislikes it when developers does something to their games JUST BEACUASE other developers do them, such as tacked-on multiplayer, shallow RPG elements, Gears-of-War style whack-a-mole shooter in an otherwise different genre of game. You get the idea.
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